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Advice On Using Linkbait To Get Others To Link To You

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To linkbait means to take action to specifically get other internet users to link to your website. Linkbaiting is very effective in terms of search engine optimization as you are able to increase the amount of traffic to your website and co-currently increase the number of backlinks to your website. More backlinks equals a higher search engine rank as most search engines base their ranking systems on the number of links that a website has pointing towards it.

So how do you set the bait? There are a number of ways you can create a linkbait, and those come under four main umbrellas, all of which are detailed below.

Controversy – Being controversial with your uploaded content will cause people to want to share your thoughts and opinions with others if you can offer a valid argument to a published doctrine or article. Being controversial does not mean being abusive or slanderous. To achieve success through uploading controversial material means affirming a stance or viewpoint that many of your websites viewers can appreciate and possibly relate to.

Up-to-date content – One way to generate a high number of backlinks through linkbaiting is by uploading topical, up-to-date content on recent events. If you are quick enough, and you promote your article or content well enough, then you will be able to generate a massive amount of interest, depending on the quality of the content you have produced.

Funny, cool or crazy content – Internet users seem to be obsessed with funny or weird viral videos. This kind of content has to be the most popular form of linkbaiting there is. Upload a video that contains any outstanding material and promote it well and you will be looking at a massive surge in backlinks over a short time period, almost guaranteed. The only downside being that the backlinks may not be as of high a value due to where the backlinks are posted.

Well written text – A well structured, well written article will always encourage a decent number of backlinks if promoted adequately. This is one of the more obvious ways as if somebody enjoys reading content, then the chances are that they will want to pass the content on to other people via a backlink.

Successful linkbaiting is all about innovation in content. With the increase in popularity of social networking sites and blogs, linkbaiting has become easier to accomplish and more productive, though without innovation, you will always be in second place.

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