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Getting Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

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There are regular sources of traffic which are simple to comply with. Among these are composing articles, making use of article directories, social networking and bookmarking and paying for advertising like pay per click.

Traffic building tricks

Here are some lesser employed tricks to promote extra traffic through to your squeeze page. Create a pop- up on your blog. Your AWeber autoresponders possess pre- written code for pop- ups. You just copy and paste this code into your wordpress blog into the Footer of your blog template.

Try a joint venture with another online marketer to market each other’s no cost gifts and drive traffic through to squeeze pages. Utilizing somebody else’s opt- in list to help drive traffic through to your sign- up page may be highly productive in terms of promptly raising your opt- in list figures.

Podcasting and webinars

Make use of multimedia to create a different however just as helpful message to entice visitors to your sign- up page. A podcast of a phone or skype interview of a famous character may produce a hype concerning the free gift being extended.

Various internet marketers invite guests to be interviewed and employ these interviews to promote their opt- in gift. A series of interviews or merely one may provide a different approach and could be most effective.

Utilize a webinar, which is an open seminar available via the web, to talk about the matter covered in your free gift and inspire listeners to contribute questions and queries that you answer.

A webinar could be effective if run by one person, however two individuals discussing a point and offering suggestions often functions even better as two people might create a further strong dynamic. More than two generally doesn’t work too well since the voices can begin getting too puzzling and individuals do not understand after some time who might be really speaking.


Video’s are being used ever more. You can create one video with your message. Or you can use some of the articles of your free gift to provide data to the viewer in a series of videos. This can be an extremely effective marketing instrument.

Utilize the videos to demonstrate some of the exciting data contained in your free gift. It will get viewers curious to see the rest of the product and entice them to your squeeze page.

Videos may be uploaded to your blog or included in your Squidoo lens. You'll be able to set up your own channel on YouTube. At the same time you'll be able to submit your videos to other video sharing sites of which there are many.

Remember to utilize your search phrases to tag your content, within captions and your headlines. These special elements may contribute up to a good amount of publicity for your free gift. When handled properly they start off appearing on search pages and eventually might end up on the front page of Google. This means that they begin to send traffic through without any extra effort on your part.

Did you have more ways to build your traffic to your squeeze page? Please share your knowledge with us.

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Luis Torres


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How To Use A One Time Offer or OTO

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One Time Offer DealOnce you have spent a fair amount of time on compiling a free gift then you can start creating a squeeze page and spent hours getting traffic to this page, after all this effort you may consider a small reward for yourself at this stage.

This would be in the form of a one time offer. After your visitors have entered their name and email address into the autoresponder signup form on your squeeze page and have been directed to the thank you page, you have an opportunity to offer an item for sale.

You can of course just have a simple thank you page for the visitor to land on. Or you can have a page that thanks the visitor for the sign up and at the same time offers them a reward for parting with their email address.

The reward

This reward is in the form of a substantially reduced item that they are now able to buy from you. This could be a product that you are selling for a much higher amount on your website or blog. Or it could be a product that by virtue of its low price appears to be much reduced.

One important component to this deal is that the visitor is only able to receive this deal at this moment in time and because he has signed up to your opt-in list. This is a one time offer, never to be repeated again. And this message needs to be relayed to the visitor.

The sales page

What this means is that the page that your visitor is being directed to is a straight forward sales page. You can build a page just for this one time offer or you can rework a page of a product that you are already selling somewhere else. Do make sure that you are indeed offering a better deal than can be obtained anywhere else.

Do not skimp on the copy though. Create a relevant headline, a good sub headline and list the benefits of the product. Add in your scarcity marketing point to push the visitor into making a quick buying decision.

What offers are suitable

There are any number of products that may be offered. It is advisable though to try and keep the product within your niche. If you are selling diet products then offer a product that complements this. The more related the better chance you will have to sell it.

Your visitor should be pleased that this offer is being made. Don’t surprise him with something that is totally unrelated.

In general though, provided the product is on topic, you have the freedom to offer anything from software to eBooks, reports, white papers or video tutorials. You may offer one of your own products or a suitable affiliate product.

Whatever the product make sure it is a very good deal. Try and keep the price below $10 so that it becomes an affordable purchase and something your opt-in visitor will not hesitate too long in committing to purchasing.

You may find that offering a one time only offer will bring in some reward for all the hard work you have put into your opt-in list building activity. This also, may help you to continue to your primary goal of building your list of happy subscribers.

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Luis Torres


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