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Make your post link short and SEO friendly…Automatically !

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By default WordPress puts the exact title of the blog post as its post URL. Have a look here:


What this means is that, if you have a blog post titled: “This post have a very long title that runs for miles”

You will end up with a URL that looks something like:


Isn’t that irritating?

Take my word when I say that these long URLs do not come easily.

Long URLs have a lot of problems already attached with them:

  • They are difficult to pass on to other bloggers or your readers.
  • If you are passing them in Emails, then the long URL will break into half. The URL will no longer work correctly. There is nothing worse than someone replying back to your email saying that your link doesn’t work.
  • Long URLs often get truncated. In such cases the user will end up at “page not found” page instead of your blog post

But I still haven’t told you of the BIGGEST problem with long URLs.

Long URLs are NOT Search engine friendly.

This is the BIGGEST of all the problems with long URLs.

Let me explain this further.

Let’s say you have a blog post that is titled:
“Wordpress Blogger Livejournal which blog service should you use?”

Then this is your default URL given by WordPress: “http://www.yourblog.com/213/wordpress-blogger-livejournal-which-blog-service-should-you-use/”

That’s NOT how your URL should look like if you want a top search engine ranking for such search terms. Absolutely not.

You want your URLs to be short and Search Engine Optimized.

Here is how:

If someone wants to compare some specific blogging platforms, they will type words like “wordpress”, “blogger”, “livejournal” etc…


They are less likely to type words like “which”, “should”, “you”, “use” etc… So I see that in your URL, only the keywords “wordpress, blogger” etc… are popular. Others are not.

Your URL contains 10 keywords. Only 3 among them are likely to be searched often and that’s what your important keywords are. What you are doing here is reducing the value of important keywords like “wordpress, blogger” etc… by adding more words like “which blog service you should use”.

So in conclusion:

Your post won’t have a well search engine optimized link. This will surely affect your search engine ranking.

Why? Because you have reduced the value of your main keywords.

So now you know why long URLs are bad. You also know that WordPress doesn’t really do much about it.

What do you do next?

SEO Post Links Plugin by MaxBlogPress.

The SEO Post Links Plugin has been developed by keeping in mind all the shortcomings of the default WordPress configuration. To put it briefly, this plugin makes your blog post link short as well as optimizes it for search engine.

Here is a screenshot of the settings page of the plugin.



Maximum characters option:
You can specify the longest number of characters for your post slug. So you control how long you want your URL to be without comprising with the post title.

Force removal option:
You can even forcefully remove words from a URL that are shorter than the maximum slug length specified in the above option.

Unnecessary words options:
The plugin makes it easier for you by already including a lot of unnecessary words by default. SEO Post Link will automatically filter out all these keywords from your post link retaining only the good keywords for which you actually want to rank for.

You can also add or delete words from that list.

Remove short words option:
You can automatically remove words that are shorter than say 4 or 5 characters that will not be needed in a URL. You can have this feature turned on or off.

Download this wordpress plugin now!

There you have it, the answer to all your SEO unfriendly and long URLs problem can be solved by downloading this one simple plugin: the “SEO Post Links” Plugin By MaxBlogPress.

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