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A Writer Is Inside Of You.

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I’m sure that every person has got his own “writer” inside. Maybe it’s a modest little man who sits inside of you on a tiny chair with a pen in his hand dreams all the time writing everything on a sheet of paper. So the main thing is that each of us can use the thinking power of this little man inside of us for our sake.

Perhaps you wonder how you should use this little writer for your sake. And my answer is surprisingly shocking – “It’s easy!”. But to say honestly, in this case “easy: means possible but not “primitive”. I hope you know that there is nothing simple in this world. But at the same time there’s nothing impossible. The main thing is that you should have a desire to achieve something. It should be the desire to open something new, the desire for a creative implementation or something like this. The easiest way to make this come true is writing a summary of your thoughts on a sheet of paper. Many guys are likely to say that one desire can’t be enough to become a writer as well as a millionaire. Yes, this is true, but please imagine that you want to build a large and beautiful house. You’ve hired a team of talented builders, you have all the necessary building materials. The only one thing you feel the lack for is the foundation of course. Unfortunately, unless you make the foundation, building a house is impossible. So, in this case your desire is the foundation on which your skills can be developed.

So, you are probably already burning with a desire to have a try. It’s OK, it is the first and most important step from my point of view. Perhaps you don’t know what a topic should be chosen from the very beginning. In my opinion from the very beginning you should write about everything. Just imagine that this sheet of paper is your companion with whom you have no taboo subjects, from whom you have no secrets. You can tell everything and your companion is always ready to listen to you. It’s up to you to decide what thoughts you want to share with your companion. And it’s not a problem that your companion is always silent, on the contrary he understands everything. Do not be afraid that the reader might misunderstand you and especially do not be afraid of criticism, because without it’s impossible to develop your skills. First of all you should write sincerely from the heart and soul. But at the same time you should be ready to face certain difficulties which are inevitable on the first stage. I’m sure that difficulties won’t stop such a persistent guy like you.

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