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How To Get Targeted Followers On Twitter

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How To Get Targeted Followers on Twitter

Getting targeted followers on Twitter is actually easier than you think. If you are someone who patronises Twitter and tweets often, then your job is already half done. Here are a few techniques that will guide you to achieving your goal of collecting as much followers as you want on Twitter.

1. Be Identified For A Thing- Whether it is blogging, internet marketing, geeky stuffs, humour etc : what ever it is that truelly catches your passion, tweet about it. Be known for what you know. People who are interested in thesame subject will follow you and maybe even put you on their list which will recommend you even more as an authority on that subject. I’m yet to find someone who does not know how to do any thing, therefore, what you know is what you should tweet about.

Follow your Mentors- It is quite unlikely that your mentors are without followers as they are often celebrities. This means that they have thousands upon thousands of followers or probably even millions. So part of the essence of following your mentors is to learn how they tweet their stuffs. I would recommend that you take things to the next level by improving upon it, add something extra (whatever it may be). Your reward would be that you will start to attract thesame loyal followers like them. My advise is that it will take a lot of patience as thousands won’t jump on your ship overnight.

Follow People Who Follow Back- The advice that you should follow people who will definitely follow you back cannot be over emphasised. In fact, it is probably the most effective way of amassing followers. The problem is where do you find these kind of people, and if they are following back are they tweeting on thesame subject as you? Remember, our aim is to target a specific kind of followers and not just anybody who follows back. This is where the various Twitter directories comes in: i.e. Twellow.com, Friendorfollow.com, Twitaholic.com, etc.
These directories make it easy to find a specific kind of follower as everyone has been organised or grouped according to interests, subjects, regions etc. So if you are looking for targeted followers, you job is already half-done for you if you visit these directories.

Buy Twitter Followers- These may sound weird to some people who are not yet aware that this is possible. Literally, it may not be possible yet but you can pay people who offer this kind of service to do all the work for you, especially, if you are a very busy person. How this businesses work is that you pay for a specific amount of followers e.g 1000, 2000, 10000,etc. You then specify the kind of followers that you would want them to be by filling a form on their web page, and then, followers are gradually added to your profile until your specified number is reached. All of which is usually done within a specific time target.

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