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Forced Spillover Matrix, Earn 22 220 USD For Life!

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Making money on the internet, making money on the internet, making money on the internet…making money on the internet. It is becoming a mantra and can be quite obsessive.

Obsession is a good thing if it is constructive but can be extremely destructive if you mix it with deception, loss of confidence, and failure. Unfortunately that is what is hapening to 95% of those that try to “make it” on the internet. I was one of the 95%.

I know, you think you have heard the story and indeed you must have because lots of people have failed and so did I. Now I earn money online, not because I am clever, not because I discovered some kind of secrets, not because I studied a lot. I just reasoned it out.

After failing many times I decided that I could not make it by myself, I had to find a group of people, a team to coach me, support me, guide me, help me. I failed again because no one wanted to help me, too busy or I had to pay.

Then a few month ago I stumbled upon something I had never seen before, the forced matrix system.
Imagine that lots of people group together and decide a clever way to share 10 USD a month each. You might say, it sounds stupid, and why would I share ten bucks with anyone. The answer is because over ten thousand of people will share 10 USD with you.

How does it work,
You know what a matrix is? For those who don’t, we reefer a matrix as pyramidal system with an exponentially growing numbers of references below the original one.

That really was gibrish…

Practically it means that you recruit let say 10 people and each one will recruit the same number of people and so on and so on, a certain number of levels down.

Now a forced matrix with spilover is when you fix the number of people you can recruit on your first downline and when you also fix how many downline you can have. Combine that with the spillover system, meaning that if more than 10 (if ten is the limit) people are recruited in your first downline, they spillover to the next downline. Yes it means that without even promoting yourself, the people above you recruit for you and if you recruit yourself the process of completing your downline is extremely quick.

Everyone wants to get rich fast, so when they see that this system is working, no one stops recruiting after the limit, everyone continues untill the matrix is filled.

A 10 large, 5 down matrix could easily be filled this way in 1 year! So if you imagine a 10 USD investment per month (ridiculous amount isn’t it?) you would get something like 22 220 USD per month.

Sharing 10 USD per month is finally not so stupid.

As I said at the begining I failed because I had no team, I now found mine, and I will probably retire by the end of the year. I am 36.

I invite you to read a bit more on that subject here: Spillover matrix or there MMF

When you think of all the money you have already spent for nothing, think of what 10 small dollars could bring you if you join the team.

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