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9 Affiliate Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Internet Marketing Sales

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Were you aware that most affiliate marketers never sell anything? There are several reasons for this! In this article we want to talk about a handful of affiliate marketing tactics to increase your Internet marketing sales.

1. Choose affiliate programs to join where people are currently spending money. You can find good niches to join by going to a bookstore and seeing what the most popular selling books are. Chances are there is an affiliate program that has a product in that exact niche.

Another thing you can do is go to Clickbank.com and see what the top selling ebooks are. If people are spending money on these type of books there is an excellent chance you can make money selling products in that niche. Of course you can join Clickbank yourself and make money selling information products as well.

2. Build an email marketing list and sell affiliate products to it. Most people need several exposures to something before they will make a purchase. The best way to do that is mail out offers to your email marketing list on a continual basis. Eventually, when people are ready, they will purchase from you.

3. Create review web pages or pre sell pages. Many affiliate marketers send their traffic directly to the sales page from the affiliate merchant. This is a mistake because that traffic can quickly be lost once they leave the page.

By writing a review page you can warm your traffic up, and even ask them to subscribe to your mailing list, before passing them through to the affiliate sales page. This will help increase your conversion rate immensely.

4. Focus on selling one product until you are making money with it. Only then should you join another affiliate program and start to sell their products.

Often times affiliate marketers jump around from one program to the next and never make money in any of them. Ultimately this causes them to leave the affiliate marketing industry.

5. Purchase the product you are going to sell and learn everything about it. Then write articles about what you have learned for your website visitors to read. This will increase your Internet marketing sales. If your potential customers understand that you believe in the product it’s probably a good one for them to purchase.

6. Build an email marketing list and work with it. Get to know your subscribers as more than just a name and email address.

Having a large list of subscribers will be no good if you don’t cultivate it. However not building an email marketing list at all is even worse.

A responsive email marketing list will allow you to do almost anything you want on the Internet. For this reason we rank it at the top of our strategies for having internet marketing success.

7. Combine free and paid advertising methods. Many Internet marketers make the mistake of relying completely on one or the other.

For example concentrating on free advertising methods will slow the progression of your business down. Although you can create great long term backlinks from free advertising you do not get enough immediate traffic to see success early. For this reason many people give up and never work their online business long enough to be successful.

Relying 100% on paid advertising is not the best strategy either. Certainly it’s great to get immediate traffic and begin to see results from your advertising methods.

However if 100% of the advertising you do is paid you can never stop doing it. The minute you stop your ads then the traffic stops. This is just not a good way to build a long term business marketing strategy.

8. Incorporate blogging into your business. If you are starting your business from scratch consider setting up a blog and using it as your primary website.

If you currently have a website, and are not blogging, you need to link your blog to your homepage and begin adding articles to it. Search engines love blogs and will rank your articles high as they get to know you.

Be consistent in the blogging you do. You do no need to over do it, but adding a couple of articles a week is adequate to increase traffic and search engine bait.

9. Do not ignore social marketing and the importance of it. There are too many people using Facebook and Twitter not to learn how to utilize them as an Internet marketing strategy.

This is nine affiliate marketing tactics to increase your Internet marketing sales. If you do these things you will not only make more money, but you will eliminate some of your competitors in the process.

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How To Choose An Affiliate Program To Sell Your Products

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A lot of Internet marketers use affiliate marketing as their business model. Most of them sign up to these programs without actually understanding what it’s all about. All they know is that they will get paid if somebody buys the product that they are marketing as affiliates.

The reason why affiliate marketing is so attractive to the Internet marketer is that he will not have to have a product or service to sell. This makes it easy. In the offline world many people sell products produced by others, for instance, we sell sodas at our restaurant and all of them are not been manufactured by us, the brand it is very known, if you said "Coca-Cola", then you are clairvoyant, cause it is very true. This is the same principle but online.

It does mean that the affiliate is able to get going right away. There is no big time required to make a product or to design a service that is marketable online. Of course it may be understood that selling your own product could be more profitable, since you keep all the profit.

For the Internet marketer that developed a business with his own products, using affiliate marketing to promote their product is a very viable business solution.  Many Internet marketers offer affiliate options right from their site. The bigger online merchants are able to handle their own affiliate programs.

To assist the smaller merchants an entire secondary tier of service providers has mushroomed up. There are now Affiliate Management Agencies, Super-Affiliates and Specialized Third Parties vendors all playing around in this space.

Internet marketers who have produced an eBook which they feel is worth selling will be more inclined to submit their product to an online service such as Clickbank rather than trying to set up their own backend solution.

It is really only worthwhile for the big merchants to go it alone when it comes to handling all the elements of the affiliate business model. For the internet marketer with one product for sale, having to get involved in handling a network of affiliates could require too much technical knowledge.

Many affiliate marketers work on a multi-tier program. This is also called MLM which stands for multi level marketing. That means that affiliates get rewarded for signing on other affiliates. In a way this is similar to the offline world of Amway for instance.

The danger here is that if an MLM business offers higher rewards for new members rather than for the product sales, then it could be considered a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

It requires a huge amount of work to keep this kind of business model running smoothly. It is quite difficult to keep the downline growing and to keep the participants motivated and selling. This does not imply that these schemes does not work, there are many successful MLM marketers such as Mike T Glaspie.

There are some two tier affiliate programs available as well, but in most cases the affiliate business model seems to prefer a one tier approach, maybe because it represents more profit for you, since you don´t have to do any more splitting  of your profits. That is you have a one on one relationship with the affiliate merchant.

Therefore, choosing which system you might want to use as an affiliate marketer hoping to sell your own products will depend on the type of product and the resources and skills available to you. For most entry level Internet marketers the straight forward one tier affiliate program will in all probability be the best option and the less complicate, you make a sale, you rip your commission, can not be easier than this.

How huge are you as a Marketer? Did you qualified to have your own affiliate system to market your products?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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T3leads Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program That Works

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T3leads is a PPL Network which means Pay  Per Lead, this is not like the PPC (Pay Per Click) networks that will pay you just for clicking in your ads, but this kind of networks (PPL) pays you more than PPC networks, mainly because they pay you until the lead you send them do some action and then you will have your earnings.

Benefits By Working With T3leads PPL Network

As I stated above you will get a higher payout, instead of cents or few dollars for a click in the PPC networks and also look what they say:

T3leads does not resell generated leads. Our affiliate program directly cooperates with a large network of banks and other financial institutions. We sell generated leads through a unique auction system that allows our affiliates to make maximum profits. We pay for each customer sent to us when they respond to your offers for qualified products and services.

Make Money Online with T3leads

When you sign up with T3leads affiliate program for free they will verify  you by asking for your phone number or cell phone, you may ask for an sms if you will prefer, just be sure to give your real information or you will not be able to sign since they will send/phone you with an automate message/sms with a pin code that you will need to enter after the signup.

When entering to your account they will ask you to verify your account and choose what type of verification you want to get your pin code. After doing that, answer your phone or check for an sms into your cel. Now just enter the pin code and verify your account, you just become a succesful affiliate of T3leads.

We provide our affiliates with an arsenal of promo tools that are constantly being refreshed by our creative team for maximum performance. You can work with both public web sites, and private web sites own by you.

One good tip to follow is, check his FAQ´s and T&C´s  sections and avoid termination, If you already got some earnings, you will lose them, better comply with their terms.

When I Got Paid and Which is the Minimum Payout

You will be paid every 15 days. To send a payment request you’ll need your PIN code, please do not lose it.

Minimum payable amount is $100 US dollars. ( Same as most PPC networks).

They have the following methods of payment:

  • WebMoney;
  • Fethard;
  • ePassporte;
  • Wire transfer;
  • Check;
  • PayPal;
  • E-gold.

They have sites like this one http://debtcreditquote.com/?affid=6823 already have your affiliate code in it, this site a lot of people may need it with the current recession, its about Debt Consolidation, I may need to give it a try myself.

They have a lot more like that one. If a very in debt guy (like me) come to that site and actually consolidate his debt then you may have a BIG payday from your affiliate efforts.

I guess you already got my point, its not limit, just send traffic over any of their sites and also to the signup page for affiliate members to sign-in.

T3leads actually guarantee you the highest conversion rates in the industry – ranging from 1:6 to 1:9.

Important Warning:

Bear this in mind when you do your affiliate efforts, try to target the following:

We work only with US traffic. Traffic from other countries will be sent back to affiliate’s website. You are able to indicate this website in "Profile/Rejected Url” section.

My Final Take

This site seems to be a very good alternative to your other money making advertising. Earn from promoting the different sites as well as get more affiliates singning up using your link at the Payday loans affiliate program


To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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