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Understanding Link Building And Backlinks

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When you create a website or blog usually there will be absolutely no traffic coming to your web presence. The reason behind this is people have no way to go to your website or blog unless they know the exact URL. Most webmasters and bloggers would like to be found in search engines for keywords that pertain to their presence. In most cases when you are ranking well in the major search engines you can take this traffic and earn money online with different means such as PPC publishing or affiliate marketing. The problem is most people are not sure how to rank a website well within the search engines and usually give up before they ever make a dime or get a hit. SEO is an art since the science behind it is kept so secret by all the major search engines. The webmasters and bloggers trying to rank well can only use basic knowledge never really understanding exactly why a website ranks where it does within the search engines. One important part of ranking well in search engines is understanding the importance of links.

A link or as webmasters refer to as a backlink is a URL on a website which either has text, the URL, or a picture linking to a website. You can create a link using anchor tags which are how travel is done across the web. To learn about anchor tags and any other HTML that you would enjoy using head over to w3schools.com they have an amazing amount of tutorials that will help you learn everything you need to know about tags needed to succeed with SEO. When you create a link on another website whether it be an article directory, regular directory, or other type of website rather than having a URL between the anchor tags it is much more beneficial to use anchor test. If they text is a keyword then Google will see the page which your link is on thinks your website represents a certain keyword and will rank it better within the search engines for that keyword. This means for my free-web-traffic.comuf.com which I want to rank well for the term “free web traffic” rather than placing the URL free-web-traffic.comuf.com I will use the term “free web traffic” between the anchor tags.

Now that you have an understanding of how to build links understand that not all links are created equally. The more quality links a page has the more authority within Google the page will have. This means if you build a backlink from a page with only a couple low quality links it will not help much within the search engines. You will want to build backlinks on pages with many backlinks if at all possible. If you would like to check the number of links a site or page has before link building I recommend using Yahoo’s Site Explorer. It is also easy to tell the Google authority of a website by downloading and installing Google’s toolbar and installing page rank.

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