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Different Way to Make Money Online Out Of Your Personal Problems

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This is a different way to make money online due to the fact that I am targeting a problem that I just had been told by the pediatrician of my 3 year old son almost 4. He has been pre-diagnosed with PPD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified) that falls into the Autism spectrum but seems to be the High Functioning kind and may develop into Asperger Syndrome since his intelligence it is some what higher than normal, but he still using diapers and do not talk with complete sentences just loose words no more than 2 together but enough to understand what did he wants.

They could not diagnose the Autism because he did not comply fully with the whole signs and one of the test done says he have the capability of an almost 6 year old boy that is more like an Asperger.

Anyway, he needs some therapy to help him to socialize with his peers at the kindergarten, leave the diapers away (hope he do this soon, they are very expensive and he is in the last size available for kids) and talk fully. The therapy it is not cheap at all, but first we need to take him for some neurological tests just to discard any brain damage that cost more than $1,000 dlls then the therapy, all that will add to my 17,000 dlls credit card  debt that is becoming a huge stress factor.

So I think in making a MFA site about Autism to help me to make money online to pay my new bills and be able to help my son, I had already looked for some keywords with some commercial intention but it seems this kind of niche does not bring too many money, therefore I may not use amazon but what about Adsense even if there is no commercial intention the visitors still want more information and they can get it by clicking my adsense ads.

Still do not know how profitable it would be but I will be able to help other parents in my same situation and they may help me to pay my son´s therapy.

What I need is a plugin that fetch related articles to put this site in autopilot since I dont want to put too much time in that site. I pretend to disable the comments but I will leave the "Contact Me" page in case someone wants some help.

I found Automatic Blog PlugIn but it is not free it cost one time payment of $67 dlls, there is a free plugin Feed WordPress that I am not sure if it works fine. There still others, but I will check first the free one and then may move forward to the Automatic Blog plugin if the free does not work well.

If you have any suggestion on tools I am open to hear it. I really need to boost my income online. Is the only way I may be able to pay all those Therapies.

The keywords I may be use are:

Autism  – 4,703 Daily Estimated searches in Google

Asperger Syndrome –  1,239 Daily Estimated searches in Google

As you see there is not much searches, then maybe, been in the first page may not suffice, I may need to take the whole first page of the serps, that actually may seems difficult, but not impossible. The sites on this categories are not into the urge to be on the first page, they do not even have a monetization mean in their pages, not even Adsense, so I think it may be easier to take them with some SEO techniques like Social Bookmarking or by creating some free blogs with targeted content for each keyword and linking to my MFA site, I may use today.com that already have a good PR and may leak some of the juice from my Today free blog into my MFA site, there is other technique like Video submissions with keywords in the title that  had helped me to rank in the first page with more than one result linking to me in the past, I may need to use this once again.

I am in a urge, so this new blog will be my case study and will post about the progress, right now I am still developing the whole strategy to follow.

If you have suggestions to make this work, I will be glad to know your insight into this new way to make money online (or at least new motive to make money online). I have never been in a hurry to make money online, so lets see what happen when I am in a rush.

 To your Success,

Luis Torres



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  1. Hey Luis

    I’m sorry for what happen to your son. Here’s my take on niche site. You can’t possibly make enough money on a single site but getting the first one is the right step forward.

    Just so you know, I’m using automatic blog too.

    • Blogging Tips- Hi Yan, Thanks for your wishes. I know that with 1 sinlge site it is not possible to make thousands fast, for what I understand using this approach means to build 20 or 50 targeted sites that makes some 50 or 150 dlls and then there it should be the money. I will take this site as personal Case Study to learn from it and do a lot more.

      BTW, how that pluding works? It works for you fine?

  2. Hi Luis, I am sorry to hear about your son’s health troubles. That has to be tough especially compounded with the financial part of it.

    I’m not crazy about automatic blogs but I know many use them effectively. I agree with Yan, you will need many for any real profit.

    If you have the time I might suggest also creating a small blog dedicated to your son’s story and progress. Promote within the health niche and setup a PayPal donation button. I don’t remember where I seen it but there is a sliding scale that has a goal amount attached to it. You set up the goal dollar amount and visitors can see how close you are to reaching it. You can even use a free blogger or WordPress blog for this type of blog but be sure to check the terms.

    Brian D. Hawkinss last blog post..Pack Your Feed’s Bags, We’re Moving In With Google

    • Brian D. Hawkins- Thanks Brian, hey that sound a really good idea too, I may do both type of blogs, I guess I may use the Blog of my son´s story to link to the other one, so I can grab money from donations as well as Adsense. But i don´t want just ask for money for free I may give away somthing valuebale for the ones that donate or something like that, maybe some ebook, I just need to think about what could it be.

    • FreemoneyMaker- Hi Manas, nice to see you here again. I am just tryng to figure it out how to pay the therapies for my son. I´ve just read that even with some Gluten and Casein free diet he may be even be completely out of the Autism spectrum, hope so.

  3. Hey there Luis! Always remember with adversity comes opportunity! And I’m not even talking about the $$ side of it! You and your family will grow stronger during this experience and you can make it a POSITIVE for yourselves and others!

    I did a blog post not long ago on a plugin called WPanswers… it uses Yahoo Answers to find peoples questions about the topic you choose, then it makes blog posts with those questions and makes comments from anyone that answers those questions.. here’s the link if you want to check it out..


    i did a quick search over at Yahoo Answers for Asperger Syndrome and it shows 1900 questions… soooo, it may be something worth looking into?

    You all are in my thoughts…

    Jakes last blog post..Special K and March Madness!

    • Jake- Hi Jake, thanks a lot for your words, I really need them. Seems to be a long road for us and money its in the way, I never thought the therapy and new diet would be so expensive. I will give a good look at the plugin you told me, seems what I may need.

  4. Sorry to hear about the condition of your son. Looks like he’s of the same age as my son who’ll be turning 4 this month.

    Can’t comment much about the MFA sites but I agree with Yan, Jake and Brian’s suggestion. Go for it. 🙂

  5. Hi Luis.

    Just visiting your blog for your new posts. God has good reasons for what happened to your son. What I will try to advice is maybe you can create a blog with your original posts and articles (or you may invite other parents or people to write their own stories about the topic). Perhaps you will think you will not have enough time for writing and focusing on that kind of site. But with your love and interest on your son, you will find your self being enthusiastic with it. And of course they are right. It takes time to make that site successful. Have a great days always.

    • Vic – BusinessAccent- Hi Vic, Thanks for your gentle words. Thats seem a very good Idea, that may help me too with some content. I am currently building the new blog, but as you know it takes sometime, but I am doing it as fast as I can.

  6. True! having a keyword rick domain helps getting a lot of traffic. When i registered my domain (My name) and started blogging about webmaster related stuff, i didnt knew the importance of a keyword rich domain. Now i find it a bit difficult to get organic traffic by itself.

  7. Hi Luis,

    Sorry to hear what happen to your son. If you still need the theme, I can give you 50% discount for the theme.

    Building blogs with adsense is not easy. How about your main job? Is it not enough? I think it is quite easy to get on top 10 for Asperger Syndrome. You only get domain related for that maybe AspergerSyndromeXXXX.com. XXXX could be “guide”, “care”, etc. You don’t need the auto plugin. Just use real content. You will have experience with the syndrome, so write it. From my experience, my website tend to have higher rank in Search engine, because you can optimize it manually. I used to have stockpickguide.com in the top 10 for “stock pick”, 41 millions of result in google search. Stockpickguide is a website. You can learn a lot from http://smallwebsitehost.com/seo-case/seo/ . Hope this help.

    ians last blog post..Optimize your blog ads

    • ian- Hi Ian, I still need it, Thanks Ian for your concern, I really appreciate that gesture from you, I will sent you the head banner, so you can tell me if it fits ok in the new theme.

      I got a 17,000 credit card debt and need to pay 650 dlls per month with a salary of 1,300 dlls per month so after that it is not much left, my online income gives me enough to pay some of the online bills like the hosting, some programs where I am taking part and few other payments due to my online biz, but still not enough to quit my job.

      About the site I am even thinking in doing some of what Brian said, maybe also a donations button, just to speed up. I also think it is not to hard to get the first place for Asperger or maybe Autism that have more searches. Thanks for the info, Ian.

      I haven´t had much time between all the new diet for my son and the look for a suitable place (affordable) to get the Tomography that seems not be below 600 dlls.
      And for the diet I just hope he will not need the special diet, seems he does not like it, he just loves pasta and the free gluten pasta it is made of rice and taste little different and he barely eat it. And there is no dairy, seems impossible for a yogurth drinker like he is, lol.

  8. Hi Luis,

    I’m sorry to hear of your son’s health condition and I hope he gets better. I don’t have experience on niche blogging but I’ve read a lot about it that you can make more money than a generic blog can. I hope it works out for you. Take care my friend.

    Peter Lee

    • passive income ideas- Hi Peter, Thjanks for your concern about my son. I am building a niche blog about Autism and Asperger syndrome hopefully I will be able to get some extra money to pay the expensive Therapies he need.

    • Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach- Hi Barbara, Thanks to visit my blog. Yes I know, thats why I continue to look for new ideas to increase my income to pay the therapies of my son.

  9. Making money with Adsense it’s becoming harder and harder. Couple of years ago, Adsense program was really hot

    Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.

    • Hi Gabriel, Welcome to my blog.

      Yes, with adsense it can be peanuts what you earn unless you have 100 niche sites and then 50 bucks per site will make you a nice 5000 dlls per month.

      Of course affiliate or CPA can give you more.

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