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Top 9 Tips to Get Repeated Online Traffic

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You may ask why some much information about Traffic? Well because without online traffic you actually cannot do anything to succeed. Of course great content, good writing skills, to use SEO, that are tasks you need to do in order to get traffic but all that alone will not bring traffic instantly.

Here I give you 9 Tips to get Repeated Traffic, means that the same visitors comeback to your site again and again looking for more great info, so try to keep doing the following tasks to increase your repeated online traffic.

1. Update the pages on your website frequently. Stagnant sites are dropped by some search engines. You can even put a date counter on the page to show when it was last updated (For blogs there is no need to do this, its already done automatically).

2. Offer additional value on your website. For affiliates and partners you can place links to their sites and products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also advertise their books or videos, if these products relate to your industry and are not in competition with your own product.

3. You can allow customers to ‘opt in’ to get discounts and special offers. Place a link on your site to invite customers to ‘opt in’ to get a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons.

4. Add a link to your primary page with a script ‘Book Mark or Add this site to your Favorites’.

5. Add a link ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ so that the visitor can email your website link, with a prewritten title, “Thought you might be interested in this”, just by clicking on it.

6. Brand your website so that visitors always know they are on your site. Use consistent colors, logos and slogans and always provide a ‘Contact Us’ link on each page.

7. Create a ‘Our Policies’ page that clearly defines your philosophy and principles in dealing with your customers. Also post your privacy policy as well so that clients know they are secure when they visit your site.

8. Create a FAQ page which addresses most of the doubts and clarifications about your product or your company that are likely to be asked. This helps to resolve most of the customers doubts in their first visit to your site.

8. Ensure that each page on your website has appropriate titles and keywords so that your customer can find their way back to your site if they lose the bookmark.

9. Never spam a client, who has opted for newsletters, with unsolicited emails. Later if they decide they want to ‘opt out’ of the mailings, be sure you honor their request and take them off the mailing list. They may still come back if they like your products. But they will certainly not come back if you continue to flood their email box with mails they no longer wish to receive.

Follow this simple guidelines and you will increase your visitors to go back to your site or blog often.

Did you follow any of the tips above already? Have any to share? Please leave your valuable comments.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Top 5 Techniques To Generate Low-Priced Site Traffic

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There’s one strict rule to make money online for your site: A constant flow of traffic. If no one goes to your site, it hardly bares a chance of getting any money. A lot of sites have tried and failed in doing so, and these results to the sites death. It takes money to keep a money generating site; it also takes money to make money online.

BUT, it doesn’t take a whole lot of cash to generate online traffic for your site.

Ever wonder how does big hit sites drive traffic to their sites? Most of them are spending lots of money to drive the traffic to their sites, investing in many advertising campaigns and different forms of marketing schemes. This is all worthwhile because, well, they are what they are now, high income, big hitting sites.

You don’t have to do this if you don’t really have their resources. There are many ways to generate low cost site traffic without having to spend what you don’t have or can’t afford. Many people have spended on high cost methods and have ended up losing their shirt over it.

Here I will show you the Top 5 ways to generate low cost site traffic that could help your site a whole lot. Even if you only get a small percentage of successful visitors that converts it still works if you get a high number of site traffic.

  • Exchange Links

This is a sure and proven method. Rarely would you see a site where there is no link to another site. Many webmasters are willing to exchange links with one another so that they could produce more public awareness about their sites. You’ll soon see a sudden traffic coming in to your site from other sites.

A major rule in exchanging links with other sites is having the same/similar niche or content as the other site. They should share a common subject so that there is continuity in the providing of service and information to what interests your target traffic.

Exchanging links also boosts your chances of getting a high ranking in search engine results. It is common knowledge that search engines ranks high sites that have inbound and outbound theme-related links. With a good ranking position in the search engines, you will generate more traffic in your website without the high costs.

  • Traffic Exchange

This is like exchanging links but on a different higher level. This may cost a bit more than exchanging or trading links but could be made cheaper because you get to earn credits. You can use those credits when viewing others traffic, while you earn credits when someone views yours.

Traffic exchange services are the viewing of another’s site or page. This is done vice versa where a site can use your sites contents and so can you to his or her site. You both benefit from each others efforts to generate traffic. The other sites visitors can go to your pages and know more about your site as well as theirs. Once again the public awareness of your sites existence is boosted.

Another way to do something similar it is to sign up for a Free Entrecard.com account and start to get Free traffic from dropers.

  • Write and Submit Articles

There are many e-zines and online encyclopedias in the internet which provides free space for articles to be submitted. If you want to save costs, you can do the articles yourself. There are many freelance writers who are willing to write for you for a small fee, but to save money, it is wise to do those articles yourself.

Write articles that are themed along with the niche of your site. Write something that you have expertise or use this tool to write it even if you do not know a thing about that niche, on so that when they read it they can feel your knowledge about the topic and will be eager to visit your site. Write articles that produce tips and guidelines to the subject or niche your site has.

Include a resource box at the end of your article that can link them to your site. Write a little about yourself and your site. If you provide a light, information-laden and interesting article, they will go to your site for more.

  • Make a Newsletter.

This may sound like hard work because of all the articles you may need to use to build a newsletter but on the contrary, this is not so. There are many writers and sites that are willing to provide free articles as long as they can get their name in on your newsletter. This will also provide free advertising for them as well.

As your newsletter gets pass around, you can widen your public awareness and build an opt-in list that can regularly visit your site.

Try to give them something unique not already written in your site, it is also wise to build your own list with an autorresponder like Aweber.com, that will help you to automate this job and leave you more time to do the promotion of your site that it is more important.

  • Join Online Communities and Forums

This only requires your time and nothing else. You can share your knowledge and expertise with many online communities as well as your website. You can get free advertising when you go to forums that have the same topic or niche with your site.

Share your expertise and let them see how knowledgeable you are with the subject. As you build your reputation, you also build the reputation of your site, making it a reputable and honest business that could be frequented and trusted by many people.

WarriorForum.com it is one of the most important forums for any Internet Marketing Niche, so if you are in this niche this maybe the Forum to be in.

Have you tried any of this Techniques? How good they were for you?

To yous Success,

Luis Torres


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Site Submission to Rank Higher in Search Engines

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Search engines are by far the starting point for Internet users each and every day from home and the office. With nearly 90% of Internet traffic originating from the major search engines and directories daily, getting your website listed with the major portals is essential. The larger search engines index over 120 million documents, so competing for the top spots is extremely difficult and competitive.

Search engines including Google, specifically favor websites exhibiting higher levels of trust and authority. This trust is established based on the quality and volume of link popularity established for the website being judged.

The process of Search engine optimization is to make your website more search engine friendly at a technical and content level.

With over 1700 searches per second at Google and even more at Yahoo, how much traffic have you missed out on in the time it took you to read this? The search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN use complex algorithms to determine the rank of a website for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. These algorithms help rank a website for a specific keyword phrase based on page content, the title, meta tags (not all engines utilize meta tags), the number of incoming links from other web sites and the number of internal pages with relevant content.

If you are serious about growing your business online and are looking at ways to increase your position in the search engines through effective web site promotion, then you will need to learn about SEO and submit your site to the search engines, all this will help you to increase your back links and therefore increase your PR (Page Rank by Google). All this will lead you to a higher traffic from the search engines that are far more targeted than the traffic coming from social websites.

Before submitting your site you may need to optimize your site for the search engines, if you want you can use this Free Tool to submit your site to 140 search engines including Google. I Fully recommend you to create a new free email account for the sole purpose of submission, since some of the engines will require that you confirm your recent submission, so you may end it up with some quite of emails in your primary email account if you use it.

I will include some tips on SEO like using Meta Tags, Title Optimization, Alt Image Tags, Yahoo Submission that is one of the most difficult engines to get listed, etc, In the coming posts, since this information is really vast I need to breakdown in small portions easy to digest.

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To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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How to Get Traffic from Expired Domains

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This method may bring you good amounts of traffic on the cheap. It can still be effective today, but there’re more “gotchas” to take into consideration, so before you buy that expired domain name let me explain why.

First let’s talk about the method itself…

Webmasters sometimes allow their domains to expire for a variety of different reasons – but what is important for you is just how much work that webmaster already did to get his site ranked in the search engines, build up incoming links, etc.

What happens is this:

Somebody just starts a site and begins getting traffic based on the keywords they’ve ranked on, the incoming link relationships they’ve built, any articles they’ve written with their domain in the byline, etc.

But if the domain is allowed to expire – and no one else take it – there’s going to be a window of time where the site is still getting traffic from those old links and listings.

The traffic that arrives via outdated links will click away unless someone takes over that domain and puts something there worthy of looking at.

But, if you take over that domain, that traffic is yours to direct as you wish.

But you have to do this:

a) You need to be fast on the draw in order to snatch up really good expired domains, and…

b) You need to put some quality content on the site, rather than just redirecting some irrelevant links.

You want to capitalize on the existing targeted traffic rather than send them clicking away again.

If you do intend to use this method for redirecting pages (to an affiliate program, for example), just make sure what you’re redirecting to is relevant and targeted.

Getting the Most of Expired Domains:

If you grab a domain with good ranking in one of the search engines, particularly Google, you might want to see if there is a cached version of the page available.

You’ll be able to take that page and analyze it to determine some of the ranking factors and possibly expand or build on them in order to maintain or even boost your search engine ranking.

BUT, you need to work as Fast as possible, and understand that the domain might lose some of its value as the search engines and other webmasters discover a brand new site has taken its place.

The ideal tactic here, is to use the domain to feed traffic into your opt-in list, and then redirect those new subscribers to your primary site once you’ve got their address.

No matter what you decide to put on one of these domains, but it’s crucial that you have lead capture in place; otherwise, you won’t be making the most of your new traffic and may loose some of it.

Looking and Buying Expired Domains:

There are software programs to do this work for you, as well as live auction sites where webmasters put their expiring domains up for sale.

Did you know you can also backorder domains?

When you backorder a domain, you’re putting yourself into the waiting list for a domain that has a pending expiration date. There’s a window of time where, unless the webmaster renews fast or has his domain ‘locked’, then the domain will be released and it will be available for you to get it.

This can be hit or miss, but when it works, you can come away with some real Free Traffic from other people efforts.

You can search for expired domains here:


This technique may not be Free to try and sometimes a Domains could be very expensive, but you may find some Domains related to your niche with the right keywords already built-it in.

This also make you to think about your own domains, you better be aware of renewing every year or somebody using this techniques may be getting your own site before you.

Did you have used this way of Traffic before? If so what are your experiences, we will be glad to here from you in the comments.

To your Success,

Luis Torres



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