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For many of us, making a niche affiliate marketing decision can be like pulling teeth.

But where is it written that if choose a niche that misfires, it’s all over? Kaput! No point trying again.

Sadly, our self confidence has crashed and burned. Remember, without that first step no journey can begin. But that aside…

As a partner in a small website building service, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched in frustration as another potential client, fired up about getting an online business going, withered up and blew away, unable to decide what to promote. The inability to choose a niche to promote, and actually get started, has put a stop to many a dream.

On today’s web, niche affiliate marketing is king among the work from home crowd. All you have to do is decide what you want to promote, get a good website up, and devote a bit of time to feeding and nourishing it. Just remember, a good website is always a work in progress that requires a little bit of tending.

If you haven’t made up your mind as to a business niche, don’t panic. It shouldn’t be that hard. Do you love Jack Russell Terriers? Badminton? Rock polishing? Do folks consider you an expert at something? Is there a product or service you believe you could promote better than those now doing so? The main thing is that you make up your mind.

There’s one thing people just don’t get:

You can sell anything online. And you can make money doing it. Whatever it is you’re into, whatever it is you enjoy doing, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are at least 5,000 other folks looking for input or info on that very thing right now, online. Probably countless more.

There’s no way you can ever be sure you’ll connect with your market, but there’s a hel-uv-a better chance you will when your website expresses your own passion for the subject. So, what turns your crank? There must be some job you’d do without even getting paid. Voila! You have your niche. You just figured out what your business should be all about.

There’s no need to get hung up trying to figure out if your choice will make money or not. In today’s internet environment, websites based on virtually any idea, if passion driven, can make good money. And, of course, many of the best ideas are simply frittered away by the site owners.


Often it’s because of that certain passion I mentioned – that is, it wasn’t really there for the clients. Maintaining a website seemed like work. It actually was work. This made keeping up with chores necessary for a successful online business much harder.

None of this is a problem if you actually love and enjoy everything to do with your new business. Questions from your website visitors are fun to respond to, not a chore. Working on your online business can be the highlight of your day.

Just give it a little thought. Do NOT over think it. Find a good webmaster or build your own niche affiliate marketing website. It’s no problem finding a qualified webmaster to help with or build your website.

C’mon – just do it. Choose a niche and get going.

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