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Make My Site As Soon As Possible?

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Being a web developer was a difficult task, but to be an SEO after that was an even more challenging one. As a beginner I am fun of surfing the web for a lot of stuffs like SEO basics and a lot of informations about how Googlebot might possibly behave. Understanding well the behaviors of the Googlebot might help me in the long run as an effective Search Engine Optimizer.

Because of my intense research, I thought I already understand this web robot so much but only to get frustrated in the end. My problem started when I submitted my site to Google even before the pages were still yet to be ready. Most of the pages were still under maintenance at the time when Google tried to crawl my site. Since Google tends to take snapshots from all its indexed pages, the current snapshot taken was a blank page with (“Preview Coming Soon”) displayed reflecting the unfinished pages before.

Everytime I do a site search using my domain name, my indexed pages will appear with blank snapshots just at the left side of the title bar. Now this is really unpleasant to see since my site had gone live for quite a while already. I want my actual page to appear on the snapshots but the problem is the result haven’t changed ever since. I desperately needed to change the preview, since we were developing a website for a Call Center Outsourcing Company. I already had some backlinks and submitted my site on several directories. I have posted links to twitter, digg, wordpress, etc. to no avail. I know that the only way for this to be updated is to have Google re-indexed my site onthe soonest possible time so that it will again take another snapshot and will update the informations it discovered since the last time. However, nothing still works for me this time.

I also tried usng a few different methods to build valuable links to my site. By submitting content to sites that Google loves like ezinearticles and digg. I also submit sitemaps to Google, Yahoo and Live. I had used Google Webmaster Tools and managed to fixed errors on my site like duplicate titles and meta-descriptions. I also create blogs to gain backlinks from other sites as well. Right now Im still waiting for my desired results and that is to make Googlebot re-indexed my site again.

This may sound terible but I want to tell everyone or any SEO wannabees out their to not lose hope. Search Engine Optimization is really a tricky field to go sometimes and it needs more than hardwork and gut to succeed. We need passion and heart to do this without quitting. Sometimes it really helps to listen to some expert’s advice or opinions. We can check it on the web most especially on forums and blogs. It may took us some of our time but believe me it might be worth it sometimes.

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