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The First Day of My Freedom

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Thursday morning was my First day of my freedom. I were planning to fire my boss for some time ago but it seems he do not coordinate with me as he suppose to do it, meaning, he fire me ahead of my schedule. Yes, I am now another guy for the unemployment statistics in the world due to the recession.

This could be the end of the world or the beginning of a brave new world, all depends if I can raise enough income before I run out of money. I am not searching for a Job too hard, since I really want to stay like I am now but with a regular income.

Actually when my boss were telling me about my layoff I were trying not to smile too much, I had a crossover of feelings, feeling relieved from that place and at the same time thinking "Now  What", what I suppose to do. I have a toddler son pre-diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and a credit card debt of $9000 us dlls (use to be $17,000 but I were able to paid $4000 and at the very moment when they fire me, they make me pay another $5000, money taken from my layoff compensation, cool guys dont you think), so after thinking on this I still think this could be the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Now I have a lot of time to spend with my son and wife PLUS lots of time to invest on my online biz. Now I can interact with you a lot better, and maybe able to write more often and build some MFA sites to make money online.

The only I need now it is suggestions on how to make money online FAST, since the money from the layoff just gives me some 8 months and after that I will be in real deep sh"#%@ (excuse moi for my french). Right now I am cool enough, but this is because I still have lots of money, I even have a lot more money than I use to have, the problem is that this is my salary for 8 months and that´s it.

The bright side of this is my money thinking mind it is quite sharp, I guess it is the adrenaline, knowing that this situation can be disgusting, but I know this will be the best opportunity I will ever had. Now it is the time to invest and work harder than ever and make this online business to payoff.

I will be putting some deals like products for very few bucks and also I will need to be doing a lot of work in affiliate marketing and write my first ebook. Lots of work but lots of time too. It feels great to have this Freedom, even if I still have not the income to survive, but I know I will soon.

Other task I will be doing is a lot of article submissions to increase my backlinks and traffic as well as forum interactions and been more active in social sites like Twitter.

BTW, I haven´t had the time to announce that I have a poll in the rightside widget bar, you only need to scroll down a little, hope you don´t get to tire after the scrolling. Its about a comment I had about my helmet cursor that I put it before the superbowl since the Steeler won and I am a truly die hard Steeler fan, well I just forgot and actually were kinda feeling bad to remove it since its the helmet of the 6 time Superbowl Champions, but my true intention was to remove it right after the Superbowl some 2 months ago. But now I guess it is time and since I dont want to remove it because it feels like I am a traitor to my team, so I will let you choose by voting, If the majority vote for removal, then I will do it, knowing that I did not did it myself, I just will be Following your Orders, therefore it would be your fault and not mine.

This way I will not feel bad for the removal, call me insane, romantic (so to speak) or whatever you want to call me, I don´t care cuz I know it will probably be all true, so why fighting against the truth, Ha!, So please do me a favor and vote, this is election time for you. This poll will ends in April 13th, so please vote. Thanks in advance to all of my voters.

Just some clarification, "Yes" and "Do It Fast" it´s about the same, but I let you to release your anger against the Helmet. If you only want me to remove it then maybe "Yes" it´s your best option but if you are truly mad about that annoying Helmet cursor then vote "Do it Fast".

To your Success,

Luis Torres




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  1. Hi Luis,

    Well you’ve always wanted to fire your boss. Just take it that you fired him a little earlier than planned. Do you have plans to start a few more blogs like niche blogs, now that you’ve got so much time on your hands. Anyway, whatever plans you have in mind, good luck and wishing you much success. (Hey now it looks like we can’t fire our bosses together like what we said earlier).

    Peter Lee

    passive income ideass last blog post..8 Top Internet Marketing Tips

  2. Hi Luis,

    I know you’ll be successful in all your internet marketing endeavors. Just remember to stay focused and not get side-tracked by information overload. You have all the necessary ingredients to make it online. You have the drive, determination and creativity to make some serious $$$.

    Oh, one other thing; you really should get rid of the Steeler’s cursor. I find it very distracting especially since I’m a Giants fan:-)

    To your success,

    Roberts last blog post..Something Incredible Has Arrived!

    • Robert- Hi Robert, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your wishes. I will try real hard on not get to overload with info that could be the main killer if I let that happen.

      I guess you vote it, thats cool that you want me to remove the helmet cursor, but I dont understand how a guy can not be a Steeler fan, LOL:

  3. Luis,

    As the above commentators said before me “you can do it”. Sometime something good and positive comes out of something bad. Now you can use this all free time you have to really focus on your internet marketing endeavors and start making serious $$$.

    If you ever need anything, you know where I am 😉


    Salwas last blog post..Top 5 Techniques for Internet Marketers

  4. What a great opportunity.

    Not many people have 8 months to work at something full time before it has to provide a full time income.

    By the way, i’d lose the Steelers Cursor, it makes it hard to navigate the site.

  5. Sure does suck that you lost you job that way, it would have been nice to stick it to the boss, but I wouldn’t have done that until I had another one lined up. I wouldn’t sit around waiting for the money to run out either; I’d be out there looking for something real quick. Who knows what missed opportunities there may be if you wait too long in finding another job.

    Sires last blog post..Obama Girl’s Stimulating The Stimulas Package

    • Sire- Hi Sire, yeah it was a shame my boss did not allow me to fire him first, but anyway, now I am talking with some guy I know to get a job on my Alma Mater and also my wife and I want to put an offline businss that she will need to operate since I will be developing my online business meanwhile, I am doing lots of research and talking with people so we can start right away.

      Thank you for coming and your kind words.

  6. Hi Luis,

    Hummn. If your enthusiasm is really on online business, then it is a great opportunity that you can now become a full-time online entrepreneur. There’s a great risk on doing such, but in return, great reward waits for any people who really believes. I know you can do it. Try to explore more on marketing – viral marketing and guerrilla marketing, these basic concepts helps a lot when it comes to efficient boosting of everyone’s business.

    • @Vic- BusinessAccent- Hi Vic, Yes it is, but I am also looking for an offline business that my wife may help me and I am talking to my Alma Mater so I can grab a Job in the college. Of course i prefer to succeed online and do nothing but working from home. As I am doing right now, lol. I just need enough money and that´s it.

    • @passive income ideas- HI Peter, Thanks. I am also planning and searching for sites that are already making money to buy them. I even get into a online business that paid me the first day I enroll in it. This is a good opporunity Home Business.

    • @Melody- Hi Melody, Thanks, it truly is somewhat stressful, knowing that the money I have may be gone soon. But I know I will find an offline biz and develop my online businesses enough to say to my former boss, I am better now than working in that Company as slave for the rest of my working days, lol.

  7. As I Promise, I just delete my Helmet cursor. Since the votes were 5 Yes and 2 Do it Fast so that counts as 7 against 4 No´s and 1 did not even notice the helmet cursor.

    Thanks to all the voters.

    • Basically, I didn´t make it on my own before because of that job that took too much time out of me, but now I am starting all my projects and will finishing them up faster.

  8. I think it also requires more discipline to work full time on your business don’t you think. Like when you’re doing it part time, your few hours a day seems so short and one tends to really focus and get the most out of those few hours. Now with a full day’s time at your disposal, I guess you really have to discipline more to get more work done. But I’m very sure you’ve the positive attitude and will speed up your business even more. BTW have you created any new niche blogs. I like to visit them if you have. I’m thinking of adding one too so I’m getting some ideas…..just one LOL.

    Peter Lee

    • Hi Peter,

      Right now I had a new one but it is about my journey with my son and the Asperger Syndrome and Autism Blog, it´s a today.com blog http://autismasperger.today.com, they pay you to write. You also can give yourself link love from a high quality site, just use the juice from them, lol.

      I am researching right now to build up a niche site, but do not want to just start one without knowing which keywords to use, I need to setting up right from the beginning. I let you know what my other niche sites will be.

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