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3 Strategies For Affiliate Internet Marketing Profits

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An affiliate online marketing business is the process where a company or merchant pays you a commission to sell their services or goods for them. You run a marketing campaign, bring customers to your website and a commission on each sale. This is easy enough in principal but more difficult in practice. This item will show you how to achieve success in three easy steps at almost no cost.

1 Research your market carefully to make certain there are plenty of customers to make it worth spending time on. If possible, identify something that interests you or you feel very passionate about. Focus] on the specific area you know [spin]a lot about and build your first site using 5 unique articles on the subject. Then use Clipmarks and the social bookmarking sites below to announce your site to the world. The site name and hosting are your only costs. Approximately $10 for the domain and $10 per month for the hosting or less!

2 Write another five of your own short articles and post them on EzineArticles, GoArticles, Article Dashboard, Isnare and Scribd. Each article will have a link back to your website. Submit each article on at least 5 social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Mixx, StumbleUpon and Simpy. Using SocialMarker or Onlywire helps make this process easier. Here is the clever part. Take the URL of each posted article and post it into the next bookmarking site and in this way you will not only get more exposure, you will get some important and valuable back links. Note there is no cost involved.

3 Create a Squidoo lens about your product. Do the same to that as you did to your other articles. (A Squidoo is a mini-website which Google loves!) Make sure you leave links not only to the product you are marketing, but to your main website too. Make a fresh blog at Bloggger and post 5 articles to that, again make sure you have back links to your main website. get ezArticleLink to spin (make different articles) and distribute your articles. This will give you more backlink. Again, note there is no cost involved. That is one reason why I enjoy my affiliate online marketing business

So let us just recap. Now you see what affiliate marketing is and how it is done. Determine that there are customers for the goods or services you want to promote. Build your website, my preference is a WordPress website, hosted on Hostgator. Write a few articles and submit them to the recommendedarticle directories. Submit thethese articles and their urls to the social networking sites. Build a Squidoo lens and a Blogger blog with backlinks that point to your own site. Repeat the submissions to the social sites. You are sure to need more information about affiliate online marketing but basically there you have it.

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