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Are You Following Blogging Etiquette?

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First, what the heck is Blogging Etiquette? I have found too many different Ideas in the blogosphere and some are opposing in using any Blog Etiquette, while others like academics do not ever do anything without following the "Rules".

What Rules?

Chris Brogan put this simple rules:

  • If you’re blogging about someone else, link to them. It only takes a moment, and it’s how the Web was made to work.
  • If you read a great blog post, and don’t have time to comment, consider passing it along simply, using StumbleUpon, Delicious, Google Reader Shared Items, or Friendfeed, to name a few.
  • If you have time to comment, try to do better than “Great post.” If you can, add a few thoughts of your own, or recommend something the author didn’t cover.
  • If you leave a comment, in the name section, don’t put all kinds of attempted search words. Most blogs’ comment sections don’t get picked up by Google, so it just comes off seeming like you’re trying to game search.
  • It’s okay to comment about a post you wrote, and to leave a link, if it’s relevant. Just leaving a link to some random post you did- not so much.

If you want to read the full article you better check him out, I don´t want to break any Blogging Etiquette. (You see the link in his own name, guess I am safe, I haven´t forget to link).

Some others like Zona Marie Tan have a lot more to say, but seems they all agree about the basics like this line she wrote:

Be creative, don’t steal other people’s content. Just because you don’t have anything to write to maintain your blog, does not give you the right to copy and paste other people’s work onto yours.

Oh! Oh!, may I have already infringe this rule posting this little fraction of her post? I hope not, I am linking to her post, in case you haven´t notice the link is in "don’t steal other people’s content" wording, so if you want to read the whole article you better go over there and avoid me to break any  Blogging Etiquette, I will not dare to publish any more content in here from her unless she told me so of course.

But there others that goes the other way around like James McGovern that seems does not like much the Etiquettes, he thinks it is more important to have a dialog with the readers, which I agree, but still not pretty sure about everything. Anyway here it is a tiny fraction of what he thinks:

Lots of bloggers have commented on etiquette. I am of the opinion that it is all hogwash. Etiquette is important but communication no matter how insightful (or inciteful) is more important. With this thought in mind, today’s blog entry is all about better ways to ignore etiquette…The one pattern that has I have noted in the folks who have blogged on this topic is that not a single one of them is an IT professional. In fact, the vast majority of folk who complain on this topic tend to be from academia. Violation of etiquette seems to be associated with us average folk not sucking up to them.

I do not worry too much with him about breaking any rules by publishing a fragment of his post, anyway he seems not caring about Etiquette, but still I gave his link so you can go and read his entire post, I do not like to plagiarize more than enough.

What I Believe.

I am sure even you have your own rules about blogging activities. My rules are basic and simple this is what I believe:

Reciprocity. This is about every activity in blogging such as:

  • Commenting. Returning the favor as soon as possible (I may take sometime to do this since there are a lot of places to comment, but do not despair, I will check your site and comment in your blog, not spamming, Boy Scout Promise). By the way, try not to spamming me, please. I do moderate but only the first time when you are new in my community and if you leave a link in the comment section too. After approval you do not need to wait. Try to leave a comment that could be valuable to the general community, not just something like "love it" and that´s it, at least read the first sentence of the post and maybe the last ones so you may know what is all about.
  • Subscribing to blogs that have already subscribe to mine, provided they are not in any illicit or porn related activities.
  • Following at Twitter. I currently reach the limit to follow any more people but I am unfollowing the people that have not return the favor in order to follow my new followers, so If you follow me and I have not return the favor just leave me a comment and I will unfollow more people until I reach a ratio of approximately 1:1, but be sure I will follow you back.
  • Tecnorati Faves I am also participating in another Fave Exchange you may join if you like.
  • StumbleUpon Just tell me and I will be glad to exchange Stumbles.

I guess you got my point, I am in anything that can be beneficial for you and for the blogosphere community. If you want to reciprocate anything else just leave a comment or if you are too shy, no problem contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Socialize. This is basic to build a community and a business around your blog, if you do not interact with others then they will not trust you or care about any promotion you want to put in front of them, like I just got Alvin´s Atomic Blogging tutorial guide from a blogger friend Peter Lee´s link and the reason I got it from him it is mainly because I know him and he had socialized with me before he even post about that promotion (Ben sorry he won, but know I will need to buy your ebook when you put it live), so you see it finally had paid off for him.

Zig Ziglar had said that:

People do not buy based in what they see

People do not buy based in what they want

People do not buy based in what they need

People do buy based in what they Trust.

And that is the Etiquette I really follow, those may be pretty basic but they could make a whole lot of a difference in your business or blog.

What´s the Etiquette Rules that you follow? Have any? in the first place, if yes what is it?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres




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T3leads Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program That Works

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T3leads is a PPL Network which means Pay  Per Lead, this is not like the PPC (Pay Per Click) networks that will pay you just for clicking in your ads, but this kind of networks (PPL) pays you more than PPC networks, mainly because they pay you until the lead you send them do some action and then you will have your earnings.

Benefits By Working With T3leads PPL Network

As I stated above you will get a higher payout, instead of cents or few dollars for a click in the PPC networks and also look what they say:

T3leads does not resell generated leads. Our affiliate program directly cooperates with a large network of banks and other financial institutions. We sell generated leads through a unique auction system that allows our affiliates to make maximum profits. We pay for each customer sent to us when they respond to your offers for qualified products and services.

Make Money Online with T3leads

When you sign up with T3leads affiliate program for free they will verify  you by asking for your phone number or cell phone, you may ask for an sms if you will prefer, just be sure to give your real information or you will not be able to sign since they will send/phone you with an automate message/sms with a pin code that you will need to enter after the signup.

When entering to your account they will ask you to verify your account and choose what type of verification you want to get your pin code. After doing that, answer your phone or check for an sms into your cel. Now just enter the pin code and verify your account, you just become a succesful affiliate of T3leads.

We provide our affiliates with an arsenal of promo tools that are constantly being refreshed by our creative team for maximum performance. You can work with both public web sites, and private web sites own by you.

One good tip to follow is, check his FAQ´s and T&C´s  sections and avoid termination, If you already got some earnings, you will lose them, better comply with their terms.

When I Got Paid and Which is the Minimum Payout

You will be paid every 15 days. To send a payment request you’ll need your PIN code, please do not lose it.

Minimum payable amount is $100 US dollars. ( Same as most PPC networks).

They have the following methods of payment:

  • WebMoney;
  • Fethard;
  • ePassporte;
  • Wire transfer;
  • Check;
  • PayPal;
  • E-gold.

They have sites like this one http://debtcreditquote.com/?affid=6823 already have your affiliate code in it, this site a lot of people may need it with the current recession, its about Debt Consolidation, I may need to give it a try myself.

They have a lot more like that one. If a very in debt guy (like me) come to that site and actually consolidate his debt then you may have a BIG payday from your affiliate efforts.

I guess you already got my point, its not limit, just send traffic over any of their sites and also to the signup page for affiliate members to sign-in.

T3leads actually guarantee you the highest conversion rates in the industry – ranging from 1:6 to 1:9.

Important Warning:

Bear this in mind when you do your affiliate efforts, try to target the following:

We work only with US traffic. Traffic from other countries will be sent back to affiliate’s website. You are able to indicate this website in "Profile/Rejected Url” section.

My Final Take

This site seems to be a very good alternative to your other money making advertising. Earn from promoting the different sites as well as get more affiliates singning up using your link at the Payday loans affiliate program


To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Top Commentator Link Love – February 2009

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 Top Commentator Trophy from Make Money Online at Marketing Business Review

Beginning in March I will reward my readers and commentators that had left some good and valuable comments and supported me the whole month.

The reward will be a 125×125 banner ad on my MBR dot Com Sponsors right side bar widget for 1 full month for FREE and of course a link love in this post. It will be one like this every month after the Top Commentator widget resets.

I took this Idea from Work From Home Business Blog by  Peter Lee in The Easiest Way To Get Backlinks Starts Here post.

I also reward any of my commentator with commentluv, you can leave me a comment and get a reward even if you do not win this Top Commentator Award. If you comment I will comment back, if you don´t have the Top Commentator widget I will return the favor anyway but If you do Have it, I will susbcribe to your feed by email to know when you have updated your blog with new content to read. I will not spam you and I expect the same from you.

If you reach the 20 comment mark you also will get a banner ad spot in my new theme to come, that will have a 468×60 ad space in the header for 1 full month Free. This will have maximum exposure, since is the first thing a visitor will see when landing in my home page.

The very first Top Commentator of The Month of February (even that I haven´t say I will do this) goes to:

Peter Lee´s Work From Home Business Blog

He really deserve this, since he gave me the Idea that may benefit you, If you win this reward too.

He were coming to leave his valuable comments helping to support this site. He have some awesome informaion on link building that I am actually following with some twists, but the general idea came from him. So actually I got more benefits from Peter than the reward I am giving to him.

Thanks Peter!

Now it is your turn Peter to contact me to get your Reward.

And still following some of his advices in Peter´s Blog, I will reward the rest of my commentators with some link love.

Thank you to all for supporting me.

My new theme should be ready before this month ends, I look forward to hear from you in this blog with your kind and insightful comments, Thank You!

For more updates about how to improve your ways to make money online feel free to subscribe to my Full Feed

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Increase Your Traffic From Technorati Favorite Exchange

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This is a Technorati Fave Exchange Program adapted from DoshDosh. I found it useful so I decided to run my own as well. Let’s make our way into the Top 100 Most Favourited Blogs together.

It has since been recognized as a good way for bloggers to increase not only a wider reader base but also provide greater exposure for their blogs.

Technorati Favorites Exchange Program-The Concept

The original intention of Dosh Dosh was to break into the Top 100 Most Favorited List, which seems like a task a lot easier to achieve than Technorati’s Top 100 Most Linked To blogs.By the way, Dosh Dosh achieved that and you can read up his ‘Final Traffic Report and Analysis‘. As of today this list consists of just over 300 blogs.

Some Bloggers are lazy and I know some of them will not do the list, but you will still have the benefit of having more fans who will favorite your blog in Technorati that will bring you more traffic.

Technorati Favorites Exchange Program- A Vote That Counts for Life

Unlike Technorati Authority which is calculated based on the increasing number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months, your Technorati Favorites Votes remain with you as long as you maintained your blog with Technorati.

What are the benefits of being favorited?

  • It provides recognition of your blog’s popularity and will benefit you in your advertising, your  blog monetization efforts and generally any online business opportunities. You still need to do your effort and need to have quality content and an overall blog that appeals to the new visitors.
  • It leads to increased blog readership. You are more likely to receive visitors from Technorati if you are listed in the Top 100 most favorited list. Needless to say this also translates to more feed subscribers provided of course that your blog has good quality contents.

Any wrong in doing this Favorite Exchange

This is ‘reciprocal favoriting’ it’s not violating Technorati’s Terms of Service, so this is totally legitimate.

Here is How to participate:

  1. Participate by Exchanging Favorites
    Favorite my blog on Technorati by clicking Add Fav button below or clicking here. And then leave your username and link for your blog as a comment here.  I suggest to make something like this “http://technorati.com/faves?sub=addfavbtn&add=http://www.marketing-business-review.com”. Please leave 1 blog only for 1 username.
  2. Add to Technorati Favorites

  3. Link to my post here with your entry on Technorati Favorites Exchange
    This is only for those bloggers who are interested in holding Technorati exchanges on their blog as mentioned in Step 1. These are the steps you need to take:
  • Create a post on your blog stating that you are running a Technorati favorites exchange program. Then include a link to this post to indicate that there is a similar exchange going on at Marketing Business Review. You choose the anchor text.
  • I will Link Back to You. Once I’ve noticed the link via trackback or Technorati, I’ll link back at your Tecnorati Favorite Exchange Post and include a link to your post on Technorati Favorites Exchange List so readers here can visit your blog to participate if they want to. Links will usually be put up really fast but if you didn’t see your link up after a day or two, please feel free to leave a comment here and I will see to it asap. By linking here, you’ll send your readers to participate in this experiment and when I link back to you, the readers of Marketing Business Review can visit your blog to trade favorites with you as well.

My Technorati nickname is lutor97tech and I will favorite all the links as soon as possible. I will put a short comment to confirm this so do return back to this post to make sure you got your link.

List of Other Blogs with SImilar Technorati Favorites Exchanges Programs:

  1. Peter Lee´s Work From Home Business Blog
  2. Your Blog Here!

Now it is after you! Leave a comment with your link to fave you and the link to your post linking to me.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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