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There is a new free tool SEOToolbar from SEOBook that retrieves the PR of any site faster than the PR checker from the Google Toolbar itself.

If you have been trying to check your links at Website Grader, then you maybe had felt frustrated like myself, since this message will show every time you check for your site:

We are temporarily not counting inbound links in the score. This is an important metric, and we are working on this issue.

Now I just found that SEOToolbar from SEOBook has already build in a Tool called SEO XRay that works pretty fast and you can see your links in few seconds.

As you may know, your website’s ranking on search engines is a vital element of your overall marketing campaign, and there are ways to improve your link popularity through legitimate methods. Unfortunately, the Internet is populated by hordes of dishonest webmasters (Of course not me, and obviously you neither) seeking to improve their link popularity by faking out search engines.

This tools wil help you to monitor and even compare sites like I did with my Make Money Online site (the one you are reading in case you wonder) against John Chow dot Com, here is the screen shot of my comparison:

SEOToolbar from SEObook Compare sites

It seems he beats me with some few more pageviews and with some other ranks, but wait!, I have a higher ranking, can you see it, I beat him, I have a higher Alexa ranking, but oh no! wait again, the smaller the number in Alexa the better, damn he beat me in that too. But wait for the next time, I may beat him, I will need to monitor my site stats with this tool often, then I´ll be able to know if my efforts in link building are really paying off.

Since Link popularity is mostly based on the quality of sites you are linked to. I will be very aware of any suspicious site. As you know Google pioneered this criteria for assigning website ranking, and virtually all search engines on the Internet now use it. There are legitimate ways to go about increasing your link popularity. Google frequently imposes penalties on sites that have linked to other sites solely for the purpose of artificially boosting their link popularity. They have actually labeled these links “bad neighborhoods.”

The first thing to check out is whether or not the pages you have linked to have been penalized. The most direct way to do this is to check the PR, you can do it with the SEO Toolbar instead of the Google Toolbar. You will then see that most pages are given a “Pagerank” which is represented by a sliding green scale on the toolbar.

Do not link to any site that shows no green at all on the scale. This is especially important when the scale is completely gray. It is more than likely that these pages have been penalized or they are quite new.

By comparing you can actually see how good are you doing it with your SEO efforts and also see if the data from SEO Toolbar looks weird, then better do not go to that site.

Just as you must be diligent in increasing your link popularity and your ranking, you must be equally diligent to avoid being unfairly penalized. So be sure to monitor your site closely and avoid any appearance of artificially boosting your rankings.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. Pagerank was never something to worry about since it doesn\’t affect serps but merely correlates with them. So unless you run a directory(or sell links to webmasters not aware or able to understand this) you have nothing to fear for in the end all the big websites will continue to flourish as the always did and better if they gained links. Thanks for the report though it provides good info 😉

  2. u loose on alexa ranking … but still u got higher count numbers in alexa rank but its sad the smaller the number in Alexa the better it is…hehehe

    its not that bad to link to a site having grey pr .. as it can be new one … but who knows in next update it can be around pr 4 too … so it depends on the quality of the site and the site owner too … if he pays attention on his site marketing or not.

  3. @Brian- Yes I checked the site and they looks pretty alike. Did they also give you the links to your site? or Can you make some stats site comparisons? I may need to download it and see how it works. Thanks for the info.

    @Lifted trucks- Thanks to drop by. You are right about PR, but having a bigger PR has it rewards, like with some sites like InLinks and sponsor reviews sites that put a price tag on your neck according to the PR. The higher the higher your pay.

    @Military trucks- Yeah lol, shame that the higher number in Alexa does not mean the best, if it is, then I could be the Ruler. I know that PR 0 does not mean always a penalty, it may mean that that site it is completely new.
    Oh yes those infamous G´s updates, there is always great surprises to be expected. Sometimes Great ones, like in December G gave me my Xmas Gift with PR3.

  4. Another useful tool to help me monitor my blog’s links. Oh…good luck for your interest in beating the best bloggers in the net. Wish you the best.

  5. @Sherry- Hi nice to see you back. And yes it is a very good tool to check anybody else´s sites.

    @Germz- I have heard about that tool too. You are the second guy that told me about this one, I will need to check it out, Thanks.

    @Weight Loss Products- I dont know the use of every single feature either, but I use it basically for PR, Xray to know about my links, compare sites and site info.

    @vic- Hi Victorino, welcome to my site, I just came from your site, it has some very good info about business. Thank you for your best wishes, I will do my very best.

  6. @Ari Lestariono- Hi Ari, welcome to my blog. I am sure this tool will help you to find whats going on with your links. You may come here and share with us what was it when you finally solve your problem.

    @Germz- Its good yuo find it fast. How is it in comparison with SEOquake?

  7. I haven’t heard of this toolbar, it looks very useful. I also always used website grader but recently they haven’t been showing links. I wonder how long it will be like that for. Thanks for sharing this toolbar

  8. @Sherry- That should be your browser protection warning you about some download. SEObook it is a very known site, therefore dont be afraid to accept the download.

    @Classifieds- Since website grader it is not giving you the links I chose this tool instead wait for website grader to work.

    • @Justin Brooke, Hi Justin, are you by any chance “THE” Justin from Site Flip Academy? Seems to me by the video in your site. Thank You very much to visit my site.

      Truly Honored.

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