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Custom Decorated Cakes Are Big Business For The Grocery Store Bakeries

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For Grocery store Bakeries, custom decorated cakes are good business. The profit margins in decorated cakes are lofty; therefore it’s in the bakeries greatest interest to keep up with the most recent cake decorating trends. The grocery store bakeries beautify their cakes with the hottest kids characters, holiday decorations, sports figurines, and so on. They buy many of their decorating items from stores that sell cake and candy supplies and other cake supplies.

The In-store supermarket bakeries must find their place to differentiate themselves from competing stores. What worked in the past, might not work in the future as times are changing. The solution is for them to find their cake niche, promoting it and keeping up with the customer assistance that brought them the business in the first place.

The grocery store must encourage their baked goods in the weekly leaflets and brochures that they put out. The brochures are mailed and then they should be distributed to each store and displayed in departments away from the bakery. Promotional buttons can be worn by the bakery personnel as well as other store workers. TV and radio publicity campaigns work well too.

Picture cakes are cakes that have a custom Edible Image® placed on the top with a image. This is not new to instore supermarket bakeries. Putting a custom photo on the cake has been around for over ten years now, so it has lost a little bit of its luster. Now is the time to reinvigorate those types of sales, particularly around graduation time, but differentiates them by using exclusive cake varieties such as: chocolate chip, raspberry swirl, marble and lemon.

Product placement within the store is critical to grow custom cake sales. Draw your customers to the bakery department with well placed displays of goodies in places other than the bakery. Do not place too much of an assortment in the non-bakery departments for the reason that you’ll want to attract the customer toward the bakery to see what else the store is offering. As a substitute of baking during the nighttime when the store is empty, bake during the day when the baked goods fragrance can whiff throughout the store and make customers chops water.
Grocery store bakeries are relying more on thaw-and-sell cakes because of their labor saving advantages. But, they are also using these cakes to suggest a broader selection of flavors and sizes. When done well, quality thaw-and-sell cakes can present customers with more upscale varieties, unusual shapes and sizes or meet special dietary needs, which can be too labor-intensive to produce.

Most importantly it is store customer service and product superiority that will sell additional high profit custom cakes and sweets.
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