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Linkbaiting Is A Great Way To Get Natural Backlinks

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Linkbaiting is an increasingly popular method of enticing people to create links from other websites to your site to ultimately generate increased levels of traffic and improve your websites rankings in popular search engines. The way this is achieved is by uploading web content that people want to share with their family, friends or readers of their website. There are many ways of doing this, but that does not mean that it is easy.

If you take heed of the suggestions below, you are sure to create some successful linkbait for your website…

Humor is a global medium that almost everyone can appreciate and for that reason, it must be said that the most successful linkbaits are commonly based on humor. A humorous linkbait does not have to be a 2 minute stand-up routine or a birthday family video, if you can write your website or blog posts in a way that is lighthearted and contains some inoffensive jokes then you are sure to attract some backlinks.

One fantastic, but as yet not so popular way of creating links to your website or blog is to offer free downloadable or online software. Examples of this could include a currency converter for financial websites, pregnancy calculators for expecting mothers, a shopping list tool for food or shopping websites; anything that people will find useful and be compelled to pass on to their friends.

An alternative to this is to organize a prize draw or competition for users of your website. If you really want this method to work, you need to properly advertise the competition via cost effective means such as social networking websites.

If you enjoy keeping up with daily national and international news, then you could use this to your advantage and keep your website or blog constantly updated with news. Being one of the first websites to offer this information means that more people are likely to link to your site to show their friends and colleagues.

Another take on this is if you have specialist information to offer or experience in any particular field of study. New research is always popular and if you are the first to publish new information, it can create a web of backlinks within a very short space of time.

The methods listed above are the most commonly effective forms of linkbait, but there are others that are rising in popularity. Viral videos is one very successful form if used correctly; that means not hosting it on another video sharing website, but on your website or server, as long as it can handle that bandwidth!

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Social Media Tips That Work For Getting More Blog Traffic

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Social media is one of those Internet marketing phrases that I never paid any attention too until recently. Kind of like phrases such as blogging, micro blogging, tweet, bookmarking a blog post, and so on.

Social media is here to stay so if you are not sure what it encompasses you will want to quickly get a grasp of it. In this article we will go over a few examples of social media and how you should incorporate them into your own online business to make money online.

1. The first one to talk about is blogging. A blog can be defined as “website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts”.

That is saying a lot. From an Internet business point of view search engines love blogs. So do readers if you provide interesting content on a regular basis.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and what I suggest you get set up with. Be sure and host your own blog.

2. Get a Twitter account. Once you are set up with them you can do micro blogging. These are short 140 character tweets to your list of followers. There is a skill to building a large list of followers, but once you get it set up you can pretty much automate the whole process.

3. Social bookmark your blog posts. Get set up with a service such as OnlyWire or Social Marker to submit your blog posts to online social directories.

Directories such as Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, and so on are a great source for more traffic. These also serve as search engine bait as you get the search engines to spider the directories and find their way back to your blog.

4. Set up your RSS Feed. Think of this as building an email list without worrying about spam. You can even set it up for people to receive updates via email using a service like Feed Burner. As you subscriber base grows you can get a lot of daily traffic from it when you add a blog article. This will help you make money quick when you need it.

5. Join Facebook or other social networking sites. LinkedIn is a good one for business contacts. This is a good place to make online friends and can be a good source for prospects and customers for your online business.

6. Use an article converter for video marketing. A good one is Article Video Robot. With them you can convert an article into video and submit it to video sites such as You Tube, Yahoo. and Daily Motion. Video marketing is a must as Google owns You Tube and they are ranking videos in their search results more and more.

7. Join a handful of online discussion forums. The Warrior Forum is a must for any Internet business owners. Read Harvey Segal’s excellent free report on how to do forum marketing at SuperTips.com

This is a handful of social media sources and tips on using them to make your online business more effective. You must get in the social media game or find your business fall way behind. Social media is a sure fire way to make money on the Internet.

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How Lists Will Help In Your Link Building Efforts

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Besides link building is one of the more time consuming internet marketing strategies still one of the unavoidable tasks you have as an online marketer. To increase the rating and or traffic of your blog or site you have to work on building links. 

Writing a list is one of the key ways to building links. The online visitor loves lists. They are easy to read, often very informative and are great resources to Social bookmarking by using sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon to add popularity.

Some serious lists even manage to acquire authority status. It’s worth the time you spend compiling a list in your niche. Post your list as an article first to benefit from the links and then compile it into an eBook for easy download to encourage subscribers. A good list will generate huge number of links.

Here are some ideas on what kind of list to build.

Create a top 50 or top 101 list of useful tips on something. This can be on saving money, writing articles, losing weight, collecting stamps or setting goals are just a few examples. It can be on any topic that will fit in with your blog or site. It can also be tips on an area that you are particularly interested in and have good knowledge of.

You can compile a shorter list such as 10 easy tips to bath your dog without destroying the house or 11 ways to boil an egg. How about 7 ways to treat hayfever or 12 simple steps towards financial freedom?

A list can be about unusual topics. Include some secrecy to pique the reader’s interest. For instance 8 myths about fitness regimes, or 10 secret diet tricks nobody tells you about. 9 hidden costs to internet marketing or 5 tricks nobody ever mentions when rock climbing.

Create a substantial resources list. These are always of interest to readers. This list can be about top Universities with the best business schools or the best free software available for  image manipulation. It could be a resource list on best books on your niche so as to relate it back to your field of interest.

Create a list of experts in your particular niche. You might be an enthusiastic golfer and your blog or site is about an area of golfing such as famous golf courses you have played, or the most unusual golf courses. A list of top golfers would fit in well with this.

You might even get some of these golfers to link back to you. If you are into tennis consider a list of the top tennis players of all ages. Roger Federer is very active in social media, he might just link back to you.

Take the list of famous people one step further and invite the people on your list to be interviewed on a podcast or video. You could send through a few questions and see whether they will respond.

The above are just some ideas for list building. Lists are a very effective way of building links back to a blog or site and are relatively easy to create.

Did You Have More Tips You Can Share In Here? We Will Be Glad To Read Them. This also can help you to make look like an authority.

Btw, I almost forgot, Happy Valentine Day!!!

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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