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SEO Suggestions – We Highlight The Best Approach To Optimising Your New Web Site.

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Many people see web design and website optimisation as two seperate factors that they need to address one by one. This couldnt really be further from the truth, but the simple fact is that many web designers regrettably do not know the first thing about SEO Services. This is a major issue that probably costs UK businesses hundereds of thousands of pounds each year, instead of keyword research being carried out proir to commencing the site construction, and the website being build around a strong base of highly relevant keyword that carry great levels of trafic. The website is simply hashed together SEO wise, often with keywords that are simply pulled from the top of the designers head in the meta and header tags and with no relevence to the rest of the content on the page.

The client then recieves his “finished website” and more often than not is completely happy as most people dont generally know too much about on page SEO. If you are really unlucky your finished website might even include such SEO horrors as javascript or flash navigation. Ofcourse once the client has his or her new website and starts to look at improving the sites rankings to gain first page positions in Google and approaches a professional SEO Services company, then the truth is laid bare. The client then really has two choices, either pay for the web designers incompetence to be repaired, or to live with the fact that their high-priced website is infact nothing more than a overvalued business card that due to its inability to rank for worthwhile search phrases, only existing customers are really ever going to see.

The above ofcourse is a worst case scenario, but it does happen very often. There are thankfully many web designers who do know what they are doing regarding Search engine optimisation but be very careful, because there are even more who will tell you that the know what SEO is about only to then present you with a website that is full of canonicalization issues. Attentiveness is really the key when picking your web designer, ofcourse design is important, but is it so important that you would sacrifice the possibility that anyone is ever going to see it? Probably not. My advice regarding picking a web designer is first of all to try and find a web designer that also provides SEO services, I am not talking about someone who is primarily a web designer that also builds a few links here and there, but a company that are an established name in the SEO world with a proven record of achieving first page results. Many of the UK’s leading SEO companies also provide web design services, and you can be sure that your finished website will be just that, without having to worry about recieving a colossal bill for on page corrective work, you might even get an all inclusive deal with a few months of link building included depending on who you go with.

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