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3 Tips To Create Awesome Headlines That Sell

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To capture attention of your prospects or readers you have very few seconds (about 7 seconds), if you fail to capture their interest then you will lose them forever, they just will click away faster than it took them to land into your site, since they were new on your site they will not remember your site, so there is not a chance they may come back. One, if not the best and most powerful tool to accomplish this task (capture reader/prospect attention) is your Headline.  There are several key points to work it out an awesome and selling headline and this next 3 tips will help you to do the job. 

1 Hit Your Reader´s/Prospect´s Emotions

Psychologists knows that most of our buying decisions are based on our emotions.  Zig Ziglar also said, "Prospects don´t buy based on what they see, not even based on what they like nor what they need, They Buy Based in What They Trust". To make them buy "You" and trust you and your headline that will lead them to read your article or buy your product, you will need to use headlines which gives your readers a strong emotional benefit or reaction.  Some common emotions are:

Emotions you can hit into are a desire to feel:

  1. Attractive
  2. Sexy
  3. Assertive
  4. Confident
  5. Energetic
  6. Pampered
  7. A sense of belonging
  8. In control of their own destiny
  9. Wealthy
  10. Proud
  11. Respected
  12. Safe

2 Put Them On Command of Their Actions

  it’s really important to use active language – language that shows action and commands attention.

For instance, “Stop Online Burglars To Steal Affiliate Commissions", is a great headline, however it doesn’t command action nor does it really hit into any emotions.  However, “Control How Many Affiliate Commissions You Made By Stopping Online Burglars" Control is an active and emotionally powerful word.  Readers get the benefit of feeling powerful and safe and it commands action.

3 Let Your Readers What´s In It For Them

The word "YOU" is a real powerful word.  It allows your readers feel as if you are talking to them, it made them feel you are there talking face to face, increasing your chances to made them trust "You" and they will feel you are genuinely interested in solving their problems and helping them achieve their desires.  Instead of using I, Me or We in your headlines, use You.  Using the headline example above compare the two options:

"Control How Many Affiliate Commissions You Made By Stopping Online Burglars"
"Control How Many Affiliate Commissions Can Be Made By Stopping Online Burglars"

People want to know what’s in it for them as John Chow had said many times, and when they can read that information in the headline, they’re going to be attracted by it and will continue reading your copy or article and increase your chances of making a sale or win a new reader in your blog.

  3 more ideas for awesome headlines:

  • Make a promise – Earn $1000 a day (be sure not to say something unobtainable)
  • Make it newsworthy – New program guarantees you’ll earn $1000 a day. 
  • Ask a question – Do you want to ensure your financial future? 

3 Easy Steps to Write Headlines That Sells

Well now you get some ideas about what kind of headlines sell, how do you begin to write those awesome headlines?

  • Step 1You need to know your readers or prospects intimately. What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems?  Understanding your readers/prospects will help you create an emotional and powerful headline targeted specifically at your readers/prospects.
  • Step 2Find how your products, services or articles are going to make your readers/prospects’ lives better or solve their problems.  For instance, if you sell lose-weight products and your prospects struggles with feeling healthy then you can create a headline that highlights how healthy you will be if you lose weight.
  • Step 3Write 10 to 20, yep 20, possible headlines.  Not only will this give you practice writing great headlines, it’ll help you find that perfect headline.  And if you think you have a few winners you can always test them for conversion rates to find out which headline is more effective, similar as you may need to do with adwords campaigns. The secret of success is "Test,Test, Test".

Marketing and copywriting experts consider your headline to be the most important element of any effective marketing efforts. Just look into Newspapers Headlines, why did you think the Headline it is made with bigger fonts and also catchy words, they know you will not read if headlines are not attractive and make you wonder what it´s on the article.

This is also very important in email marketing, within this era that is full of spam and people getting more aware of it, if the subject do not inspire them trust and make them wonder why are you saying that in the subject, then they will never open that email and you can be sure it will end in the spam folder soon to be deleted, well at least is what I do with spam and you?

Take the time to make an awesome, powerful and selling headline and you will reap the benefits for years.

Did you spend some real time working out your headlines?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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