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Is A Custom Thesis Theme A SEO Friendly Design?

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It has been proven that a SEO friendly design is the best thing for your web site.

A custom thesis theme from DIYThemes is the first step in a series of moves you can make to guarantee that your website has a SEO friendly design. Exactly what does a custom Thesis theme have to do with SEO? A Thesis theme is web site/blogging framework created by Chris Pearson and Brian Clark,(See my page on SEO Friendly Design) that runs on the WordPress platform, and is the epitome of SEO friendly design. It is widely deemed the ultimate in premium WordPress themes, but actually, it is so much more.

A lot of WordPress themes forgo rock solid code as a design trade-off. Search engines analyze the HTML code that makes up a web site to verify exactly what the site is about. By recognizing what a site is all about helps Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the rest, determine how relevant the content of a site is to particular phrases being used for search. Having errors in the HTML code prevents the search engines from knowing just where to rank a particular site, because it cannot determine just how relevant the content of the site is. Having a SEO friendly design basically means that the code underlying a design is valid and optimized. All other things being equal, search engines like clean, valid, optimized code better, and the better they like your site, the more traffic it will receive. This is where a custom Thesis theme really shines.

Basic SEO Friendly Design Concepts
When the code that search engines see is linked to your page design components, compromises have to be made that effect how clean your code looks to the search engine. Thesis theme separates the html code from the design mark-up, and gives you a very SEO friendly design. Search engines love it, and if your site relies on traffic, you’re going to love it too. It gives you an unique, i. e. unduplicated, look to the search engines. A web site based on a custom Thesis theme can be redesigned at will, without you ever having to be concerned about if the design changes will tear down your relationship with Google or Yahoo or Bing. Plain and simple, the search engines like the WordPress platform, for the most part, but with a custom Thesis theme, you have true cyber-love.

So, you have designed your site to reflect you. You have invested a massive amount of time and effort, and you are quite thrilled with the results of your Thesis theme based site. What happens when a upgrade of Thesis theme comes out? Do you have to watch all your hard work vanish and start building your SEO friendly design again, from square one? No. No, you don’t. That is one, in a long list, of my favorite things about Thesis. Anytime you want to change the style of your site, the underlying HTML code is never altered. This makes Thesis theme the perfect SEO optimized framework for the WordPress platform. Your code will always be state-of-the-art with every updated version, which are provided to you free. Thesis theme has built-in SEO options. This means that you don’t need any SEO plug-ins to properly optimize your content for optimal search results.

The point-and-click administrative control panel makes it easy as pie to create a web site tailored to your specific design ideas. You have an incredible amount of control without having to write a single line of code. The support that comes with Thesis is an invaluable bonus. The members-only community is filled with over 5,000 of your fellow webmasters, plus, the Thesis Support and Development team. You will have all the support you will ever need to make your custom Thesis theme the best SEO friendly design decision available. Version 1.7 has just come out and you owe it to yourself to look into what I personally consider the absolute best, all-around, web site foundation. I use this theme by Chris Pearson and Brian Clark on all of my domains. I honestly would not use any other theme. Discover why you absolutely need the Thesis theme and why a Custom Thesis Theme is the best innovative and user-friendly, SEO-optimized WordPress framework. Be sure to read my article on Custom Thesis Theme

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