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Five Most Effective SEO Strategies For Top Ten Search Engine Results

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It may seem that getting your website in the top 10 search listings is too hard. All you really need is a methodical strategy that should be followed consistently and dedicatedly. It helps to get an inside look into how search engine logic works and the criteria for ranking calculations to maximize results. The following search engine optimization tips can boost your website’s ranking to top ten even for competitive keywords.

Regularly updated website content

Refreshing content frequently is a recommended practice for multiple reasons. This is the most effective SEO strategy that is easily undervalued by website designers. Search engines include a feature that tracks how often a website’s content is updated. Meaningful and helpful content earns trust rank and true authority – elements that lead to enhanced page ranking. Web spiders crawl through updated pages and re-index pages for many keyword phrases.

Efficient keyword optimization can bring up more than one page of your website in the search results. This measure usually holds water even after modifications in underlying search logic. A high page rank is earned after much hard work. As page ranks are calculated frequently and you can lose out on a hard-earned ranking by not refreshing content often enough.

Publish articles to promote website and to build links

Articles can be published on blogs, article directories, business relevant web portals, Ezines, etc. to promote the website, get inbound links, and create a media buzz. The article should be worth reading – relevant, newsworthy, and containing useful content. Inclusion of keywords in the title and body of the article gets the web spiders crawling your site while the subject matter evokes interest and consequently drives users to the website. Articles should contain a link to your website to boost page ranking.

Getting links from online directories.

Inbound linking from online directories does not impact page ranking due to shifting search algorithms.

However, there are some genuine high page ranking directories that lead to deep linking, numerous inbound links, and immediate search engine trust. Publishing your business contacts on these websites helps you make the most of targeted high volume keywords. The paid services are a worthwhile investment as just one link from these esteemed and trusted directories wins you points in ranking.

Contextual blog posts is a powerful tool

The latest in business marketing is contextual blogging. A blog is a powerful tool in the hands of business owners. It offers high quality, relevant, and useful information to peers and other people, and attracts traffic to your website apart from building your image as an authority on the subject. This admiration converts to approval and inbound links from industry leaders – information this is picked up quickly by search engines. Blogging allows you to grab interest in a passive way and control backlinks to the website. Combining content development with targeted key phrases and anchor text is an effective search engine optimization technique that promises long-term results in search rankings and should be perfected to maintain your position in search results over the long term.

Developing trust rank

Following the above suggestions consistently will start showing results in 3-6 months. When you gain trust rank, the indexing time of search engines reduces significantly, coming down to hours or just minutes. As the website is re-indexed frequently, it opens up an opening to use most recent keywords to beat competing websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Nothing lures web bots better than content. Only substantive, relevant, and keyword rich content can get you the page rank you are aiming for. Aim for trust rank and authority – basics that not only add to your search engine ranking but also adds to your expertise in the industry.

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