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How To Design An Opt-in Page Using This 10 Tips And Start Making Money Online

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List Building TipsMost of us knows that having a list should be your number 1 priority to make money online, remember that the money is in the list. All the big "Gurus" knows this and that´s why they always do everything they can to capture your name and email. But to get the most out of your optin form, you will need to build it the right way to optimize the capture of subscribers.

Right here there are 10 Tips to know How To Design an Optimized Opt-in Page to capture many subscribers:

1 – Always place your opt-in form above the fold. This because the easier for your visitor to find the box the more chances you got to gain a new subscriber. Don’t make your visitors to scroll down to find the box.

2- Use the natural way that people read to your own advantage. To do this you just have to put the opt-in form in the upper right side of the screen (Btw, have you notice what´s on my upper right side of the screen, oh and above the fold? ooops, my subscription form! Feel free to sign in, to the Feed or get the free ebook and get in the list, really appreciate that, Thanks 🙂 ). People in the western world read from left to right. So the eye will automatically follow that path (Hope you follow it too).

3- Don’t forget to include a strong headline with a really valuable benefit for signing up. Nobody will give away their private contact details to you for some small perceived benefit. They really need to feel that the benefit is far more valuable than the risk of giving You their contact information.

4- Always use the word FREE. I had said this before, the word "FREE" in this online world is the best selling weapon you can have to get anything and is the one that gets the knee-jerk reaction from your visitors. It is the magic word like "open sesame" that opens the closed fist and pushes your online visitor towards giving you their contact details (Hope it does with you : ) ).

5- Don’t be cheap. Offer a valuable free incentive for subscribing. Even though you might get some people to subscribe for no reason, still some others that will want something really valuable and not just a single report, right now besides the ebook I am giving away, you get an email with a white hat tactic to get your keywords into the 1st page of Google, this tips may not be for everyone, you need to be very cautious but I know it works, you only will need to search for the right keywords you want to  target.The only you need to do to get it, is to subscribe.

6- On your opt-in page have an attractive graphic of your free Gift. People are visual beings. A picture is far more persuasive than hundreds of words.

7- Create a list to show the benefits you are offering to your opt-in list. You are offering a free incentive but over and above this you would like to provide them with other ongoing benefits such as advice on a particular topic (This applies more to a whole opt in page than a form in a blog, but to translate that into a blog, just use 2 or 3 reasons why to subscribe). You want to be able to have a reason why you are mailing with information and product offers.

8- Don’t confuse your visitors with too many points, stories and offers. Your main purpose is to entice them to give their contact details. Have one message for this. Don’t try to do too many things at the same time. You might just end up confusing rather than persuading. We all need to be like salesmen, actually we all are selling something rather is a product or an idea or service, even when you try to persuade your son to turn off the TV and got to bed, you are actually selling him the idea (personally, I think it is a lot easier to make sales online with total extrangers than to convince my son to not yelling when I turn off the TV).

9- Don’t be too forward. Just ask for the name or even just the email address. The less information you request, the higher your conversion. People are very cautious when it comes to giving their valuable private information. Think of what you would do yourself. I can bet you would hesitate to give too much information about yourself when considering an opt-in.

10- Display a privacy statement or link to one on your site.
It’s important to offer an assurance to your visitors that their information details will not be given to third parties and that they will not find themselves being flooded with spam from unknown sources.

Working to build an opt-in list is the main purpose of every internet marketer!

Are you already building one? Or did you have already one?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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