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How to Increase Your Affiliate Income By Stoping Commission Theft Easily and FREE

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The easy and fast answer about how to increase your affiliate commissions it is:

Cloaking your Affiliate Links

There are many guys out there that like to take your affiliate link and just switching it with their own or they just delete your affiliate ID to go straight to the company and not through your affiliate link, therefore all of your effort and money invested, will be going down the drain.

I don’t know what motivates these people, but maybe they do not understand that they are not actually losing anything buying from you, if they buy directly from the company they will pay the same, they just don’t want to share anything with you. But there is no problem if you just cloak your affiliate link with your ID in it.

So, instead of giving your affiliate link that may look like this:


as you see it is very easy to just delete “?=yourid” and go directly to the company and you lose your commission. A better looking and professional link will be:

1. http://www.yourowndomain.com/recommends/thecompany/ or

2. http://www.thecompany.yourowndomain.com

This helps in 2 ways, first as I already said you just stop the commission thief, since your affiliate ID is no longer showing and cannot be deleted and a second benefit of doing this is that the potential customer will think you are promoting one of your own products, since he will see your own domain in the link and not another affiliate link, this may boost your sales easily.

How to Cloak

Let me explain first of all, there is a big difference from link 1. and link 2. from above. The first one it can be obtain with a simple php code and the second one you have to create a subdomain and redirect this subdomain to your affiliate link.

To implement the first link, here are the steps to follow:

1.- You need to get into your hosting and create the folder “recommends” and inside of it “the company”, of course you can use whatever the name you want to use for your campaign, this is just an example.

2.- Go to any basic text editor such as Notepad and paste the following php code:


header( ‘Location: http://www.thecompany.com/?=yourid’ ) ;


Of course you need to replace “http://www.thecompany.com/?=yourid” with your own affiliate link. Now you need to save it as “index.php”.

3.- Now you only need to upload this file to your hosting and place it inside of the folder we create in the first step. For this example it will be inside of “thecompany” folder or whatever the name you use it.

Now you have to promote your own link:


The link above has the index.php inside of “the company” folder.

That’s it you have successfully created a better link to promote and will help to increase your affiliate income.

To implement the second link you only need to go to your own hosting and click on subdomains and simply create one, this process may vary depending on the hosting company you are using, (in my case it is HostGator ) after done this you need to go to Manage redirections and input your affiliate link and save it, thats it you just have now a subdomain redirected to your affiliate link.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing just check it out here

You can apply this cloaking affiliate tip to the system that Tom Mansell wrote about in his new FREE Report Resource Profits, read the info here.

Now you can apply it and increase your affiliate commissions. Don’t be a lazy Marketer and just cloak all of your links, you will never regret it.

Did you were cloaking your affiliate links?

I hope you Enjoy the info, please leave a comment and tell us your insight.

To your Success,
Luis Torres


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