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About Three Great Data Entry Jobs

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This article is the one for you if you are interested in data entry jobs! This is especially true if you wouldn’t mind working in an office rather online, from home, though do also exist lots of great data entry jobs that can be done from home. There are, on the internet, currently a plethora of job-seeking websites and one of them is bound to have the job offer you need. Just know that, to be able to qualify for a data entry job, you’ll have to meet the following requirements (these are common amongst most data entry jobs’ positions): good typing speed and accuracy. The ability to convert text files to image files via just typing is also a must in some cases.

In case you didn’t know, data entry is entering data into a database, a spreadsheet, or any other type of computer screen that may be available. There are a great variety of data entry jobs that are available in the United States, and we are going to be talking job requirements and other job details of the three of those data entry jobs. The sectors that data entry jobs are in, in the US, are logistics, retail, health insurance, telecommunications, finance, and other customer-familiarized info outsourcing type sectors that data entry could come in handy in.

Located in the San Ramona Bay Area in California, is a company called Bishop Ranch, which happens to be a corporate park. If you want this particular job, you will have to be good typing fast with great accuracy, have proficiency in Microsoft Excel, great skill with 10-key (alpha-numerical) entries, and also extremely good ability to pay attention to detail. You are especially welcome if you have entry-level skills at data entry. Candidates are also being checked to see if they qualify to be in the client’s support team, as the company does happen to also be a famous and well-known distributer of jobs. Job was posted on the 10th so hurriedness is advised here. More information can be found in the website: http://seeker.dice.com; just do a job search.

Second job is for anyone interested in becoming a Data Operator; the company is located Dallas, Texas, and is called First Data Corporation. Posted on September 15th on that same website we mentioned before, the details for this job specify the following requirements that are necessarily to be hired: great skill at Image processing applications, and is able to create and fill in MCR line, dollar amounts, OCR line, statements, and check fields. Address changes for customers may also need to be performed, and so the person needs to be able to do so via online mark detection. The following things are also a must: ability to complete required tasks in a timely manner, great speed and accuracy in typing, excellent listening and communications skills, and many more.

This next job is in Troy, New York, USA, and is with the company called Express Scripts; they are hiring someone who can be a Data Entry Technician (retail). The company does work similar to that of a pharmacy in that it processes new and refilled prescription medication; where you come as a Technician is that they need someone who can make labels and input other necessary information for the said medication. This is a part-time job, and the details were posted on the same website already mentioned, on the 10th of September. For this job, it is imperative that your 10-key entry skills be as good as possible.

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