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Ranking For Long Tailed Keywords

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The term long tailed keywords have become much more popular as the web becomes extremely over populated. It is a term which describes trying to rank for longer keyword terms which have not been saturated by websites, but still have enough traffic to make money. For those wanting to learn how to make money online it is important to learn about long tailed keywords since they are very easy to rank well for much quicker than high traffic keywords. The problem with long tailed keywords is finding ones which have enough traffic to help with earning an income. The majority of SEO techniques will apply to long tailed keywords such as putting the keyword on the page and building links for the keyword. The nice thing about ranking for long tailed keywords is even though the majority of regular SEO techniques apply they do not need to be used as extensively to provide results. In other words you need to do much less to see excellent placement.

Now even though I advocate for long tailed keywords they should not be your sole online business campaign. You should attempt to find some high traffic keywords which you can rank well for over time. For example if you are in the make money online niche they keywords “make money online” should be in your sights. It takes a long time to rank for these words (around 1-2 years) so add a keyword such as “how to make money online free” which has much less traffic meaning there will be far fewer competitors. Research will be what determines the successfulness of a long tailed keyword SEO campaign so make sure to take the time needed to learn everything you can about the keyword. First search Google for “google keyword adwords tool” this will bring up a tool that allows you to input keywords and will bring up the monthly search volume. When using this tool I have found it is most accurate when you put the match type to exact rather than broad.

After finding how much traffic is coming to the term next it will be a good idea to check out your competition. To do this first type in the keyword into Google and look at the top ten sites (since this is where you want your site to be). Check to see what ranks well for the term whether it be blogs, websites, squidoo, articles, or static websites. If you see an abundance of one type of website then creating that type would be the best. It is important to see what the Google page rank is for each of the websites this will tell you the amount of effort the webmasters are putting into their websites. The final test you should do on these websites is going to yahoo site explorer and typing in their URL this will bring up the size of the site as well as the number of incoming links. The incoming links is usually the determining factor when Google places a website in the SERPs if the term has 10k+ backlinks then it will probably not be the best term to go after.

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