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How to Get Traffic from Expired Domains

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This method may bring you good amounts of traffic on the cheap. It can still be effective today, but there’re more “gotchas” to take into consideration, so before you buy that expired domain name let me explain why.

First let’s talk about the method itself…

Webmasters sometimes allow their domains to expire for a variety of different reasons – but what is important for you is just how much work that webmaster already did to get his site ranked in the search engines, build up incoming links, etc.

What happens is this:

Somebody just starts a site and begins getting traffic based on the keywords they’ve ranked on, the incoming link relationships they’ve built, any articles they’ve written with their domain in the byline, etc.

But if the domain is allowed to expire – and no one else take it – there’s going to be a window of time where the site is still getting traffic from those old links and listings.

The traffic that arrives via outdated links will click away unless someone takes over that domain and puts something there worthy of looking at.

But, if you take over that domain, that traffic is yours to direct as you wish.

But you have to do this:

a) You need to be fast on the draw in order to snatch up really good expired domains, and…

b) You need to put some quality content on the site, rather than just redirecting some irrelevant links.

You want to capitalize on the existing targeted traffic rather than send them clicking away again.

If you do intend to use this method for redirecting pages (to an affiliate program, for example), just make sure what you’re redirecting to is relevant and targeted.

Getting the Most of Expired Domains:

If you grab a domain with good ranking in one of the search engines, particularly Google, you might want to see if there is a cached version of the page available.

You’ll be able to take that page and analyze it to determine some of the ranking factors and possibly expand or build on them in order to maintain or even boost your search engine ranking.

BUT, you need to work as Fast as possible, and understand that the domain might lose some of its value as the search engines and other webmasters discover a brand new site has taken its place.

The ideal tactic here, is to use the domain to feed traffic into your opt-in list, and then redirect those new subscribers to your primary site once you’ve got their address.

No matter what you decide to put on one of these domains, but it’s crucial that you have lead capture in place; otherwise, you won’t be making the most of your new traffic and may loose some of it.

Looking and Buying Expired Domains:

There are software programs to do this work for you, as well as live auction sites where webmasters put their expiring domains up for sale.

Did you know you can also backorder domains?

When you backorder a domain, you’re putting yourself into the waiting list for a domain that has a pending expiration date. There’s a window of time where, unless the webmaster renews fast or has his domain ‘locked’, then the domain will be released and it will be available for you to get it.

This can be hit or miss, but when it works, you can come away with some real Free Traffic from other people efforts.

You can search for expired domains here:


This technique may not be Free to try and sometimes a Domains could be very expensive, but you may find some Domains related to your niche with the right keywords already built-it in.

This also make you to think about your own domains, you better be aware of renewing every year or somebody using this techniques may be getting your own site before you.

Did you have used this way of Traffic before? If so what are your experiences, we will be glad to here from you in the comments.

To your Success,

Luis Torres



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