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All About Blogs

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A Types Of Blog is produced as well as held with a person along with records of content, videos, or pictures and a product of extramarital relationship. It is composed of any kind of info, whether open public or personal content. It’s a combination of pictures, textual content and links to other web site. Most of this tend to be videos, photos, audio, audio, arts or even textual content which explains something you want to mention or transmit or post in your website.

The Types Of Blog on how it had been shipped and created were personal, corporate or group blogs, by genre by press type. If you are the blog writer and also you can’t supply excellent blog information for your site or any of the webs web hosting, here are a few techniques to develop significant as well as famous info.

1.Post the blogs along with unique content and top quality subject. Should you post information associated blog, post a minimum of 3 to 5 each day and post it as frequently possible.

2.Your post should have a number of back links which intend to an additional web site or blogs.

3.Should you broadcast a press release, announce this inside a web site which visitors will be interested to see this.

4.Thank someone who brings up your blog information in their article via their own remark area.

5.If the readers want to view a specific publish, your own blog info ought to be humid so that each time there’s a brand new publish, your own will be always on top.

6.Create a content material that is noticeable and unique.

7.Use sites that capture the actual reader’s consideration. Add pics and vids that will capture the attention of the visitors.

There have been different types of info that are available within internet which the readers can entry at any time. These days, visitors and viewers regarded as your blog info because their own source of information as well as information online.

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Monetising A Weblog – 4 Methods To Earn A Blogging Profits

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This blogpost will describe how you can monetize an currently popular and set up web site. If you ever require data and know-how about producing and growing such a type of web site, go to ebooks blog and download some quality cheap internet marketing ebooks which can aid you understand how to promote your website effectively.

There are numerous ways to the new blogger to earn an salary from their website. Some are less difficult than others and some will need a lot a lot more perform than other people. But if you might be wanting to convert your blogging passion into a tiny, or perhaps a not so smaller, revenue, here are my favourite techniques of earning an earnings.

Affiliate marketer Advertising
This started off originally via internet site proprietors who had regular visitors teaming up with businesses that needed site visitors. The internet site proprietors associated towards the businesses and generated sales and at some point this became internet marketer advertising of what it is these days.

In brief, being a blogger you are able to suggest and refer to solutions that a merchant is endorsing. By way of signing as much as ideal schemes the website visitors that you simply deliver are tracked and when these make purchases you share inside a percentage in the sale. You'll be able to place text links inside physique of one's posts, banners in the facet bars along with a mixture inside your newsletter. It is up to you to inform your website visitors about the items and have the sales.

But the way to get started? Merely look for a few items that are related to your blog and discover who is promoting them. If that business advertises an internet marketer structure you are sorted, else run a standard look for for your firm name and also the term online. You will be astonished what it is possible to discover!

Pay For each Click
The subsequent popular method as soon as set up takes no additional effort and that is pay per click (PPC) schemes including Google Adsense. With PPC you just display the code within just your theme, either embedded within the submit or in the side bars, then as lengthy as you happen to be acquiring site traffic there may be not a lot far more to accomplish. Just maybe experiment using the colours and positions of one's PPC units.

Really straightforward and simple to operate and if you have a lot of visitors on the excessive worth niche, it can be a wonderful earner. All which you have to do to produce a great salary is sustain your blog.

Sponsored Posting
There are a few promoting companies close to that can provide you with possibilities to sponsor your posts or consist of paid for hyperlinks within the posts. They will retain you up to date with the latest regulations, but in short businesses make chances offered for you for composing posts. You create this post inside your personal words to ensure that it fits into your blog and as long as almost everything is proper you come to be eligible for payment.

Certainly, every check is related to a small amount of work writing a post, so the volume you acquire is restricted by the quantity of time you can commit, but with some schemes there is certainly a great deal of cash on offer.

Finally, if you might be in a position to put with each other a blog of thinkings, why not put some of these thoughts with each other into a coherent ebook? If readers take pleasure in your ramblings they may equally enjoy a book of them. There is certainly somewhat of operate here really making a shop functionality, but on WordPress there's a plugin for this that makes the function so significantly less complicated!

Fetch pragmatic information about the topic of web traffic – please study this web page. The time has come when proper info is truly within your reach, use this possibility.

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If you look around my blog, you will see some affiliate links in my posts and I actually have not put any link myself all were done automatically by Ninja Affiliate PlugIn. This allows me to just write and never get worried about to put some affiliate links in my articles.

You can also check a full review I had done it on this Ninja PlugIn go here!

You can experience similar results yourself. Grab your copy today before it is too late and try it out for yourself. You'll thank me later on!

If you buy from my affiliate link then I can give you full support on how to use this tool right away.

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To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Optimise Your White Hat Or Natural SEO

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Once you have set up your blog and started populating it with content you need to take the process one step further. Remember that you will have chosen a set of keywords already and established the topic of your niche.

Now take this foundation and optimise it further. The questions that will come up will be what further keywords should you go after? What topics should you write about and what sites should you try to get links from?

You need to work out how to track your traffic and work out where you get the most traffic from. Work on multiplying the traffic that you are already getting now to make it even more effective.

Google offers a great analytics tool, Google Analytics. With this tool you can see what keywords are driving you the most visits. The way to do this is to go to ‘traffic sources’ and ‘keywords’ and then click on non-paid.

The results will only be of the top 10 term so you might want to expand to 50 to establish where your traffic might be coming from. Check to see what is sending you the most clicks.  You will probably find that it’s only five or six words. After that it drops off quickly.

Your name will probably show up first. If you are selling a product, that might show second.  Take your next search words and type them into Google and see how you rank on those.

For every spot that you can move up in terms of Google search results the more clicks you will get. It can improve your clicks up to 10 to 20% higher. If you move from spot 2 to spot 1 your volume can more than triple. Position is everything.

Position also counts highly when looking at the keywords. Ranking number 1 on a medium value term will be worth more than a lower ranking on a higher value term. Quality is also essential. So ranking number one is far more valuable than having a list of terms ranking say at number 10 spot.

Focus on getting your keywords to the top three spots. It makes a huge difference to your traffic results and the return if you are selling a product. Of course it would be foolish to spend effort on ranking a term if there are no searches for it.

Avoid this mistake by checking your Analytics and seeing what has enough search volume pointing to the keywords already.

Once you have some keywords, or even just one keyword in the first three positions you can now start using and promoting keywords around this well positioned keyword. You can use Google Wonder Wheel and Google Suggest together to work out what words will fit around your prominent keyword and will add to the value of your blog.

These results will be different for Google Suggest and Google Wonder Wheel. This is because Google Suggest shows you the most commons searches that match the terms you are typing.

While Google Wonder Wheel shows you the most closely related searches organised by theme.

Once you have these allied keywords identified, use them to create content. As with your normal keyword use, include them in the title of your copy, in your page title, meta descriptions and in the body of your articles.

Are You Already Optimising Your SIte?

Did You Use White Hat Techniques Or Black Hat Ones?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Black Hat SEO What It Is?

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This particular search engine optimisation (SEO) is usually better known as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings using unethical means. In general there is nothing unethical about the processes except for what the search engines have decided they think falls under this category.

In other words what might be considered ethical practices of pushing your blog or web site to the first page of a search for a particular keyword or set of keywords today could end up being considered unethical in a few week’s time. It all depends on how many Google toes clever SEO folk have stepped on as to whether search engine companies are annoyed or not.

Here are some characteristics of Black Hat SEO currently considered unethical and if practiced may result in making the wrath of Google turn to you and having your site blacklisted.

The first characteristic of Black Hat SEO is that the practice breaks search engine rules and regulations as set down by search engine companies. This is important to remember. There is no inherent unethical thinking here but what the search engines, for this mostly read Google, determine is unethical.

It is therefore incorrect to state that any Black Hat SEO is illegal. There are no laws involved here. or at least not any laws as set down by governments. There are laws as set down by Google of course.

However, Google even though they like to think of themselves as a goverment, the actual truth is they are not one and the only way they can slap you, oops mean enforce your "Bad" behaviour to what they considers unethical is by taking action against your web site or blog by banning it.

Black Hat SEO also may be present if it creates a poor user experience directly because of the SEO techniques used on the web site. This maybe more important for you to avoid,since a good quality site it is a must to succeed online. And it may be perceived as Black Hat SEO if content is presented in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

A fair amount of black hat SEO currently labeled as such was in fact ethical some time ago. It is the abuse that some "SEO" esperts practiced that made search engine companies label them as unethical.

Some of the techniques to avoid are:

Keyword Stuffing.

That is putting too many keywords in your website or blog. For instance, if you have lets say the keyword "red rose" and you wrote something like:

"I love my red rose because it is an awesome red rose since I see my red rose I want to have another red rose"

As you see is not even readable, but the keyword density it is pretty high but search engines might not like it since there is not quality for humans in that information.

A further SEO technique that is frowned upon is invisible or hidden text

It is similar to the above but you will use the same color as the background, therefore a human eye will not see it but search engines still can read it.

A third Black Hat SEO practice that can get you in trouble with the search engines is doorway pages.

Doorway pages are Web pages designed and built specifically to draw search engine visitors to your website. They are standalone pages designed only to act as doorways to your site. Doorway pages are a very bad idea for several reasons, though many SEO firms use them routinely.

Black Hat SEO is tempting as the tricks actually do work, often only temporarily of course. They work until the search engines have upgraded their algorithms to counter the practices. What may result in a higher page ranking might also end up costing the site heavily when it is banned.

On the whole it is not worth using Black Hat SEO because of the penalty involved when caught. It is advisable to rather use efficient search engine optimisation techniques to get your site ranked higher, and stay away from anything that even remotely looks like Black Hat SEO.

Have You Ever Done Any Suspicious Action That May Be Thinked As A Black Hat SEO?

If you do, would you please tell us your experiences?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Which Is Better Organic Or Paid Traffic?

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There are two basic types of traffic that can be generated through search. Both of these processes work well if you understand how they work and work the system.

Organic traffic is the type of traffic coming to your site or blog by natural means. That is somebody browsing or searching the internet finds a link to the site and clicks on it. There are various ways this link may be found.

It could be via a search engine, another website or it could be typed directly into the address by the “browser”. One advantage to this kind of traffic is that it has a long-term and residual type of effect and the only cost involved is generally time and effort.

On the other hand paid traffic requires an investment of money as well as time and effort. There are different ways of having to pay whether it’s through the pay-per-click process such as GoogleAdwords or whether it is paid for banner advertising.

Contrary to the organic traffic which tends to come at a more uniform rate, paid traffic can surge often unnaturally and depends on the type of advertising campaign in place.

Organic traffic is the preferred form of traffic as it produces long-term and more reliable results than paid traffic. It further and more often provides long term benefits through its residual effect. It means that you as an internet marketer need to work hard at it once and reap the benefits for some time to come.

There are skillful search engine optimisation specialists who are able to work a site in such a way that search engines will index the site and identify relevant pages to bring them up when people are searching. And this will happen time and again.

One of these processes is called on-page optimisation. This deals with all aspects of the web site and the content that is placed on all pages to ensure that the search engines index them properly.  Effective optimisation means that the best fit is offered for search results.

Off-page optimisation on the other hand are things that you do externally to your site such as obtaining back links or social bookmarking. You may also register your site with a search engine or in directories. Then there are external guides that your site might be suitable for such as business or entertainment guides.

In all efforts the purpose is to drive traffic from specific, popular sites as well as provide a back link to your site. This is particularly important for PageRank. The higher the PageRank the more likely it will be that the site will appear on the first page of a search request.

Off-page optimisation may not necessarily be considered natural as the back links are being forced back in some instances, especially when using social bookmarking sites. There are some natural links back though when a person links to your site because they are interested in your content.

Maximising a web site or blog for natural traffic will be more productive in the long run although paid traffic may serve its purpose during particular marketing efforts such as product launches or list building projects.

Which Kind of Traffic Did You Prefer? Are You Willing To Paid For Traffic For the Rest Of Your Online Life?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Use A One Time Offer or OTO

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One Time Offer DealOnce you have spent a fair amount of time on compiling a free gift then you can start creating a squeeze page and spent hours getting traffic to this page, after all this effort you may consider a small reward for yourself at this stage.

This would be in the form of a one time offer. After your visitors have entered their name and email address into the autoresponder signup form on your squeeze page and have been directed to the thank you page, you have an opportunity to offer an item for sale.

You can of course just have a simple thank you page for the visitor to land on. Or you can have a page that thanks the visitor for the sign up and at the same time offers them a reward for parting with their email address.

The reward

This reward is in the form of a substantially reduced item that they are now able to buy from you. This could be a product that you are selling for a much higher amount on your website or blog. Or it could be a product that by virtue of its low price appears to be much reduced.

One important component to this deal is that the visitor is only able to receive this deal at this moment in time and because he has signed up to your opt-in list. This is a one time offer, never to be repeated again. And this message needs to be relayed to the visitor.

The sales page

What this means is that the page that your visitor is being directed to is a straight forward sales page. You can build a page just for this one time offer or you can rework a page of a product that you are already selling somewhere else. Do make sure that you are indeed offering a better deal than can be obtained anywhere else.

Do not skimp on the copy though. Create a relevant headline, a good sub headline and list the benefits of the product. Add in your scarcity marketing point to push the visitor into making a quick buying decision.

What offers are suitable

There are any number of products that may be offered. It is advisable though to try and keep the product within your niche. If you are selling diet products then offer a product that complements this. The more related the better chance you will have to sell it.

Your visitor should be pleased that this offer is being made. Don’t surprise him with something that is totally unrelated.

In general though, provided the product is on topic, you have the freedom to offer anything from software to eBooks, reports, white papers or video tutorials. You may offer one of your own products or a suitable affiliate product.

Whatever the product make sure it is a very good deal. Try and keep the price below $10 so that it becomes an affordable purchase and something your opt-in visitor will not hesitate too long in committing to purchasing.

You may find that offering a one time only offer will bring in some reward for all the hard work you have put into your opt-in list building activity. This also, may help you to continue to your primary goal of building your list of happy subscribers.

Have You Already Offering an OTO? Would you mind to subscribe to my site or feed?

Btw, there is no OTO if you subscribe to my list, just the reward for you.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How To Make The Word “Free” Sell For You In Autopilot

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The online world has a concept that "free" it is the only way to go online. This makes one wonder,  why would the price tag of $0.00 be so powerful?

Then should you give something for free? If you are new in the IM business then the answer should be a big "Yes". You will need to giveaway something. This may be a reward for people that sign up to your opt-in list or to create an awareness of  your online business and this word "FREE" help you to sell yourself or your product or service that you offer.

Use it to not only build an opt-in list but also to spread your name and reputation. Pick and choose bits of your best stuff that you have written. Add some graphics and convert into a PDF for easy distribution.

A free guide or info book will get people to talk about you, build your credibility and on the whole spread good vibes about you.

Why then the internet love a ‘free’ economy?  The main reason for this is because you as an internet marketer have no credibility yet. You have no history of delivering good products. You are an unknown guy but of course not for long if you continue working hard.

How are people going to know whether the content you produce is worth paying for if you are a totally unknown guy? They don’t. They have no basis against which they can judge you as they have seen nothing at all of yours besides a few articles on a blog or an online presence in social media.

How does the customer judge whether spending their money is the right move? With great difficulty.

Why then you require something to be given away for free? You would if there is other competing material available for free. This is what is happening to the online media. Newspapers are not able to sell subscriptions to their content because there is so much competing information available.

Why pay if there is all of it there for you to tap into at no cost to yourself? Wouldn’t make sense to anybody to pay for something that they can arrange to have delivered to their RSS reader for free.

What about other online marketers? Do they face the same situation? Only if they are a totally unknown people. Then they need to offer their product for free. This is because they need to build credibility. But this does not mean you can not monetize your free product, that is why having some affiliate links can help to earn some money even if you give away some ebook for free.

There are internet marketers who sell their books, courses, online content for a fortune. They sell it at close on a thousand dollars or for some quite substantial subscription per month. How do they manage to do this? Really easily. They have built credibility and have become an authority in their field.

This takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Only the internet marketer who believes in fake promises of instant wealth thinks he is able to sell an eBook for tons of  money without establishing his authority first.

You need to build your business. As in the real world, you have to earn your reputation and prove that your products are worth buying. Without this, you might as well give away your products for free. Nobody is going to buy them, even huge brands when they have a new product they give away samples.

So, if the big boys need to do this offline or online then what make you think  a new product can be sold by an unknown guy?

The best way to sell it is to use the word FREE in order to build your reputation. But bear in mind you have to give away something really valuable to be recognized and increase your chances to be able to sell anything for big bucks.

Are you already giving away something for FREE?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Top Commentator Link Love – September 2009

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Last month have been very busy for me and this blog suffer the consequences, lack of updates as many of you already noticed. But this seems finally over, I will be able to update more often than September.

Many of you don´t know I have another online activity that actually was the one that keep me from updating and doing my online biz. I am an online Tutor in some classes in a local college, the problem I got into were that I accept it to create 100 math exercises for the college so they could use it as a data base for online exams, but actually there were 400 exercises I needed to create since 100 are for the correct answer and and I needed to make another 3 wrong answers for each of the 100 exercises, but they need to be actual common mistakes so I needed to really solve those 300 exercises plus the normal creation of exercises for my other classes, this was insane I barely finish on time.

Last Friday was the due date, so now I have time to update and keep up with everything I left aside during this time.

Why I accept it? You may ask, well they offer me $300 dlls, so I did not thought about it, I just had those $300 dlls in mind until I began and see that was a terrible mistake, I will never do that for maoney or any other reason. I just want it to let all of you know what happened.

My monthly award for the Top Commentator of September 2009 come a litle late but better now than never.  If you are new here then you should know that I reward my Top Commentator with a 125×125 banner ad on my MBR dot Com Sponsors right side bar widget for 1 full month for FREE and of course a link love in this post. It will be one like this every month after the Top Commentator widget resets.

I also reward any of my commentator with commentluv, you can leave me a comment and get a reward even if you do not win this Top Commentator Award

This September brought us a new winner of the Top Commentator monthly prize.

Without further ado lets talk about the NEW winner and Whom won for the first time the header ad spot for 1 full month.

If you reach the 20 comment mark you also will get a banner ad spot, it is a 468×60 ad space in the header for 1 full month Free. This will have maximum exposure, since is the first thing a visitor will see when landing in my home page.

 The very first Top Commentator of The Month of September 2009 is this new commentator winner:

earn money writing

Congratulations. Please join me to congratulate the efforts of this NEW Top Commentator tah also won for the first time the 20 comments or more prize.

Earn Money I need to know the code for the 468×60 ad and another for the 125 ad, just contact me

Thanks Earn Money Writing!

Also I want to thank to this fine people for coming to comment in my blog.

Thank you to all for supporting me.

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To your Success,

Luis Torres


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