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Errors In Copywriting Which Cost More Money.

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Hi, I’d like to introduce typical errors in copywriting to you. So the first one is the lack of knowledge in the field of SEO-copywriting. Generally, texts should be written by corresponding specialists, providing services of copywriting, but sometimes site owners take up such a complicated case by themselves. So there’s no wonder that in this case such “self made” amateur articles fail to attract buyers. There are several objective reasons.

First, of all SEO-copywriting is a separate field of knowledge, where there are specific rules, which can be unknown for inexperienced guys. Secondly, only an expert in the field of SEO is able to write a good semantic core of the site and determine what keywords to use in selling text for the site. Thirdly, when writing articles for the website a copywriter always focus on certain details determined by the client. In most cases serious clients clearly prescribe the basic idea of the text, define the target audience of the site and specify the emotional thrust of advertising articles and more. This allows interested buyers to become regular visitors of a particular site.
And those guys who are trying to make their own texts for the site, do not take all of this mentioned into consideration to my great regret.

Another error is a desire to cover everything in one text. As you might have guessed it’s a very foolish desire. When looking for promotional articles for the site we believe that we have a super company and super team. When writing a list of customers and suppliers we say that we are selling vacuum cleaners at the super prices. In the same ad text we indicate that we have opened a virtual knitting school and knitting store and we are still engaged in sports and corporate philanthropy. But the matter is that an advertising article should be short, about 1000 characters, because as we know people aren’t likely to read long texts on websites.

First of all it should be noted that people read very little in general. For example, 60% of citizens in Germany read nothing at all. However, if people come to the World Wide Web for some, information, not for games or videos but for interesting articles then most probably they will not only read it but also link it to their friends. Secondly, to fully describe the company, it would be better to order the texts on selected topics. Then a copywriter should write about the company without prejudices as for its image and correspondently customers can easily find all the information they need in special sections of the site. I hope my tips will be helpful for you in your commercial activity. I wish you luck in this field.

Currently economic recession has led to loss of jobs by many people. More and more of them address to Internet as the way to make money. And this is a really unique chance to make one’s living. If you have no business idea or you need something to start from, try article promotion.

If you are good at article writing, it can change into your regular job. Fortunately the web technologies offer many places to earn. Use Google and other search engines to look for “submit articles“. You will find many sites accepting and even paying for article submission.

Visit various social networks and forums and look through topics which are related to this. It is also useful to sign up for the RSS on this blog since it will allow to be well informed about the latest news and opportunities in respect of “article submit” topic. Don’t lose this chance to fight bad times.

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