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Getting A Recent Site Listed In The Technorati Register

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First, I used to suppose that pinging Technorati works. Don’t bother, they do not take into account pings now! You may as well remove the ping from your site and save the processing time. So what do you do? Here are the methods we have used to hastily get a ranking.

1. Go technorati.com and sign up for an account. Simple. You will have to confirm it as customary by clicking an email link, but in general, nothing clever!

2. Find the claim a website button. Follow the form for directions here – enter your weblog URL and press next, then type in the details you find. Don’t submit it merely yet!

If you don’t know your RSS feed address, it should be shown on your site somewhere. Merely right click and then copy link location to copy it and paste it where it is requested. If it isn’t displayed somewhere, you are omitted a trick!

3. One of the optional fields is for blogs linking back to you. If you have been using FTS or article directories, then you should have some of these. Go to Yahoo and search link:www.yourblog.com and find a few web-sites linking back to you (forget Google, unless you have stacks of links). Copy and paste three of these into the form. I have no idea if it really helps, but the question is there, so in case it does…

4. believe up a few suitable tags and enter them, plus select the three categories that match your weblog the best. Now, check the details and press submit.

Now, they will email you a claim code that you have to put into your website. This seems to be the biggest sticking point for getting listed – positioning this claim token. The problem is here that Technorati seems to do a double check.

First, they spider the website to check the claim token exists and second they look for it in your RSS feed. The second makes sense, as I will explain in a moment. But why then do the first? If both checks used the RSS feed then an error message might be generated. I think that this is the reason that numerous claims are failing and why a lot of sites are not getting listed. Let me explain more!

The reason to use the RSS feed rather than merely spidering the website is because anyone might place a comment in a site, which can include the claim token. You have to be able to update the posts to be able to get it onto the RSS feed.

So what causes the claim problem? Well, a lot of bloggers set the RSS feed to only display a summary, rather than the full post. If the claim token is too far down the post, then it won’t be read by Technorati. Therefore, your website doesn’t get listed properly.

So, when you receive your claim token, create a new post and put the token in the first sentence. I would recommend within the first 30 words at the most. Also, (in WordPress), go to settings, reading and make sure that the RSS feed is giving the entire post. A belt and braces job, but better to ensure. Once you start to see a Authority appearing, you could reset your feed to summary only if you prefer.

After that, you should be ready to get listed. You just have to get other bloggers to mention you in their posts!

Guest post written by Keith Lunt of Work At Home Ideas. If you want to know more about home working schemes, call in!

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