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Niche Markets – Tips And Ideas

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When you want to provide a service or sell a product online the competition that you will face can be daunting. How can you possibly compete against Amazon, Apple or any of the big internet companies? The only viable option is to find a niche market with a decent amount of interest and low competition.

Finding the best niche market to target can be time consuming and a process of trial and error is normally involved. In this article we will be looking at some guidelines and tips that could help you to simplify the process and make the best decision.

Finding a Niche Market

1. Decide on something that you are passionate about or have an interest in. In this article we will look at books as an example.
2. Make a list of possible specialized topics within the main focus area. Using our example you could list books about nature, adventure books, DIY books, car manuals, books about doll making, and more.
3. Research the topics on the list by using Google’s Keyword Tool to determine the interest (number of monthly searches) and competition. Also have a look at the related terms and note down any promising topics.
4. List the top 10 topics based on the maximum number of monthly searches with low levels of competition.
5. Ask yourself what you can offer a customer that the competition can not for each of the top 10 topics.
6. Try to find a unique selling point for each of the top 10 topics that will attract visitors to your website.
7. Look at each of the top 10 topics and decide whether you have a good product or value added service that you can sell based on the topic.
8. Trim the list down to the top 5 topics that you feel you can successfully market.

Now you have a list of 5 possible niche markets with a decent amount of interest (monthly searches) and a low level of competition. The next step would be to decide on the niche market that you are going to target.

Deciding on a Niche Market to Target

1. Do a search on your search engine of choice for each of the top 5 possible niche markets and have a look at the results.
2. Browse through each of the top 10 results and make a note of the product, service and price.
3. Look at the user friendliness of the sites and sales copy used.
4. Read all of the eBooks and articles on the sites carefully.
5. Target the niche market where you feel you can provide a better product, service or price than the top 10 websites for that niche market.

The next step would be to build a website around your niche market, optimize your keywords, build quality links and promote your website. It is important that you establish yourself as an expert as soon as possible within the niche market through social media and the use of SEO article marketing techniques. If you commit yourself to this process and allow sufficient time for your website to be ranked high on the result pages, you will be successful.

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Some Niches Are Not Profitable

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That statement is not entirely true. All niches are profitable. However, some very popular niches are so competitive that it becomes hugely time consuming and expensive to make a mark as an internet marketer.

A great example is the recent introduction of Bing, the new Microsoft developed search engine. This is a competitor against Google, Yahoo and others. For the average business person, developing another search engine that can take on Google head-on is totally out of the question. It’s just too expensive to bring in a competing product against a huge brand such as Google.

It takes another huge brand to tackle Google. Besides Microsoft, one could imagine that Apple might be able to compete as well, not that they would necessarily want to do that. Their main market is cool gadgets.

There are therefore a fair number of niche markets that would be too expensive for the average internet marketer to compete in. But how do you find out which are the ones you need to avoid?

This is where further market research will be most useful. Before deciding on your niche take a look at what and who your competition is. First step is to try a Google, or Bing of course, search. See how many websites come up on your search.

You will be able to determine this by checking the final results on the right hand side of the Google page once your search results have come up. These are the number of sites that have your search term on a page or pages.

As an example search for health and your results will be around 4,780 million sites. Now search for the keywords natural hayfever remedies for children and your results are just close on 322,000 sites. If you are going for a niche in the health environment you would want to select something like hayfever remedies for children as your specific area.

As a yard stick be aware that if your search comes up with less than one million results then you have a good chance of making a go of this particular niche topic.

Your next step is to look at the first few pages of results and see whether the list is packed with big company names or if there are names of blogs and general low-key information sites. Going back to the above health search let’s see what we get.

The search result for health brings up such big players as Yahoo, BBC, WHO, CNN, Men’s Health, a fair sized portal for a magazine called Health and WebMD a huge site on general health issues.  

Let’s have a look at natural hayfever remedies for children and the first search results on the list are small blogs/sites. There’s also an article on ezinearticle.com, but those can be beaten. In other words, not too much competition here.

Those were the free ways to do your research, but of course there is also Micro Niche Finder that will give you which ones are easy to compete and which ones you better avoid them unless you have lots of money.

Once you have determined your main competitors in the niche you would like to operate in you will also need to see their traffic results. For this you may use Alexa.com, Compete.com or Quantcast.com.

These results will provide you with information on traffic patterns as well as the average number of visitors. Besides providing an idea on general popularity these statistics would allow you to see the curve in the search traffic for natural hayfever remedies for children without you needing to know that hayfever is a health problem people suffer from in the summer months.

natural hayfever remedies for children might not be such a great niche after all if there is only interest in remedies for six months in a year. Any product you might wish to sell would have a down time of six months. You would have to sell many products to make up for a short trading year. That’s similar to the cycle ice cream sellers face!

It’s good to know that there are tools readily available that make it easier to find a niche that will be profitable for you as an internet marketer. You might find some niches are just not the right option for you before you spend time, effort and money on developing a market.

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