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Make Money Online with VoIP Conferencing Software named HotConference

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This review it is about a software wich name is HotConference, and is truly a one of a kind opportunity to make money online with his affiliate program. The owner of this site is Joel Therien a canadian guy, but now its moving into San Antonio Texas due his business. The Software reaches all corners of the Online and Offline community, this program is made to sell in large numbers. HotConference is a feature-rich application that makes your conferencing experience productive, satisfying, and rewarding.

HotConference is a tool that uses VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, a revolutionary technological innovation that makes it possible to use an Internet connection to talk to anyone, anywhere even overseas. You may think of this software as the Skype but for Conferencing. This will change the way you think about and pay for long-distance phone service.

HotConference has a built in audio, text chat, webcam, browser, whiteboard and a co-browsing feature that lets you browse web pages with your attendees. The instant messaging feature allows private one-on-one communication for private discussions.

Screen Shot of my Own Actual Conference Room

Use it to enhance your business and increase your bottom file by reducing travel costs and eliminate long-distance charges and also:

  • Automate your support for your client base by using the software
  • Run a variety of daily live seminars covering topics of your choice to an audience in real-time, audio and video
  • Customer support/service
  • Live presales
  • Promotions or fire sales
  • Live chat room: ability for your customers to network
  • No more long distance charges

There are 5 ways that you can make money online from joining HotConference:

  1. Use the software to enhance your existing web presence, increase customer sales and increase customer retention.
  2. Refer the software and earn up to 25% per month, every month for each of those sales, so, with only 4 referrals the software its Free for you.
  3. Private label your software and resell the rooms.
  4. If you know someone or a company who would like to private label the software, and you refer them to HotConference. You would collect a 5% commission on all of their sales.
  5. HotConference offer the possibilty to insert banners on the software interface. Sell this advertising space to make profits too.

Affiliate Program

The total company payout to the affiliates is over 90%. They say this high percentage is to incentivate us to promote HotConference. I guess they have to say that, but still a very good deal for you, and me.

They use a 4 X 10 forced matrix plan, you get 25% commission on your first level, and 5% for the next 9 levels. And you also get a 20% bonus on every direct referral for levels 2 all the way to 10.

Forced matrix means it will create spill over. Let’s say that your sponsor filled his first level and you are in his front line. If he signs up another member, that new member goes down his line to fill his other levels. That means that your sponsor is filling your levels for you, he will be glad to give you signup members since he will earn a total of 25% on those sales. He will gets 5% for the second level signup, plus a 20% bonus for the direct referral.

This plan has a very good potential since you can easily have a matrix that puts out 25% first level commissions and 25% commissions the rest of the way down. And, the forced matrix makes sure that everyone involved has the chance to build a downline.

The room cost is $44.99 US dollards per month for 1 single room, if you do the math, with a 25% of comission and if you fill the whole 10 level of the matrix you can end-up earning above $2,000,000.00 , yeah its 2 million dollards every month. Of course its not an easy task, a more reasonable amount in a lot less time with less effort could be a steady $5k to 8k per month that is just after the fifth level.

This could be an steadier income than just been an affiliate and rely only in the commision sales unless it is a membership site like HotConference.

You can find all the features of the conferencing room like the administration panel and the conference software interface just follow the link. You can actually start with only $1.00 dlls by visiting HotConference clicking in this link.

If you do have a network marketing business this deal its perfect to inform, train or giving your downline a whole different experience live and free, since they do not have to make any long distance calls and they even can signup under you so they can do the same with their own downline, its a win-win situation, no matter where you look at.

If you have any question or like or dislike any of this information please leave a comment and I´ll be glad to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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