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Online Affiliate Marketers Who Want Page One On Google Should Focus On One Keyword Phrase

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As internet affiliate marketers we are all hunting for a straightforward way to get a page one ranking in our niche and obtain all the free traffic the search engines will send us. You will be joyful to know there is a way to accomplish this, and it is free, But It takes time and work. That was the bad news now for some good news, ninety percent of online affiliate marketers, don’t have the time or expertise or energy to do it. If you want it bad enough it is possible.

If you are an online affiliate marketer you should by now know your niche. As I have stated in earlier articles I believe the top source of free traffic is article writing. This article is about getting to page one of Google, so let us focus on that for right now.

Using Keyword Phrase:
1. Find a keyword phrase in your niche that has excellent traffic and the least amount of competition. This is the most time consuming chore you will take on, the better job you do deciding on a keyword in your niche the better. I use market samurai for my research they take you step by step on video how to find profitable niches.

2. Write an article about your chosen keyword phrase. Make sure that phrase is in the title, preferably in the opening of the title. Continue writing articles and focusing on just that keyword phrase. For one month keep researching the subject and keep writing high-quality articles, always getting that keyword phrase in the title.

3. Put the keyword phrase in the title, in the first paragraph and the last paragraph and a few times in the body of the article. Make certain your keyword phrase fits into the sentence smoothly. Don’t stuff it where it is not natural. Each time you use your keyword phrase makes certain to bold it. This is done to help the search engine robots find them with no trouble.

4. I honestly don’t believe there is a magical percentage of keyword density that Google looks for. If you position your phrase in the title and the first paragraph and last paragraph and a few time in the body of your article you will be fine. Remember focus on your keyword phrase don’t go loading you article with several keywords you will only make your article weaker.
There must be no doubt what your article is about. You want your article to interesting, informative, and entertaining. Before you can get the benefits that your article provides (Traffic and back links) you must make your article compelling enough to the reader that he or she continues to read it to the very end. At the end of your article you are allowed to place your resource box.
About the Resource Box:

Your reader stuck around long enough to complete your article, which you must presume they enjoyed it and must be interested in what you wrote about. The resource box is your last chance to persuade your reader to take the action you want him or her to take. Don’t Blow it! This is where so many authors start blowing their own horn by telling the reader all about themselves.

The resource box is not about you. The resource box is when you tell the reader what is in it for them. The advantage they will receive if they take action now. Here is an illustration:
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To Your Success
Bill Morgan

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