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SEO – Building Quality Back Links

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Building back links are imperative to achieving high ranking in Google’s search results. Not only is it important to have back links, but the back links need to come from pages that relevant to your site’s content. For example if you have an auto transport site, links from car dealerships, auto detail shops, car shipping review sites, and other car-related businesses will hold more weight with Google than a link posted on a pet shop website. So how can you build these links?

There are directories out on the internet that have a listing of thousands of companies in any given industry. Most of these directory sites will provide a form where you can input your company information and a link to your website. Though this can be time consuming, it will greatly help your site’s reputation. Many site administrators feel overwhelmed by the tasks involved with optimizing a site; however if you make site optimization a part of you daily routine, over time small daily efforts pay off big.

Blogging is another great way to create back link traffic. Most blogs will allow you to post a link in your submission. Blogging allows you to not only gain back links, but share your wisdom with people who may be in need of your services. A few years ago I started blogging and posting links to a motorcycle shipping site that I have. Though I have not posted any new blog responses in a couple of years, I still get a fair amount of traffic from just the short time I was blogging and posting links.

Just as important as back links, the links that you have posted on your site can have a major impact on your site’s visibility. I was once told to think of a website as a bucket. For every inbound link, think of it as water filling your bucket. For every outbound link, it is like a hole being poked in the bottom of your bucket. When Google processes this information, they consider your inbound to outbound link ratio to help them determine how important your site is in the grand scheme of the keyword being searched. If you are going to links out to other sites, it is generally best to create a link page to categorize and list your links. This page will keep the majority of your outbound links on one page and most importantly off of your main landing page.

Back link building is not something that can be achieved overnight. Though it takes time to build links, it is certainly time well spent. Your links will be more meaningful and generate more traffic than if you were to join a link farm. There is no substitute for quality back links!

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