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How To Create Simple Niche Products And Services That Attract Rich

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In a recession finding and attracting rich buyers is a major challenge. But it can be done if you follow this simple formula which I’ll reveal to you. But first we must destroy a myth many people have when selling to rich people. That myth is the rich only buy extravagant, fancy and expensive products and services. But contrary to popular belief, they buy billions of dollars of simple, practical and common products and services.

This may come to a shock, especially if you watch celebrity related reality shows that take you through tours of celebrity homes. You know, where they show you their fleet of luxury cars, walking closets the size of most apartments and their kitchens that would make a executive chef jealous. But even rich people buy the simple products that fill a specific niche.

That’s where you can come if and rake in big profits if you follow the specific steps that will follow. Creating simple niche products and services that attract rich buyers is easier than you think. Why?

1. Because they can afford what you’re selling.
2. They’re always on the constant lookout for unique products and services.
3. They’re loyal repeat customers, provided you continue giving good service and products.

The products that attract rich buyers are unique and simple. That’s a powerful secret if you follow it. Why? Because most people think rich people only buy expensive, complicated products and services that take a fortune to sell or offer to the affluent. When the fact is most rich people shop at places like Costco, Wal-Mart and Target. Than alone should prove my point to you.

So, that shows you what they spend at lot of their money on, the simple niche products and services anyone can offer. The trick is the product should be unique, useful and of high quality. Here’s a simple formula that will help you zero in on a product or service idea.

I. Find Out What Rich People in Your Area Of Expertise Hate To Do.

This is an excellent way to provide a service that attract rich people. Find out what they don’t like to do, hate to do, find painful to do or don’t have time to do and you do it for a price. If you can find products and services that can fill this need you’ll have a product or service that can attract rich buyers.

II. Next go where rich people go and advertise in publications or websites that rich people read.

Be committed to attracting rich people to your service or product. Be determined that you won’t quit at the first signs of defeat. Remember this unwritten rule. The rich and affluent are not always the one’s to come on board at the first contact of someone trying to sell something to them. But once you convince one, others people will come on board. This always makes the slow start challenging beginnings worth the effort, trust me.

There’s more facts you should know to create simple niche product and services that attract rich buyers, but these tips will get you started on the right track with the least amount of pain, trouble and obstacles. To your success.

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Niche Products: How To Create Niche Products And Services For Rich People

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Niche Products: How To Create Niche Products and Services For Rich People
Unique niche products and services is the number one demand for people, especially in this recession. But who is the most desirable target market for businesses to offer their products to? The rich. Why?

Although the rich can be more demanding than most customers you’ll face, the things that make them the most desirable to offer products and services to is extensive. But the obvious advantages is you know they can afford your product or service. Other powerful advantages to offering your product or service to rich people are …

* – They make great repeat customers.

* – People are more influenced by what rich people buy. That alone can influence them to buy your product or service too.

* – Rich customers can recommend you to friends and family who are also rich in most cases.

* – Once you sell them, rich people are extremely loyal (provided you continue giving them quality products and service).

* – They love to shop and buy unique and interesting products and services. Your job if you choose to accept it, is o help them find it.

* – Rich people are less influenced by recessions and economic downturns.

These are the main reasons why you should create or find niche products or services to offer rich people. Even if you’re selling to people on a budget now, you’d be wise to offer premium products or services that would attract a richer client too. Follow the example of many lucrative businesses.

For example, the auto, hotel, airline and food industries. Most offer products and services for the budget minded as well as the luxury minded. Ford offers economy cars but they also offer Lincoln Continental, Marriot offers rooms for the budget minded as well as luxury suites.

Here’s 3 Simple But Powerful Ways To Create Niche Products or Services For Rich People:

Create or Find A Niche Product or Service By …

1. Telling Rich People Where To Go.

No, this suggestion is not what you think at first glance. Although we’ve all wanted to tell an obnoxious rich person where to go, this suggestion can make you money. Rich people are always looking for the latest. For example, the latest hot spots to vacation, to eat, to shop. In fact the list is endless. A quick way to get your feet wet or to place a foot in the door is to create a specific list that tells rich people where they can vacation, travel shop or eat, etc. Rich people love list. Why? Because it saves them time. And one thing rich people hate to do is waste time.

2. Finding Out What Rich People Hate To Do = Dollars.

A rich man once told me, Roy the secret to getting rich is to find out what people hate to do and find a way to do it for them. So find out what rich people in your target market or area don’t like to do, find irritating or disgusting, and charge them to do it. Here’s a bonus tip. If you have a business, find out what your competition doesn’t like to do for their rich customers and you start doing it. You could literally steal rich customers from your competition overnight by following this simple tip, I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.

3. The Magic of Adding Something Extra.

This is one of the easiest yet most powerful and quickest ways to create a niche product or service for affluent customers. Why? Because all you have to do is add one or two elements to an already existing product or service. For example, if you sell pizza you can add extra service your competition isn’t doing that’s geared to the affluent. Like offering champagne, gourmet pizzas or pizza made with organic ingredients.

The powerful magic behind this idea is in adding an extra service, benefit or convenience rich people in your target market or area of expertise would like. This will often take a keen eye, if you don’t have that do a little research and find out what the rich in your target market have a need for and fill it with an extra convenience or service.

Yes, by offering a simple niche product or service to the affluent market you’ll find yourself making 2 to 3 times more with the same or in many cases less amount of work. You’ll find it a lot easier by following the 3 step formula. Those who find it hard to sell to rich people ignore the 3 step formula mentioned above. Don’t stop now discover more powerful ways to create and find simple niche products for rich people go to …
Niche Products For The Rich Click Here

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