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Autoresponder Review

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Everyone knows that a good email marketing campaign can make the difference between success and failure for an Internet marketer and that means you need an autoresponder review that can help you choose the best service for your fledgling business. There are dozens out there and with monthly fees and massive potential income to consider, you’ll want to have a clear idea of which one performs the best.

What to Look for in Your Autoresponder

An Autoresponder review will point out many things, but there are some features that need to top your list. First, delivery rate is vital. Those emails need to get through to your prospects and they need to be read. That means not only should the service provide top notch technology to reach the prospects, but they should help you reduce spam in the process.

Additionally, the service needs to make list management and analysis as easy as possible. You want to be able to review subscribers, read messages, link clicks and historical open rates so you can adjust and tweak your messages over time.

Most autoresponder review writers will focus on one service and try to sell you on its benefits over the others, but I want to take a look at the industry’s top three services


The first autoresponder review is Aweber. Aweber is very easy to use when it comes to setting up a new campaign, inserting video or audio, and managing your subscribers across multiple lists. The scheduling and sequencing is very simple and straightforward and allows for any number of custom options, including easy broadcasting. The tracking is also very useful. Most autoresponder review sites will cite the tracking and monitoring of your lists as one of the premiere reasons to consider Aweber. On any given day you can analyse impressions, subscriptions, verifications, and click thrus on links you’ve sent out. The two places where Aweber stumbles are in its importing of other mailing lists and its pricing scheme, both of which pale compared to the next two sites.

Autoresponse Plus

Both Aweber and Get Response are remotely hosted autoresponder services. You pay a monthly subscription fee to use them. Autoresponse Plus on the other hand is a software program that you will install on your own server. As such, you’ll need to pay an upfront cost for the license ($99 for one and $167 for five), but you can then use it forever without paying anything. The value of this software is that you get to customize pretty much everything. You have full access, which makes importing and using your own external email services very easy. Unfortunately, if you’re not tech savvy, it can also be much more complicated, requiring the assistance of someone with extensive tech knowledge. Each license can be installed on one domain, but allows you to have unlimited autoresponders for that domain without paying again.

Get Response

The third autoresponder review I want to touch on is Get Response, the current industry leader and a very comparable service to Aweber. Get Response allows the same easy level of customization as Aweber, allowing you to attach documents, audio, or video, copy in messages from any format without extra formatting needed, and ensure delivery on any day of the week, through any email filters. The tracking system is often compared to Google Analytics, which is a good thing, providing a wide array of details about message open rates, subscriptions and more. It can get a bit complicated, but the tutorials are designed to help there. The pricing is slightly better than Aweber, though it does require a monthly payment of $17.95 to start (it can be lower with quarterly or annual payments).
Autoreponders are one of the three services every business owner needs – right after hosting and right before outsourcing. If you’re not yet signed up for one of the three autoresponders above, reread this autoresponder review carefully and choose one that fits your business’s needs.

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Getting Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

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There are regular sources of traffic which are simple to comply with. Among these are composing articles, making use of article directories, social networking and bookmarking and paying for advertising like pay per click.

Traffic building tricks

Here are some lesser employed tricks to promote extra traffic through to your squeeze page. Create a pop- up on your blog. Your AWeber autoresponders possess pre- written code for pop- ups. You just copy and paste this code into your wordpress blog into the Footer of your blog template.

Try a joint venture with another online marketer to market each other’s no cost gifts and drive traffic through to squeeze pages. Utilizing somebody else’s opt- in list to help drive traffic through to your sign- up page may be highly productive in terms of promptly raising your opt- in list figures.

Podcasting and webinars

Make use of multimedia to create a different however just as helpful message to entice visitors to your sign- up page. A podcast of a phone or skype interview of a famous character may produce a hype concerning the free gift being extended.

Various internet marketers invite guests to be interviewed and employ these interviews to promote their opt- in gift. A series of interviews or merely one may provide a different approach and could be most effective.

Utilize a webinar, which is an open seminar available via the web, to talk about the matter covered in your free gift and inspire listeners to contribute questions and queries that you answer.

A webinar could be effective if run by one person, however two individuals discussing a point and offering suggestions often functions even better as two people might create a further strong dynamic. More than two generally doesn’t work too well since the voices can begin getting too puzzling and individuals do not understand after some time who might be really speaking.


Video’s are being used ever more. You can create one video with your message. Or you can use some of the articles of your free gift to provide data to the viewer in a series of videos. This can be an extremely effective marketing instrument.

Utilize the videos to demonstrate some of the exciting data contained in your free gift. It will get viewers curious to see the rest of the product and entice them to your squeeze page.

Videos may be uploaded to your blog or included in your Squidoo lens. You'll be able to set up your own channel on YouTube. At the same time you'll be able to submit your videos to other video sharing sites of which there are many.

Remember to utilize your search phrases to tag your content, within captions and your headlines. These special elements may contribute up to a good amount of publicity for your free gift. When handled properly they start off appearing on search pages and eventually might end up on the front page of Google. This means that they begin to send traffic through without any extra effort on your part.

Did you have more ways to build your traffic to your squeeze page? Please share your knowledge with us.

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The Money is in the List Statement-Is It True?

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The Statement “The Money is in the List” we could say for a short answer “YES it is TRUE”.

The problem it is to have a huge list to really make money from those subscribers. As a rule (or maybe as a make believe wish) between some marketers it is that you can grab $1.00 US dlls in average per subscriber, this does not mean you will actually get 1 dlls from each, but maybe you will get $20 dlls from some subscribers, $150 dlls from another and so on, but in the average should be around that figure of $1 dlls per subscriber.

Therefore, If you want to earn $1,000 dlls then you will need at least 1000 subscribers, from this, it is easy to know how many subscribers you will need if you want $10,000 dlls per month, just get 10,000 subscribers, easy said than done and maybe even quite expensive, depending on the methods you use to bring traffic to your site.

There is another problem, How responsive it is your list to you. You first need to Sell Yourself to them and they need to BUY You before they trust enough to open their wallets to give you any money. That´s why they need to get FREE stuffs from you, so they can check the quality of your product or affilliate products you choose to offer them, once they see you are trustworthy, then and only then they may buy from you.

Trust it is everything in the internet world, since internet it is not personal, it is somewhat cold and people like to talk to people not to sites they dont know anything about.

That´s why it is very important to use some strategies to make people trust on you. You will need to add one actual picture of you, so they can see how did you look like, this makes people feel they are dealing with a human and not with a cold site in front of their eyes.

As well of some way to contact you, if you do this, you will need to really answer as fast as you can, one way to do this, could be with an autorresponder like Aweber where you can setup a message stating that you will answer as soon as posible or give a span of time like “in less than 24 hours” or something like it.

Of course other way to make people trust you, is DO NOT EVER, EVER LIE, if you do, well you know the consequences, they will never trust you again, and maybe worst since this is “Internet”, the BAD NEWS get spread as fast as wildfire or faster, then you will get all the exposure you always wanted but NOT the Way you wanted. Try to do the same with a post or something you want to promote and bring traffic to your site and you will see the difference, its not as easy as with BAD NEWS.

To increase your subscribers you may need to bribe them with some gifts like a FREE ebook or Software, this will help to increase your sign-ups.

By the Way I have some FREE software and some ebooks if you sign-up in my Newsletter opt-in list, after confirming your subscription you will get the password to unlock the downloading area right away.

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