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3 Tips For A Beginner Writer Who Wants To Make More Money

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Many beginner freelance writers believe that they will have to work for very low pay for quite a while before they "make it big". Wrong. If you dream of financial success with your freelance writing, you should take these three important tips for beginner writers to heart.

First, write as well as you can. Perhaps that is a no-brainer to some, but it is not something that can be ignored. Learn how to be grammatically correct in your writing style, and edit your work very carefully before submitting it. You won't get far with poorly written work. If you don't know your "theirs" from your "there's", or how to use a semi-colon, then LEARN.

Second, consider that good writing has a specific structure. You should be able to find an introduction, substance, and a conclusion. It is the job of a writer to guide your readers along, without having them lose interest in what you are saying. Capture the interest of your readers with a great introduction, present your topic clearly and concisely, and then make your conclusion in a way they will remember what you have written. Don't leave your readers hanging, but give them a desire to know more about your topic.

Third, shoot for the moon. Most online ads seem not to offer much pay for your writing. Perhaps you think that writing articles for a dollar or two each is how writers get their names "out there", or a way to practice your writing skills. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a huge danger of getting stuck in those jobs forever. All they can do is write and write and write some more to actually "make that extra cash". The problem is, they don't realize that they could be writing for clients who would pay them what they are REALLY worth.

These three tips for beginner writers like you will help you with beginning a freelance writing career that is profitable, but if you don't follow them, your writing career will not go anywhere. Your viewership won't be nearly as high as you would like, you will receive more rejections than you would like to have from publishing companies, and you won't earn the amount of cash you would desire. But if you remember these tips, your writing career will soar!

Believe that starting a freelance writing career can be both lucrative and fulfilling IF you need to know just how to locate those high paying writing jobs. Whether you want to write as a full time career or if it is merely a way you can bring in some extra, much-needed cash, learning about how tofind the lucrative writing gigs will be well worth the time spent. So for all of you starting a freelance writing career, start making more money with these tips for beginner writers today!

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