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SEO Services : Would You Prefer A Freelance SEO Specialist Or An SEO Company?

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The process of search engine optimization, generally abbreviated to SEO, means optimizing a website to increase the ranking of the site in a search engine; the ultimate goal being to be the first result when a particular phrase or word is entered into a search engine.

So, you know your website need optimizing, and you are looking to hire either a company or a freelance specialist; which do you choose? It is an important decision to make and one that should not be made without sufficient research of, not only your needs and desires, but also how the company or freelance specialist can help you. Below is a detailed list of the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Cost – If money is no object to you or your company, the most likely option you will go with is an SEO company. Though hiring a freelance SEO specialist is probably cheaper than most companies, in this situation you generally get what you pay for, but not always.

Time / Efficiency – If time is an issue, then, depending on the amount of work needed, it would probably be quicker using an SEO company compared to a freelance specialist. More people working on your project will mean a more comprehensive solution. It can take a while to optimize a websites coding for a search engine and, as they say, many hands make light work.

Experience – The experience that an SEO company can offer compared to one individual SEO specialist is vast in difference. An SEO company will have a number of employees with different backgrounds, whereas an individual freelance search engine optimization specialist only has their own experience to work through problems. Though this will not be a problem for small scale projects, it can hamper progress with assignments of a larger scale.

Commitment – Here is one situation in which a freelance SEO specialist can shine. Being only one individual, they can commit their full time to your requests and you will be able to constantly keep in direct communication with the person who will be optimizing your website. An SEO company, although could argue that they will give you 100% commitment, could be more difficult to work with in the fact that you will almost certainly not be able to communicate directly with the people that will be helping you.

The choice, as with all marketing ventures, really comes down to cost. If you have the financial ability to be able to use an SEO company and you have little time in which to gain results, then use a search engine optimization company. If, however, you have a smaller marketing budget and/or more time with which to produce results, then a freelance SEO specialist is probably the right choice for you.

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