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Can One Company Provide A Comproehensive Plan For Internet Marketing?

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Running an adwords campaign is a complex multi-tasked challenge, which can be well nigh impossible for the buisinessman who is already faced with the day to day problems of running his business. If the owner searches on line to find someone to manage his online marketing plan then he runs into another problem. Not only is adword managing expensive, relative to the potential gain, but putting on a good campaing frequently necessitates hiring as many as three or more companies to complete all the tasks required to make this type of online marketing work.

One company that is meeting the needs of businessmen faced with this challenge is Adthrift Interactive, an Internet marketing company offering comprehensive solutions to adword marketing. :

1) Paying For the Clicks:
Because Adthrift is managing multiple campaings simultaneously they are able to purchase clicks at wholesale prices, and pass along this savings to their customers, They guarantee hundreds of clicks a month at vastly reduced rates.

2) PPC management

To read through all the material presented by Google and then apply it takes hours and hours of research, at best. A business owner who tries to run his own adwords campaign without taking the time to read the articles will lsoon find his campaign getting into trouble Oo if not, at least he will not be making the profit from the advertising that he should. . Wih a managed campaign, however, a Google certified expert controls ther account, thus saving the business alot of time and headache, and freeing him up to devote full time to runing his business.

3) Acheiving a High Click to Customer Conversion Rate

Getting clicks from the web is only half the Adword batlle. Successful marketers must take steps to maximize the conversion rate of clicks to customer. This involves special web site development, all too often neglected in beginning adword campaigns. . Even businesses that have their own hosting and have a web manager might be falling short of optimal conversion rates. To take full advantage of clicks from a search engine, businesses need a well designed landing page. Adthrift takes care of this challenge by providing each customer with a custom landing page, designed by experts, with maximal conversion in mind. The Adthrift landing page comes complete, with a marketing video, made by an expert video production company and includes live footage, which Adthrift is able to provide at discount prices. Potential clients clicking on a link on the custom landing page are immediately taken to the client’s web site.

4) Presenting the Shopper With a Well Designed and Attractive Website

Even marketers utilizing a well designed and optimized landing page, need to have an attractive web site for shoppers who want to know more about the products and services offered by the company. To be totally effective, the parent website must present surfers with a logical and simple design path that quickly leads to contact or purchase. . As part of their package, Adthrift provides website design and development, and so meets the needs of all stages of the online pay per click campaign.

In summary, the Adthrift customer gets cheap pay for clicks, ppc management, a custom landing page complete with a discounted custom video produced by a professional video company and web site design and development.

Adthrift is in a class of Internet marketing companies providing a total solution to the adword challenge.

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