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SEO Marketing- Secrets On The Subject Of Google Instant And Ranking Your Web Page

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Many users around the world Google their queries in order to find a product or service. For example some want to know if Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore, they Google it to find out about it? If they want to know how to find a solution to their programming problem, they search on Google. if they want to know about their friend’s background, they Google it. You can Google everything and all these queries which you write on Google, will get a website to have a nice ranking or lose their ranking.

Those who rely on forum posting, email spamming and the other black hat SEO will not get the results they want. They may get on Google’s first page for a short time, then their keyword ranking disappears. Those SEO software programs won’t help you anymore. Those affiliate backlinks won’t help either, because search engines do not count on affiliate links unless they put their keywords on those pages as anchor text.

How does Google Instant real time work? Simply put, they give ranking to the most searched keywords. If your website is well optimized for your keywords, then when people search for your products, using those keywords, your site will show up on the first page.There are some SEO agents and marketers who foolishly believe that Google Instant will end their search engine optimization campaign. It depends on how they are SEO-ing their websites. If they are using some old seo tactics, I must say, of course Google Instant won’t show them results. But if they are using the right SEO techniques, then ride on and more power to you.

In the foreground everything has changed. The truth is Google Instant alters how your keywords are displayed.

Google Instant is equipped with the artificial intelligence (AI). Google’s engineers have improved the algorithm by applying AI. This is the reason and truth behind Google’s guessing program. This smart algorithm is telling users what to search and a user automatically writes their queries by applying those keywords. If you look closely, you may see almost the same thing in Yahoo, but a little primitive. I hope I am not intimidating yahoo programmers. All I am saying is that this Google Instant will not only help you to brand your product better but also will increase your ROI.
It all depends on how you look at the new Google.

, “Never underestimate the power of fast. Quick, quick, quick – we want to help you right now… we can understand things like what you really meant.” Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google
This is so true. Speed, quality and the right results are today’s search engine function. Look at Yandex. It improves the algorithm more often than Google. This has brought nice money to Russian and Ukrainian SEO-ers pockets and i say more power to them too.

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In conclusion one must say that Understanding Users’ Motivations Can truly Improve your Ranking.

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