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Site Submission to Rank Higher in Search Engines

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Search engines are by far the starting point for Internet users each and every day from home and the office. With nearly 90% of Internet traffic originating from the major search engines and directories daily, getting your website listed with the major portals is essential. The larger search engines index over 120 million documents, so competing for the top spots is extremely difficult and competitive.

Search engines including Google, specifically favor websites exhibiting higher levels of trust and authority. This trust is established based on the quality and volume of link popularity established for the website being judged.

The process of Search engine optimization is to make your website more search engine friendly at a technical and content level.

With over 1700 searches per second at Google and even more at Yahoo, how much traffic have you missed out on in the time it took you to read this? The search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN use complex algorithms to determine the rank of a website for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. These algorithms help rank a website for a specific keyword phrase based on page content, the title, meta tags (not all engines utilize meta tags), the number of incoming links from other web sites and the number of internal pages with relevant content.

If you are serious about growing your business online and are looking at ways to increase your position in the search engines through effective web site promotion, then you will need to learn about SEO and submit your site to the search engines, all this will help you to increase your back links and therefore increase your PR (Page Rank by Google). All this will lead you to a higher traffic from the search engines that are far more targeted than the traffic coming from social websites.

Before submitting your site you may need to optimize your site for the search engines, if you want you can use this Free Tool to submit your site to 140 search engines including Google. I Fully recommend you to create a new free email account for the sole purpose of submission, since some of the engines will require that you confirm your recent submission, so you may end it up with some quite of emails in your primary email account if you use it.

I will include some tips on SEO like using Meta Tags, Title Optimization, Alt Image Tags, Yahoo Submission that is one of the most difficult engines to get listed, etc, In the coming posts, since this information is really vast I need to breakdown in small portions easy to digest.

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To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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