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Why Your Home Business Needs A Toll Free Number

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Lots of people are reluctant to deal with home based businesses because they see them as something of a 'risk'. Why? Because if a problem or dispute arises, they think the company will disappear and they'll never see their money again. A way to get around this is to have a website and a toll free number, both of which create a virtual storefront. A toll free number means that they can contact you at any time, just like they can walk into a store and talk to a sales or customer service representative whenever they want.

A toll free phone number also gives a home based business the ability to sell goods and services beyond just their local area. Since the business isn't physically pinned down to one area, it is completely portable. This flexibility is particularly important because if the home business owner moves to a new location, they don't have to change their number, and the established connection to customers stays intact.

From a marketing point of view, stating a toll free phone number on promotional material is advantageous. Using a toll free phone number on company literature highlights the business's credibility. The public see businesses that have a toll free phone number as a legitimate establishment. According to research, businesses that have toll free numbers are 30% more likely to receive calls than those businesses that advertise without such a number. That percentage is even higher if the business owner chooses a vanity number, which is a toll free phone number whose last seven digits spell out the name of the business or the name of a product that the business sells.

Not surprisingly, the fact that these numbers are free to call is very much appreciated by potential callers. It really emphasizes that you want them to call you. They might well only be saving themselves a few cents, but it's the difference between paying for something and getting something for free, and everyone loves free stuff, even if it's 'just' a phone call.

Lots of home based business owners assume that their relatively small budgets won't stretch to buying a toll free phone number. However, as the telecommunications industry is so competitive, prices are actually a lot lower than people think. There are a range of providers that offer monthly service packages that specifically target home based businesses. These packages allow for growth so you can start off small and upgrade as your business and sales grow.

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