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Mobile Phones Redefine Telemarketing And Help Diversify Services

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Telemarketing services are being compelled to operate with dwindling contact lists. It is not because the demand for products and services has declined but because a restricting legislative environment, Do-Not-Call lists, and disappearing land lines are crushing the life out of telemarketing initiatives. Even the products and services that telemarketers can sell and their approach in marketing them are being scrutinized.

There is good news though. Mobile phone marketing and text messaging is a promising development that can be exploited by telemarketing services. Just as multiple industries have done in the past, telesales industry too must widen its scope and redefine its meaning. Or it will see fate similar to the railroads that were once the leader of transportation industry but now lags behind automobiles and airways. Telecommunications consists of various ways of communications and it is important that telemarketing stays abreast with with current trends to stay relevant. Telemarketing no longer means just a conventional sales call. It also includes text messaging and mobile marketing.

Listed below is how telemarketing endeavors can be successfully enhanced by text messaging and mobile marketing:

* Ride on an expanding market: You always have two options – stick with a dying tactic and lose out or latch on to a emerging system and thrive with it. Conventional calls on land lines is fast becoming obsolete as an increasing number of people go mobile. It is imperative that telemarketers change their focus to the mobile market.

* No restrictions on contact time: Telemarketing is policed by legal guidelines that lay down time within which customers can be called. This can prove limiting and makes it hard to catch people at the appropriate time and also prepared to take a telesales call. With mobile phones, availability of prospect is no longer a challenge. Text messaging is a passive marketing approach. The text message is saved in the cell phone and can be read by the prospect at a convenient time.

* Immediate response potential: Most cell phones today are web-enabled. Customers can take immediate steps in response to a marketing message.

* Use the SMS as a coupon: Just like paper coupons are created to produce a rapid action from customers, SMSes too can contain an urgent call for action and a motivation for speedy response to it.

* Proximity marketing: In sales, nothing is more effective than catching a prospect’s attention at the right time and the right place. Proximity marketing is a technique that allows businesses to send alerts about products or services when people are well placed to act on the information. With Bluetooth and GPS, businesses can tailor contact time and message to the recipient’s location.

With the drop in classic telemarketing, there is an even greater need to outsource telesales to services that have expanded their capabilities and are acquiring new tools to spread sales and marketing messages. They have the the technology and the tools to manage text messaging proficiently and take text and mobile marketing to the next level. This is the right time for telesales companies to diversify their services. If they don’t, they will have no place in the market.

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Outsource Telemarketing Or Develop Proficiency In-House?

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Telemarketing is one of the most potent strategies used by business executives. Selecting the most effective approach in taking it from preparation to execution is critical to its success. Telesales improves visibility of a brand and jump starts the growth of new businesses in particular. It also helps garner sales and supports market studies that collect data to help businesses improve clients’ experience and relationship with them.

Businesses can maximize on telemarketing by eliminating associated issues that take away from its overall performance. To do that, executives should weigh the pros and cons of putting together an in-house telemarketing division versus hiring an external service provider. Studies indicate that contracting out telesales saves more time and money than the effort of developing expertise within the business.

Internal or third party telemarketing – what works?

Every company that is looking to add a new function to its business is faced with the alternative of developing skills in-house or hiring out. For telemarketing, the answer can be gleaned from this question – Do you need telemarketing services for areas that give your business a unique competitive advantage or for non-core competencies? If the answer is “competitive advantage”, you should build in-house skill. Otherwise, outsource.

Starting a telemarketing service should not be undertaken lightly. It demands time and money, employing and preparing personnel, installing tools, and staying up-to-date with regulations and news. Instead of expending valuable time, money and effort on areas that are not part of your core business goals you can use made-to-order solutions from external telesales companies. They work as well as in-house services (or better) and promise early ROI.

Telemarketing call center services outsourcing boosts growth

Telemarketing services can hasten the growth of businesses and the adoption of their goods and services by:

* Slashing the time to market: The time to market is a decisive aspect that enables businesses to benefit from immediate market opportunities. Be it a new business or product, outsourced telemarketing services gets the message to customers without incurring the delays due to hiring and preparing staff. Lowering time to market implies better sales and more customers for the business.

* Flexible staffing to meet demand: Many businesses see fluctuations in product orders and demand. Instead of constantly having to increasing and cutting down in-house telesales personnel to match requirements, you can outsource telemarketing services. As outsourced services cater to more than one customer, spare personnel are assigned to other projects till required again.

* Allowing organization to focus on core business goals: Product releases are accompanied by a number of issues that need management’s instant consideration. With outsourced services handling the sales, management can focus on resolving these issues without distractions.

* Providing skills and hardware support: Outsourced telemarketing services are expert organizations. They employ expert staff and use latest technology and equipment to deliver results for your business. Leveraging their resources is more economical than taking on the expenses of acquiring equipment and training staff on processes and skills.

* Maximizing ROI: With outsourced telemarketing services, businesses can control fixed expenditure and see returns quickly.

* Limiting legal liability: The telemarketing industry is governed by state and federal rules that are frequently updated and vary across states. Service companies keep staff in sync with relevant changes in rules and protect your business from potential legal hassles. For an in-house service, this is a challenging job that not only wastes a workers’ billable time but also adds no value to the core competencies of the business.

Outsourcing or in-house development is a difficult choice that confronts business people many times for a lot of reasons – reducing expenses, rapid business growth, expansion, etc. In the case of telemarketing, outsourcing clearly has great benefits.

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Lead Generation – Information & Advice

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One of the most difficult parts of business and sales is finding new leads, but by modifying your daily habits, you will find that securing leads is much easier than it seems. Most of the time, business owners encounter possible new clients throughout the day; it’s just a matter of reaching them on a professional level. Even business owners in a niche market have opportunities they never use.

Start with the basics. Use your existing customers to get your leads for you. Always ask for referrals and be ready with a business card. Offer your customers a reward for bringing new clients your way, or offer to send them business when you can. Give away items for them to display at their business, like pens or calendars. Join groups your customers belong to; you are likely to find many new leads at these group gatherings.

Use your website to capture new leads by persuading potential clients to sign up to your email list. Give an incentive like an eBook, newsletter, or a tips and information sheet. Learn blogging and keyword techniques, and start a blog, post to forums, or post informative articles with clickable links to your website. Once you establish yourself as a specialist within your industry, people will clamor to learn what you know and will sign up for your emails.

Although advertising can be expensive, it is a necessity to get your name out into the world. Consider alternate ways to get your name out there and bring in those leads, like a press release about your business; a new service you offer, an upgrade to your office, or even new employees are a good excuse to get your name in the paper. As long as it doesn’t look like an advertisement, the paper should print it.

Your local library houses a wealth of information when it comes to gathering leads. You will find public records of new businesses and new homeowners, just to name a couple. The library will also have market specific research materials that will help in your quest for leads, and you can ask the Reference Librarian for assistance.

Use the time you spend in your car to your advantage. Be on the lookout for new businesses around town and take notes. One good way to find new leads is to look for vehicles with company logos. You can find many businesses you might otherwise miss by doing this. If you are driving and can’t write, use the camera on your cell phone to photograph a logo and phone number, or a new business’s sign. When you are watching, you can find leads anywhere.

Now Try – Lead Generation

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