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There is several ways you can drive traffic to a website or blog and the most targeted is by far organic traffic (traffic that comes in from search engines). If you want to learn how to make money online then it is important to begin learning SEO (search engine optimization) which is the process of ranking your website well in the search engines for your chosen keywords. Before you begin ranking well in the search engines you must have content that would actually help your audience. Do not try to rank a spam filled website in the search engines because without content your web presence will fail. One of the best types of web presences for SEO is a blog. As you write new blog posts the titles will automatically start ranking well and each new post will give a backlink back to your main index. After the creation of your content is important to start building backlinks to your web presence from the numerous sources online. Make sure when building backlinks to place the keywords you want to rank well for between the anchor tags.

When you want to rank a website or blog well within Google or other major search engines you should start with a keyword that has minimum competition. You should be able to reach the top of Google within a couple months and after you do start trying to rank your web presence for more competitive terms. Once you have your web presence up for a couple years you should start going after the highest searched key terms in your niche no matter what the competition. The reason you should wait a while is Google and the other major search engines rank older websites higher than the newer websites. If you build links over a period of time your website will grow in authority as well so when you start building links for a certain term you will have much less of a hassle. Do not think that you will reach the top of Google for a competitive keyword or term unless your website has been up at least a year. It is ok to optimize some of your content for top keywords, but actually outranking the websites that have been around for years won’t happen for a while.

Now once you have the idea of what you want to rank well for it is time to start creating keyword targeted content and backlinks with keywords between the anchor tags. Both of these things are very important when trying to rank well within Google. First when you create content for your website place keywords somewhere in the title and a couple times throughout your content. Once you have the content up and running start building backlinks with the keyword you want to rank well for between the anchor tags. A couple great places you can start building links is freetrafficsystem.com and directorycritic.com.

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