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7 Tips How To Build BackLinks Successfully

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Backlink Definition

Backlinks are defined as incoming links to a website or web page. The Popularity or Importance of a site or web page are given by the number of  backlinks they have. Besides of what backlinks meant for SEO or search engine optimisation, there are other significant indicators attached to these links, they show who is really paying attention to that webpage or site.

How To Build BackLinks Successfully

1) First thing you have to know in building backlinks is that all your efforts need to look natural to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). If your Link building efforts show a natural growth, search engines will rewarded you for your efforts. Besides they really need those backlinks to know how important your site is.

2) You will need to remember during your natural link building campaign that your backlinks must be backed by some value for the search engines. A real value is a link from an unique blog post or a site with great content within your niche for instance or with a Page Rank some what higher than yours.

3) Be sure that your link is from a non-duplicate page. There are some sites that need to use duplicate content. If a site is selling a product to for instance English speaking countries then each country site would have the same content with some elements of localization.

Google may see a link from a site like this as being a link from a duplicate page and may give it a lesser rating. To avoid this It would be easier to make sure that your links come from non-duplicate pages.

4) Backlinks should come from relevant sites. There is some dispute about the validity of this point amongst some SEO people. But , it maybe probably safe to say that Google weights a link from a relevant site higher than one from a non-relevant site.

This only means that if you have a site about weight  loss then a link from a site that is about golf may not be as effective as a site that is about weight management.

Google does support the principle that incoming links are harmless. Since No webmaster is necessarily responsible as to who links to his site and should not be penalized. But, beware to whom are you linking to. This may affect your ranking. That is if you link to a suspected spam site or that promotes illegal activities then you may be slapped, oops I mean penalized. Therefore,  the basic concept that links need to be relevant to be most powerful is still true.

But there is also true that a backlink from well stablished sites with higher page rank than your site (some PR5 or PR9, may help you even if they are not relevant to your site) and DoFollow will help you out.

5) Make backlink building slow over time. Remember, your link building strategy should be to look natural. Google’s spiders crawling your site will start to wonder if your backlinks are built too lighting fast. This is especially important when your site is brand new. Having a new site that suddenly show up dozens or e hundreds of backlinks in a short time can look you are trying to get smart and believe me "G" it is not stupid at all.

6) Anchor text links need to show a variety.  The Anchor texts are the words you use to hyperlink to your site. If you constantly use the same keywords then the search engines will see this as "too perfect" to be real and will realize that you are making yuor own links. Again you need to make it look natural.

For instance if your keyword is make make money online and you use these keywords every time you link back to your site then it will start becoming obvious that a keyword is being promoted rather than a natural backlink being created.

7)The website or webpage to which you are building backlinks must have your main keyword, preferably in the title tag. If you are linking make money online in the anchor text as this is your keyword, then you need to ensure that the page the hyperlink is linking has this keyword in it.

Be sure you have selected keywords that do not have too much competition. If you are trying to compete against keywords used by big institutions such as banks or computers then your efforts will need to be to big for you to achieve any significant benefit from your backlinks as you are competing against sites with huge numbers of backlinks already.

Use the above tips to give your backlink building project a real boost and a chance to promote your website or webpage to the first page of the Google search results or serps.

Are you already started a backlink campaign? Have you succeed already in taking your keywords to the first page of Google?

It gotta be the first page or nothing, as Vince Lombardy once said

"There is no room for second places"

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Site Submission to Rank Higher in Search Engines

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Search engines are by far the starting point for Internet users each and every day from home and the office. With nearly 90% of Internet traffic originating from the major search engines and directories daily, getting your website listed with the major portals is essential. The larger search engines index over 120 million documents, so competing for the top spots is extremely difficult and competitive.

Search engines including Google, specifically favor websites exhibiting higher levels of trust and authority. This trust is established based on the quality and volume of link popularity established for the website being judged.

The process of Search engine optimization is to make your website more search engine friendly at a technical and content level.

With over 1700 searches per second at Google and even more at Yahoo, how much traffic have you missed out on in the time it took you to read this? The search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN use complex algorithms to determine the rank of a website for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. These algorithms help rank a website for a specific keyword phrase based on page content, the title, meta tags (not all engines utilize meta tags), the number of incoming links from other web sites and the number of internal pages with relevant content.

If you are serious about growing your business online and are looking at ways to increase your position in the search engines through effective web site promotion, then you will need to learn about SEO and submit your site to the search engines, all this will help you to increase your back links and therefore increase your PR (Page Rank by Google). All this will lead you to a higher traffic from the search engines that are far more targeted than the traffic coming from social websites.

Before submitting your site you may need to optimize your site for the search engines, if you want you can use this Free Tool to submit your site to 140 search engines including Google. I Fully recommend you to create a new free email account for the sole purpose of submission, since some of the engines will require that you confirm your recent submission, so you may end it up with some quite of emails in your primary email account if you use it.

I will include some tips on SEO like using Meta Tags, Title Optimization, Alt Image Tags, Yahoo Submission that is one of the most difficult engines to get listed, etc, In the coming posts, since this information is really vast I need to breakdown in small portions easy to digest.

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To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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