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Web Visibility, The Recipe To Internet Based Success – We Outline The Reasons Companies Need To Use SEO Services.

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Lots of new companies commission a website without realising that if they do not market that website, then nobody is ever going to see it. The website may be all singing and dancing, it may look beautiful and be straightforward to use, but unless it ranks on the first page of google then it is pretty much ineffectual. If you really want your website to be an effective marketing tool which can bring in stacks of sales or leads, then you need to promote your website with either pay per click marketing or Search engine marketing Services. If you decide to advertise your site using Pay Per Click, then you can safely presume to have massive marketing bills as a result, Google will charge you for each visit and the cost can be as high as four to five pounds per click recieved, this is why so many people go for Search engine optimization Services and pay a flat fee regardless of the traffic they recieve. Instead of advertising your site via a paid advert, SEO Services will in fact push your websites organic listings to the top of search results in important search engines like google, the traffic you get is very targetted and most significantly, very cost efficient. To make your web site search engine friendly, it may need to be subjected to an initial Search engine optimisation audit and have curative work done to make sure it is able to rank well. The price for this on page optimisation will really depend on the current state of play concerning your site, how big the website is and whether or not there is any duplicate or canonical content.

The Search engine optimisation company should also be able to provide you keyword research services, this is vastly important as if you market your web site for the wrong keywords you may end up with a first page ranking for a search phrase that no one ever searches for. After concluding the on-site side of things, the Search engine optimisation company will then commence constructing backlinks that point to your web site or domain root, these back links are counted by search engines and will increase the position of your website in search results, by using related anchor text, the marketing consultant can promote your individual keywords.

Always employ the upmost caution when you are looking for an SEO company, its not that high-quality SEO’s are difficult to find, its just that there are so many exceptionally bad SEO’s out there that if you are not cautious its easy to get shammed, always disregard emailed Search engine optimization offers, and pick a firm who rank well themselves. As long as you use the identical sort of caution you would display if you were purchasing a second hand car, then you will get a brilliant deal and enjoy a colossal return on investment from your SEO Services for many years to come.

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Search Engine Optimization And Google – We Look At Contemporary Algorythm Improvements That Affect The Business.

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Quite a bit has recently changed within the SEO Services arena. In Order for a link building firm to remain effectual in their field, they need to keep themselves updated with the most recent information in order to make sure their services remain effective. May factors have changed in search engine optimisation link building within the previous year or so. The information below sumerizes these changes and may allow you to go a long way towards bettering the rank of your website.

The Addition of Web site Speed as a Ranking Variable

Probably the most modern addition to Google’s website ranking algorithm is the addition of the speed parameter. According to Matt Cutts, the search engine marketing and search quality head in Google, speed was added as a parameter early 2010. He said that according to in-house research, it was found that web users take pleasure in fast loading web sites and spend extra time on such sites. Additionally Google have added instruments on the Googles webmaster tool facility to help internet developers to improve on the loading speeds of their websites. Matt nonetheless did point out that speed was only a lesser factor and their existing fundamental parameter would nonetheless remain the same, quality content. Subsequently, the speed of your website needs to be quick to gain additional benefits.

Removal of Extra Link Power Given To .GOV and.EDU Web sites

One other change to the website positioning discipline was the eradication of the extra weight that Google awarded to hyperlinks from Gov and EDU websites. This was mainly because of the excessive amount of spam that was received by such web-sites. Government agents and EDU website owners complained continually about this, and Google diminished the weight of links from such websites to that of a normal website. Subsequently, if you are a linking company seeking to improve a web site rankings, and are looking for links from government web sites and websites from academic institutions this now might not help much.

Linking to Spammy Websites

Google has also tightened its observations on low quality web sites with many links. This primarily targets the so called landing pages. Many web marketers made one page websites and linked lots of inbound hyperlinks to these web pages. Right now, a lot of such websites are being penalized. If you are a link building firm promoting an internet site with a low content volume, you might have to add to the website content first before building links.

un-organic Linking

Another Search engine marketing topic that continues to gain weight in Google’s ranking factor is the need for a natural hyperlinks profile. The assumption of Google in link building is that a link to a website is made because the individual linking to the location thinks that the site has beneficial information. However, search engine optimisation linking is more proactive. Link building companies seek to build hyperlinks to a website to satisfy Google that their clients website is relevant and important. This proactive approach means that many low quality web sites can find their way to the pinacle of Google search results. Subsequently, to curb this, Google now identifies man made linking techniques like reciprocal linking, and penalizes such links.

To look natural, links should be coming from various sources with a differing page rank. The links should also not all have an identical anchor text as this is suspicious. Other un-organic search engine optimization hyperlink building methods embody having all your links from one sort of website such as article submission web sites, from blog comments, or from forum sites only. To look more natural, a link building company need to obtain links from news web sites, product websites, etc.

Link Building Information That Stays Unchanged

Even with these new adjustments in SEO Services link building, the old rules still hold. Linking from high ranking PR websites will always offer you more link juice than links from a low PR website. link building firms must look for hyperlinks from a web site in the same trade or niche as that of their clients website as this will also provide more link juice.

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SEO Suggestions – We Highlight The Best Approach To Optimising Your New Web Site.

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Many people see web design and website optimisation as two seperate factors that they need to address one by one. This couldnt really be further from the truth, but the simple fact is that many web designers regrettably do not know the first thing about SEO Services. This is a major issue that probably costs UK businesses hundereds of thousands of pounds each year, instead of keyword research being carried out proir to commencing the site construction, and the website being build around a strong base of highly relevant keyword that carry great levels of trafic. The website is simply hashed together SEO wise, often with keywords that are simply pulled from the top of the designers head in the meta and header tags and with no relevence to the rest of the content on the page.

The client then recieves his “finished website” and more often than not is completely happy as most people dont generally know too much about on page SEO. If you are really unlucky your finished website might even include such SEO horrors as javascript or flash navigation. Ofcourse once the client has his or her new website and starts to look at improving the sites rankings to gain first page positions in Google and approaches a professional SEO Services company, then the truth is laid bare. The client then really has two choices, either pay for the web designers incompetence to be repaired, or to live with the fact that their high-priced website is infact nothing more than a overvalued business card that due to its inability to rank for worthwhile search phrases, only existing customers are really ever going to see.

The above ofcourse is a worst case scenario, but it does happen very often. There are thankfully many web designers who do know what they are doing regarding Search engine optimisation but be very careful, because there are even more who will tell you that the know what SEO is about only to then present you with a website that is full of canonicalization issues. Attentiveness is really the key when picking your web designer, ofcourse design is important, but is it so important that you would sacrifice the possibility that anyone is ever going to see it? Probably not. My advice regarding picking a web designer is first of all to try and find a web designer that also provides SEO services, I am not talking about someone who is primarily a web designer that also builds a few links here and there, but a company that are an established name in the SEO world with a proven record of achieving first page results. Many of the UK’s leading SEO companies also provide web design services, and you can be sure that your finished website will be just that, without having to worry about recieving a colossal bill for on page corrective work, you might even get an all inclusive deal with a few months of link building included depending on who you go with.

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SEO Elements That Can Hurt Your Rankings – We Highlight Several Things To Avoid Doing.

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There are several bad practices that can have a counter productive effect on your SEO efforts, most of these factors involve breeching the terms of service of major search engines such as Yahoo and Google, but there are other things that can have a damaging impact such as rendering content or navigation in a manner that search engines cannot easily read or understand. In this article I will outline a few of the blunders which I regularly come across as a professional provider of SEO Services. These issues will lead to your sites rankings being penalized, and by avoiding these practices where possible and correcting any of the below that are currently affecting your website, you will improve your websites on page SEO and make your website more easily spidered by Googlebot.

1. Links To Bad Neighborhoods.

Search engines realize that you cannot regulate who links to you, and they will not penalize you for having links from sites of a dubious nature, after all if this were the case it would be all too easy for unscrupulous web masters to sabotage the websites of their competitors by building a few links pointing to their websites from free for all links farms and other low trust type sites. However, they also recognize that you have 100% control over who you choose to link out to. If you make a poor decision and link to a spammy site or a link farm then you will be penalized as a result, so choose who you link to very carefully.

2. Flash Navigation.

Despite the fact that Google can now read some information from flash files, this does not mean that the day when a website can rely on flash as its sole form of navigation has arrived, in fact its still along way off. If you have flash navigation on your website, then make sure its supported by text links. Also don’t forget that not everyone has flash installed on their browser (or wants it installed) so your text links will also expand the overall usability of your website.

3. Splash Pages.

Adding a splash page as your websites homepage is a sure way to loose visitors and kick your websites rankings to the gutter. The homepage of a domain is the single most important page, therefore it makes absolutely no sense to use to display a page which contains little or no text and basically consists of a pretty picture with a “click to enter” link. How would you feel if you went to a shop to buy something for your dinner, only to find a massive banner hung over the doorway to the shop and a button saying “push to enter”? Splash pages are aggravating to users, and will actually result in a reasonable percentage of those lucky enough to have actually found your website to leave right there and then. Additionally the splash page is never going to even be indexed by google as it contains no textual content, therefore you have thrown away the most important page of your whole website. If you have a splash page, do everyone a favor and remove it. As a provider of SEO Services, I have yet to find anything that gives me more personal pleasure than removing a splash page!

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Free Of Charge On-line Search Engine Optimisation Tools – We Highlight The Very Best Of Whats Available.

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In the world of SEO, knowing about and having access to the best tools can be a valuable asset. This article is about the very best free tools available to both amateur Internet marketers and those of you who supply SEO Services on a professional basis. The below tools are in my opinion two of the very best Free SEO tools available online.

1 Woo Rank

Woo Rank is a free online analysis tools which is invaluable to SEO consultants, simply enter a domain url into this brilliant tool and watch in awe whilst it prepares a comprehensive report regarding the state of the websites optimisation covering everything from server location and configuration to canonical content checks and link profile. This tool is truly one of the most impressive I have come across in several years and I would have no problems recommending woo rank to anybody reading this article. There are also indications that Woo rank plan to release an even more in depth and detailed analysis tool in the near future for premium users, although the exact cost of membership and estimated time of release have at the time of writing yet to be released. Not only does the free version of woo rank generate these amazingly detailed (and professionally presented) reports, but there is also an option to print the report to pdf either for private use, or to send to your potential client. I personally know of at least a few well regarded consultancies who provide SEO Services in the UK that have adopted the use of this tool as a main foundation of their quoting process.

2 SEOBook Firefox Tool bar

SEObook’s tool bar for firefox really is another must have tool for any sincere Internet marketer. The tool bar is packed full of helpful features and below are three of the included features that I find the most useful and find myself using on a day by day basis.

Rank Checker.
The name says it all, SEObook’s tool bar contains a tool which allows you to check the rankings of a web page for multiple keywords across the top three search engines. And as though that was not enough for free, SEObook also included functionality which allows you to save details of multiple domains and their keywords, this permits you to load predetermined campaigns to check in one click. The ranking results can then be exported to a csv file for use in excel or open office.

SEO X ray.
Another great tool from the legendary SEObook, SEO X ray allows you to analyze a web page directly from your browser. In just one click you can view the number of inbound links, conduct a meta tag analysis which shows you the keyword density of keyword and description tags, check page keyword density, and also the number of both internal and external links which point to the page you are analyzing. You can also choose to export the links as a spreadsheet or view who is information for the domain.

Site Info.
Another of the great tools which makes SEObook’s tool bar a real must have is Site Info. This tool inserts details of everything from domain age and inbound links, to alexa rank, Page rank, and .gov and .edu link below every listing in google’s search results. This tool is of obvious use whilst searching for potential link partners, but I would propose that you turn it off whilst it is not in use to reduce load times.

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