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A Brand-new British Capital Located Search Engine Optimisation Company

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FAC-SEO a new SEO company would like to introduce our selfs to you. We provide services such as pay per click advertisement, this can be through Google Adscene or Yahoo and Bing Adscene. Web optimization is achieved through Keyword Analysis, what are your potential customers searching for in the major search engines? and is your site optimized for these searches? Link building, not only do you need to have a website that functions within itself when links and buttons are pressed but you need to have out bound links to other sites. More importantly you need to have back links from other websites which are relevant to your content, the more links you have to your site from external sites the more a search engine will trust your site and believe your website to be what it says it is. After you have optimised your web site with these 3 key elements you will begin to move up through the rankings and eventually reach a page one result on the major search engines.

We will conduct FREE Search Engine Optimisation analysis on your web site and email the report to you so you can get an idea of what is required to make your site a page one contender. As mentioned above we are a small start up company who already have a lot of clients wanting to procure our services and we were pushed along by the tide of our own success when starting our Search Engine Optimization consultancy firm and quitting our duties working for other larger organisations.

This is our first blog and yes, you have guest it, it is for the purpose of advertising our services and back linking to our website. We are like most people reading this blog, we are blogging to make links to gain a 1st page result on the main search engine’s such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Thanks for reading this blog and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Black Hat SEO What It Is?

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This particular search engine optimisation (SEO) is usually better known as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings using unethical means. In general there is nothing unethical about the processes except for what the search engines have decided they think falls under this category.

In other words what might be considered ethical practices of pushing your blog or web site to the first page of a search for a particular keyword or set of keywords today could end up being considered unethical in a few week’s time. It all depends on how many Google toes clever SEO folk have stepped on as to whether search engine companies are annoyed or not.

Here are some characteristics of Black Hat SEO currently considered unethical and if practiced may result in making the wrath of Google turn to you and having your site blacklisted.

The first characteristic of Black Hat SEO is that the practice breaks search engine rules and regulations as set down by search engine companies. This is important to remember. There is no inherent unethical thinking here but what the search engines, for this mostly read Google, determine is unethical.

It is therefore incorrect to state that any Black Hat SEO is illegal. There are no laws involved here. or at least not any laws as set down by governments. There are laws as set down by Google of course.

However, Google even though they like to think of themselves as a goverment, the actual truth is they are not one and the only way they can slap you, oops mean enforce your "Bad" behaviour to what they considers unethical is by taking action against your web site or blog by banning it.

Black Hat SEO also may be present if it creates a poor user experience directly because of the SEO techniques used on the web site. This maybe more important for you to avoid,since a good quality site it is a must to succeed online. And it may be perceived as Black Hat SEO if content is presented in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

A fair amount of black hat SEO currently labeled as such was in fact ethical some time ago. It is the abuse that some "SEO" esperts practiced that made search engine companies label them as unethical.

Some of the techniques to avoid are:

Keyword Stuffing.

That is putting too many keywords in your website or blog. For instance, if you have lets say the keyword "red rose" and you wrote something like:

"I love my red rose because it is an awesome red rose since I see my red rose I want to have another red rose"

As you see is not even readable, but the keyword density it is pretty high but search engines might not like it since there is not quality for humans in that information.

A further SEO technique that is frowned upon is invisible or hidden text

It is similar to the above but you will use the same color as the background, therefore a human eye will not see it but search engines still can read it.

A third Black Hat SEO practice that can get you in trouble with the search engines is doorway pages.

Doorway pages are Web pages designed and built specifically to draw search engine visitors to your website. They are standalone pages designed only to act as doorways to your site. Doorway pages are a very bad idea for several reasons, though many SEO firms use them routinely.

Black Hat SEO is tempting as the tricks actually do work, often only temporarily of course. They work until the search engines have upgraded their algorithms to counter the practices. What may result in a higher page ranking might also end up costing the site heavily when it is banned.

On the whole it is not worth using Black Hat SEO because of the penalty involved when caught. It is advisable to rather use efficient search engine optimisation techniques to get your site ranked higher, and stay away from anything that even remotely looks like Black Hat SEO.

Have You Ever Done Any Suspicious Action That May Be Thinked As A Black Hat SEO?

If you do, would you please tell us your experiences?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Which Is Better Organic Or Paid Traffic?

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There are two basic types of traffic that can be generated through search. Both of these processes work well if you understand how they work and work the system.

Organic traffic is the type of traffic coming to your site or blog by natural means. That is somebody browsing or searching the internet finds a link to the site and clicks on it. There are various ways this link may be found.

It could be via a search engine, another website or it could be typed directly into the address by the “browser”. One advantage to this kind of traffic is that it has a long-term and residual type of effect and the only cost involved is generally time and effort.

On the other hand paid traffic requires an investment of money as well as time and effort. There are different ways of having to pay whether it’s through the pay-per-click process such as GoogleAdwords or whether it is paid for banner advertising.

Contrary to the organic traffic which tends to come at a more uniform rate, paid traffic can surge often unnaturally and depends on the type of advertising campaign in place.

Organic traffic is the preferred form of traffic as it produces long-term and more reliable results than paid traffic. It further and more often provides long term benefits through its residual effect. It means that you as an internet marketer need to work hard at it once and reap the benefits for some time to come.

There are skillful search engine optimisation specialists who are able to work a site in such a way that search engines will index the site and identify relevant pages to bring them up when people are searching. And this will happen time and again.

One of these processes is called on-page optimisation. This deals with all aspects of the web site and the content that is placed on all pages to ensure that the search engines index them properly.  Effective optimisation means that the best fit is offered for search results.

Off-page optimisation on the other hand are things that you do externally to your site such as obtaining back links or social bookmarking. You may also register your site with a search engine or in directories. Then there are external guides that your site might be suitable for such as business or entertainment guides.

In all efforts the purpose is to drive traffic from specific, popular sites as well as provide a back link to your site. This is particularly important for PageRank. The higher the PageRank the more likely it will be that the site will appear on the first page of a search request.

Off-page optimisation may not necessarily be considered natural as the back links are being forced back in some instances, especially when using social bookmarking sites. There are some natural links back though when a person links to your site because they are interested in your content.

Maximising a web site or blog for natural traffic will be more productive in the long run although paid traffic may serve its purpose during particular marketing efforts such as product launches or list building projects.

Which Kind of Traffic Did You Prefer? Are You Willing To Paid For Traffic For the Rest Of Your Online Life?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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7 Tips How To Build BackLinks Successfully

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Backlink Definition

Backlinks are defined as incoming links to a website or web page. The Popularity or Importance of a site or web page are given by the number of  backlinks they have. Besides of what backlinks meant for SEO or search engine optimisation, there are other significant indicators attached to these links, they show who is really paying attention to that webpage or site.

How To Build BackLinks Successfully

1) First thing you have to know in building backlinks is that all your efforts need to look natural to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). If your Link building efforts show a natural growth, search engines will rewarded you for your efforts. Besides they really need those backlinks to know how important your site is.

2) You will need to remember during your natural link building campaign that your backlinks must be backed by some value for the search engines. A real value is a link from an unique blog post or a site with great content within your niche for instance or with a Page Rank some what higher than yours.

3) Be sure that your link is from a non-duplicate page. There are some sites that need to use duplicate content. If a site is selling a product to for instance English speaking countries then each country site would have the same content with some elements of localization.

Google may see a link from a site like this as being a link from a duplicate page and may give it a lesser rating. To avoid this It would be easier to make sure that your links come from non-duplicate pages.

4) Backlinks should come from relevant sites. There is some dispute about the validity of this point amongst some SEO people. But , it maybe probably safe to say that Google weights a link from a relevant site higher than one from a non-relevant site.

This only means that if you have a site about weight  loss then a link from a site that is about golf may not be as effective as a site that is about weight management.

Google does support the principle that incoming links are harmless. Since No webmaster is necessarily responsible as to who links to his site and should not be penalized. But, beware to whom are you linking to. This may affect your ranking. That is if you link to a suspected spam site or that promotes illegal activities then you may be slapped, oops I mean penalized. Therefore,  the basic concept that links need to be relevant to be most powerful is still true.

But there is also true that a backlink from well stablished sites with higher page rank than your site (some PR5 or PR9, may help you even if they are not relevant to your site) and DoFollow will help you out.

5) Make backlink building slow over time. Remember, your link building strategy should be to look natural. Google’s spiders crawling your site will start to wonder if your backlinks are built too lighting fast. This is especially important when your site is brand new. Having a new site that suddenly show up dozens or e hundreds of backlinks in a short time can look you are trying to get smart and believe me "G" it is not stupid at all.

6) Anchor text links need to show a variety.  The Anchor texts are the words you use to hyperlink to your site. If you constantly use the same keywords then the search engines will see this as "too perfect" to be real and will realize that you are making yuor own links. Again you need to make it look natural.

For instance if your keyword is make make money online and you use these keywords every time you link back to your site then it will start becoming obvious that a keyword is being promoted rather than a natural backlink being created.

7)The website or webpage to which you are building backlinks must have your main keyword, preferably in the title tag. If you are linking make money online in the anchor text as this is your keyword, then you need to ensure that the page the hyperlink is linking has this keyword in it.

Be sure you have selected keywords that do not have too much competition. If you are trying to compete against keywords used by big institutions such as banks or computers then your efforts will need to be to big for you to achieve any significant benefit from your backlinks as you are competing against sites with huge numbers of backlinks already.

Use the above tips to give your backlink building project a real boost and a chance to promote your website or webpage to the first page of the Google search results or serps.

Are you already started a backlink campaign? Have you succeed already in taking your keywords to the first page of Google?

It gotta be the first page or nothing, as Vince Lombardy once said

"There is no room for second places"

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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