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Of course everybody agrees that blogging is an extremely creative process that requires the full commitment and precise calculations. So it’s advisable for you to remember a few simple rules that will help in the process of blogging. Your blogging can be more effective if you stick to these recommendations here below.

So every blog should have its very specific topic. You should strictly adhere to it. Thus, in compliance with this requirement each new post should be written on the blog. Titles of posts should attract readers. I should add that it’s advisable to have rather intriguing titles. I hope it’s clear to you that all posts should be unique for all your readers.

I advise you to inform your readers each time you add a new post by email. Besides this all your publications should be relevant. Do not write on topics which can’t be interesting for your readers.

Try not to finish positions, promising readers that you are going to continue next time. The matter is that such semi – finished post failing to disclose the subject can only scare readers. Do not forget about your strategy to optimize the blog, using keywords. It is worth to remember about optimizing images and media files.

An important point is communication of course. You should reply to comments, communicate with other bloggers, leave them your links, vote for their positions in various social bookmarking and so on. Observe the discussion with their readers through the response comments. As for me I often keep an eye open on other bloggers.

Now let me tell you about the most common mistakes in SEO, which are often made by many bloggers unfortunately. SEO is considered to be quite a serious process and correspondently you should have a careful attitude to it. In order to promote your blog effectively you should develop your own SEO strategy. It goes without saying that your strategy should be much better than that one applied by your rivals. Moreover you should avoid the improper use of categories, keywords and tags in your blogging. It’s not advisable to ignore your readers such as banning their comments without essential reasons and so on. The presence of complicated navigation can affect surfing and correspondently readers will be dissatisfied.

Do not try to write thousands of posts. You’d better write less posts, but with better quality. Believe me, quality should be above all, because you’re working with a real audience. It is important to monitor the statistics for your blog and make some conclusions. Realizing your current mistakes you can divert them in the nearer future. Don’t forget to communicate with your readers. You should discuss various news with them and so on. I hope your blogging will be successful.

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