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The Harm Of Website Wide Links To Your Linking Campaign

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So, I picked a random phrase on a PR0 website and searched Google on this term. The term was actually a claim sentence for a paid blogging system, so it us used on lots of websites, but none of them are maybe optimised for it. At first, my PR0 site was 35th on Google for it. Then, I linked from the home page of a PR3 blog to the post page with this phrase and watched the results.

Once the PR3 website was visited by Google, it itself appeared on page 2 of Google’s results, around about position 13. A day or two later and the PR0 blog jumped to 15th and then slowly up to 10th position, overtaking the PR3 site.

Now, I cannot explain why it continued to climb up after the initial jump, but it did. But the effect of the single link is not what I am trying to look out.

I left the web sites alone for a week whilst I monitored the movements, watching them balance out. Then, I put the same link onto the rest of the PR3 website in exactly the same position.

Now suddenly thousands of pages of the website had a link to the PR0 weblog, using the random phrase as an anchor text. This really was a web site wide link if ever there was one. Not much happened, for all of 2 days! Then suddenly the position of the PR0 site started to crash off.

Within three days the website was down to 39th on the search engine listings, though just 2 dozen of the pages on the PR3 weblog were reported on Google as containing the link.

So, this points to several things.

First, by introducing a website wide link the effects of the single link are knocked out. A single link on 1 page might give a benefit, but put the link across the site and there are no benefits.

What around it dropping to 39th, from the original 35th? Does this mean a site wide link is damaging? I think not. Out of those sites above it in the listings, 2 of them, are the pages from the PR3 site, plus a couple of new high ranking blogs have also displayed the claim sentence. So that explains why it fell further than it climbed.

The second point to notice is that a website wide link is anything but a link on every page. Just round 23 pages are cached with the link out of some thousand pages across that web site. So, it looks as though if you get in excess of about 5 – 10 links from any one site in a short time period then the links are totally ignored.

This means that if you are writing WordPress templates in the hope of getting a lot of links in, you are possibly wasting your time! The same for heaps of other tricks. Whether further site wide links when they are built up in excess of time on an older web site have the same effect, I cannot say. That experiment will take a load longer!

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Deciding If Website Wide Links Do Instigate Harms

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Some people question if site wide links can cause damage to your site, but I do not think that any search engine would open the back door for causing harm to another person’s website. But, I do believe that it is impending that they negate the effects of good links on that web site.

Take as for instance, a single link to another website from a well ranking home page. Probably that single link does the job and pushes the target page into the top of the search engine results. But, what if the owners of the web sites are working together and decide to get gready and create more links by putting the link into the trailer, or a side bar, of the web site? Then there exists the web site wide links.

This is what the search engines want to detect and remove and might cause them to ignore that initial good link and in doing so spread the gossip and rumour that website wide links cause damage. It is not so much damage, but preventing the good from being spread.

But, this is a theory and one that is hard to prove or to disprove. However, with a bit of patience and time and a couple of web sites working together then it is impending to test. I have, for this reason, placed a link from a PR3 page to another web site of my own based on a “random” string found on that page.

It needs to be something that other web sites display, that I know the receiving site is currently being found for, but a little bit of work might push it much higher up the search engines. A tall order! Thankfully, I have a website that has a ‘claim sentence’ in it that is used by thousands of web-sites. It is a random sentence and not something that anyone in their right mind would be trying to optimise for.

Except me!

At first, hopefully my website will shoot up from its current 35th position for the term (out of 30,000 results!). Then, I am expecting one of three reactions once I introduce web site wide links:

1 – it will stay at the improved position, showing that they cause no harm

2 – it will tumble below position 35, showing that web site wide links are positively damaging

3 – it will return to around the 35th position, showing that, as I expect, web site wide links only cause the links between the web-sites to be ignored.

What good is knowing what these links do? Well, as a designer of lots of websites I may discover that I am being damaged by the copyright statement on the hundreds of web-sites that I have built because they have site wide links. Understanding more around their impacts will allow me to decide whether to remove links from trailers or whether they are safe to be left there.

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