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Happy New Year and My Gift For You

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Happy New Year for you and your Family and that all your wishes come true in this 2009.

To thank all my readers and visitors I am giving away StumbleUpon Bribe Machine this is a program that will allow you to bribe your visitor with something you want to give in return for StumbleUpon You the times you want it from 1 -10max. It comes as is, since it is a gift.

You can still have 125 dlls in Cash plus 153 dlls worth in prizes in my contest that will ends in January 17th, 2009.

I am also giving you an ebook creator software just get it here this is my Christmas gift, in case you havent download it do it now.

This 2008 were good to me and even Now in the last day of the year Big Daddy “G” give me a PR of 3 as you can see in the right side bar in the PR checker.

I Even got an interview you can check it out in here made by Ian from SmallWebsiteHost.com

My Last Statistics.

Overall Stats

My Stats per month

I have nothing before August because I start to promote it on that month even thought that I start it with this blog on June 2008 but it went live until August 2008.

My Achievements.

Besides the traffic increase, I begun with an Alexa Ranking of 24,000,000 yes it is 24 million and finished on 182,565. My Page rank were 0 and finished the year with Page Rank of 3.

Seems to be a good year (nothing to do with the tires), but I have new goals for this 2009, above all it is to increase the quality and quantity of content in this site so you can actually benefit from my work and start to make money online as soon as possible. I still need to increase the traffic, my goal will be reach at least 1000 unique visitors per day, maybe a little ambitious but it will be the only way I will succeed.

This were my Goals, Which are yours?

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. My November 2008 Unique Visitor for smallwebsitehost.com is 2382, yours 2534. Not very far. But your December stat is 6117, mine 3664. Almost three times my number. What did you do luis? 1000 a day is very high. You’ll be millionaire by that time

    ians last blog post..interview with Luis Torres

  2. Hi Ian,

    You need to think big, If I dont then I will not try hard enough and may end up with not much changes. I want to improve in every area possible to help as much readers possible.

    The only new tactic I used in December were More comments in other blogs and drop as much as I can at Entrecard.

  3. I agree with you to think big. You are better in social networking. ๐Ÿ™‚ I spent my 80% of my IM time in making article and tweaking my blog. Do you think the contest have an impact to your traffic? Traffic rise 300%, how’s the revenue? Is traffic from social networking good from revenue?

    ians last blog post..Twitter update plugin

  4. Hi Ian,

    Not as good as Search Engine Traffic, but some text links were bought it in my blog, but I will concentrate my efforts in bringing traffic from search engines at least to double it or triple it. Need to experiment, I let you know.

  5. @fat- Ill bet you will have it, you just need to work hard.

    @Sherry- Just try to write posts often and with good quality and then may accept your application.

    @Amor- Thanks a lot. Anyway do not rely to much on those numbers, JohnChow.com has a PR3 as well and he earn just a lil more than I,like 40,000+ more, lol. I think this is more important, If I could got that income I will never ever care about PR or Alexa, lol.

  6. @Ian- Havent think splitting in 2, but you 2 deserve the prize, I think that I will let the First Place to choose if he/she wants to split it.
    LOL, you went to bed after a really good fight. men you two are hilarious.

    @Sherry- Happy New Year to you to and to Ian. I am also glad you came to my blog and join the contest, you should visit Ian blog someday, he also have some very good info. He is a Guest Blogger of this site, Did you knew it?

  7. @Peter- Thanks for your compliments. Its an honor you had visited my site. I even subscribe to your site feed by email. You really have very interesting articles, congratulations with your blog.

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